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Foca-class submarine

The Foca-class were a group of Three mine-laying submarines built for the Regia Marina in the 1930-ies. All three sisters played a small role during the Second world war. One died for unknown reasons while trying to lay a minefield British Palest ...


Italian 600 Series submarines

The series 600 was a naval submarines, although designated as a coastal-type submarines built for service in the Mediterranean. They were built to comply with the naval treaties between the two world wars arising from the 1922 Washington and 1930 ...


Italian submarines of World War II

TheItalian submarine fleet of world war II with 116 submarines, it was the largest in the world at the time. He saw action during the Second world war, serving mainly in the Mediterranean sea. During the conflict, 88 submarines and approximately ...


Type 3 submergence transport vehicle

Type 3 transport unit was a class of submarines built for the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second world war. However, BCA plans to build over 400 boats, was completed by the end of the war, only 38 boats. In ICA they were called Maru Yu.


HNLMS Dolfijn (1942)






HNLMS Zeehond (N73)


Orzel-class submarines


United States S-class submarines of the Polish Navy


Pravda-class submarine

True-class or S-class submarines were built for the Soviet Navy in the mid 1930-ies. They originally served as training ships, then served during the Second world war, mainly for transport duties. They were designed to work with the surface fleet ...


Soviet K-class submarine

The design was approved in 1936 as a long range "cruiser submarine" heavy torpedo and gun armament. Boats can act as a "submarine" working with the battle fleet or as long as the trading range of the raiders. They were much improved version of th ...


Dekabrist-class submarine

In the Dekabrist-class was the first class of submarines built for the Soviet Navy after the October revolution. They were approved in the Soviet naval shipbuilding program of 1926. Operational-tactical requirements and design concepts were formu ...


Leninets-class submarine

Leninets or L-class were the second class of submarines to the Naval fleet of the USSR. They were mine-laying submarines and was based on the British L-class submarine, HMS L55, which was sunk during the British intervention in the Russian civil ...


Soviet M-class submarine

M-class submarines, also Malyutka-class, were a class of Small, one-or 1½ blunt boats built in the USSR during the Second world war. Submarines were built in sections, so they could easily be transported by rail. Production was centered in the Go ...


Soviet submarine V-2


Soviet submarine V-3


Soviet submarine V-4


HMS P511


HMS P512


HMS P514


HMS P551


HMS P552


HMS P553


HMS P554


HMS P555


British S-class submarine (1931)

S-class submarines of the Royal Navy were originally designed and built in the period of modernization of submarine forces in the early 1930s to meet the need for smaller boats to patrol the restricted waters of the North sea and the Mediterranea ...


Grampus-class submarines


Odin-class submarines of the Royal Navy


Parthian-class submarines


British U-class submarines


British V-class submarines


Gato-class submarine

The Gato class was a class of submarines built for the U.S. Navy and started in 1941-1943, they were the first mass production class submarines US world war II. Along with their near-sisters Baláo and tench classes, their design make up the major ...


Mackerel-class submarine

The mackerel class submarines were a pair of experimental prototype submarines built just prior to the great Patriotic war and launched in 1940 and 1941. Two submarines were similar in size and the ability of the S-class submarines built at the e ...


United States O-class submarine

The US equipped the Navy for sixteen hours-class submarines were created out of lessons learned from the class L. a Class O about 80 tons more than L-class, with more power and endurance for ocean patrols. Because of the American entry in World w ...


United States Porpoise-class submarine

Pig-class submarines built for the U.S. Navy in the late 1930-ies and included a number of modern features that will make them the basis for subsequent salmon, Sargo, Tambor, Gato, Baláo, and classes with spinning. On the basis of sperm Whale s, ...


United States S-class submarine

United States S class submarines, often simply called s-boats were the first class of submarines with a large number built by the Navy of the United States. Others of this class were built in the designs of the contractor. The U.S. Navy commissio ...


Salmon-class submarine

The Navy of the United States of America, the orange-class submarines was an important step in the development of the concept of "submarine fleet" in the 1930-ies. Incremental improvement over the previous porpoise-class, they were the first subm ...


Sargo-class submarine

Submarines of the Sargo class were among the first us submarines to be sent into action after the Japanese attack on pearl Harbor, starting war patrols the day after the attack, was deployed to the Philippines in late 1941. Similar to the previou ...


Tambor-class submarine

The Tambor -class Submarine United States Navy submarine design, used primarily during world war II. It was USN from the first fully successful fleet submarine, and started the war, close to the fighting. Six of the class were in Hawaiian waters ...



The V-boats were a group of nine United States Navy submarines built between World War I and world war II from 1921 to 1934. It was not a ship class in the usual sense of the word from a number of nearly identical ships built from the same design ...


German torpedo boat Lowe (1938)


German torpedo boat Panther (1940)


German torpedo boat TA32


German torpedo boat Tiger (1940)


Type 35 torpedo boat

Type 35 torpedo boat was a class of about a dozen torpedo boats built for the Kriegsmarine of Nazi Germany in the 1930-ies. Although the first boat was completed a few months after the outbreak of the Second world war in September 1939, none of t ...


Type 37 torpedo boat

Type 37 torpedo boat were a class of nine torpedo boats built for the Kriegsmarine of Nazi Germany during the Second world war. Completed in 1941-1942, one boat helped to escort Commerce raider, passing through the English channel into the Atlant ...


Type 35 torpedo boats


Type 37 torpedo boats


Type 39 torpedo boats

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