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Rock Champions (April Wine album)

All tracks written by Myles Goodwyn unless otherwise noted. "Just between you and me". "I love rock". ("Я люблю рок") "Too hot to handle". "The tonight". ("Сегодня") "Kids on hands". ("Дети на руках") "Big City Girls". ("Большой Город Девушек") " ...


We Like to Rock

We like the rock album by canadian rock band April wine, released in 1988. This is a repackaging for the U.S. market of the 1979 album harder.Faster with a reordering of the songs and a different cover.


The Best of LArc-en-Ciel 1994–1998

The best of LARC-EN-Ciel 1994-1998 is a compilation album released by LARC-EN-Ciel on March 19, 2003, simultaneously with the LARC-EN-Ciel 1998-2000 the best of LARC-EN-Ciel C / W.


The Best of LArc-en-Ciel 1998–2000

The best of LARC-EN-Ciel 1998-2000 is a compilation album released by LARC-EN-Ciel on March 19, 2003, Simultaneously with the Lark-EN-Ciel 1994-1998 and the best of LARC-EN-Ciel C / W.


Twenity 1991–1996

Twenity 1991-1996 is a collection which will be released Lark-EN-Ciel on February 16, 2011, at the same time Twenity 1997-1999 and Twenity 2000-2010. It collects previously released sides and b-sides.


Twenity 1997–1999

Twenity 1997-1999 is a compilation album, LARC-EN-Ciel, released on February 16, 2011, at the same time and Twenity 1991-1996 Twenity 2000-2010. It collects previously released sides and b-sides.


Twenity 2000–2010

Twenity 2000-2010 is a compilation album released by LARC-EN-Ciel on February 16, 2011, at the same time and Twenity 1991-1996 Twenity 1997-1999. It collects previously released sides and b-sides.




Arcade Fire (EP)

Arcade fire release their eponymous indie-rock band Arcade fire. The EP was recorded in Maine, USA, during the summer of 2002. Arcade fire was remastered and released on 2005 re-release by merge records for fans after they had "grown obsessed" wi ...


Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys

Released on 30 may 2005, was submitted to the overwriting of fan favourite "fake tales of San Francisco" and new song and b-side "from the Ritz to the rubble". It was a limited edition of Bang recordings – a label group is created with the sole p ...


All the Lights in the Sky

All the lights in the sky is the debut album by English rock band area 11. Date of issue: January 31, 2013, the album was originally available exclusively in digital format, however, as the group grew, they started to distribute a limited edition ...


List of awards and nominations received by Tina Arena

Here are some of the nominations and awards Tina arena today. At the Aria awards she has won seven awards from eighteen nominations.


Cherez vse Vremena

Vasiliy Filatov – producer, mixing, mastering. Margarita Pushkina – lyrics. Alexander Yelin – lyrics. Igor Lobanov – text, cover.


Feniks (Aria album)

Phoenix is the eleventh Studio album by the Russian heavy metal band Aria, launched in 2011 and the first with the participation of vocalist Michael Sitnyakov.


The Ark (EP)

Lars Ljungberg - bass guitar. Martin Rosengardten - Drums. Michael Jepson - Guitar. Ola Svensson - Vocals. Additional musicians: Eric Persson - Violin. Christer Miller - Clarinet. Tanya Nielsen - Cello. Mats Andersson - Violin. Britta Svedskog - ...


Les Greatest Hits

Les greatest hits is armys fifth album, lovers. It is a compilation of previous albums and three new songs: Give my life, Venus and Mars and Requiem. Two versions of the album were removed: both were released in 1995 and 1996. They contain the sa ...


Into Battle with the Art of Noise

Into battle with art of noise-EP 1983 the art of noise - its first release and the first release of ZTT records. The record presented the first in a series ZTTS by accident. The Battle. constructed tracks using early sampling techniques oriented ...


Cut and Blind

Cut and blind is the debut EP by the American singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur, released in August 1996 on sell my soup records. The EP was entirely self-production, with Arthur performing each tool and creating artwork in his house. The song "ans ...


Blood and Aphorisms

Blood and aphorisms is the first EP of the band as tall as lions, which was released in 2002. Some songs were later re-recorded for the album Lafcadio.


The Very Best of Asia: Heat of the Moment (1982–1990)

The very best of Asia: heat of the moment-is the best hits compilation album by the British band Asia, released in 2000. Covering 1982-1990 period, it features songs from the bands first three albums, Asia, alpha and Astra, plus three rare b-side ...


Time Freeze: The Best of Asian Dub Foundation

"Garbage". ("Мусор") "Black steel in the hour of Chaos". "Oil". ("Нефть") "The journey". ("Путешествие") "Activists & Selectors". ("Активисты & Селекторы") "Hope Congo Natty Remix". "Rafi". ("Рафи") "Son Of Bush". ("Сын Буша") "Culture Move Pushe ...


Dying Emotions Domain

Dying emotions domain is the first Studio album by black metal band ASTROFAES. It was re-released on CD in 2001 on the creation Chantelou. "Necromantical screams" is a Celtic frost cover.


Astronoid (album)

Astronoids previous album, air, was a great success, to land at the end of the year some of the best lists. After the band had finished touring, they began work on their second album. The album was announced in November 2018, with "I have a dream ...


Pills vs. Planes


Greatest Hits (Rodney Atkins album)

Greatest hits is the first compilation album by American country music artist Rodney Atkins. It was released 3 February 2015 via curb records. The album contains twelve songs, including the Atkins six number one hits. It also includes one new son ...


Leak at Will

The leak is a digital mini-album released by Minneapolis hip hop group atmosphere. It was released July 4, 2009 on Rhymesayers entertainment for free to celebrate the launch of the fifth elements to transform into digital music. This is the first ...


Visions (Atreyu album)

Visions is the debut release of American metalcore band Atreyu. This seven-track EP and was released in 1999 Although the exact release date is unknown, as no confirmation on the release date of EPS was made. There is a suspicion that the EP was ...


Adios: The Greatest Hits

Adios was released seven months after the group announced its disbandment in connection with vocalist mark Stuarts vocal cords patient. The album is a collection of the best hits, plus two newly recorded songs. The album also contains a DVD with ...


Hit Parade (Audio Adrenaline album)

Hit parade audio Adrenalines first album. It features fifteen hits from previous albums, plus two new songs: "will not fade" and "no one like you."


Running with the Wolves

Music video for "running with wolves" Director James Alexander, hosted through Vevo on 10 June 2015. The singer also released an acoustic version of the song via Vevo on July 7, 2015. This video was directed by Kenny McCracken.










Notun Diner Michile




Terra Nova (EP)

Terra Nova is the debut release by American noise rock group the austerity program, released in 2003 via Hydra head records. The disc received mixed reception, some critics praised his experimental tendencies, and in others the repetition critici ...


Love Sick Radio

After Austin announced his departure from hinder in November 2013, he quickly stated that he will continue his career as a solo artist. During the writing and recording material for their debut release as a solo artist, Austin communicated with f ...


Semantics (album)

Semantics was a 1983 EP by the Australian rock band Australian crawl. The album marked a change in the band as bill McDonough was replaced at first by Graham Bidstrup to record an EP. A more permanent replacement, after the EP, was John Watson. T ...


Avalon: The Greatest Hits

Avalon: the greatest hits is the hits album by contemporary Christian music vocal group avalon. The names mentioned in the album of fan-favorites "give it up", "Adonai", "cant live a day", "all", and "You were there" and "testify to love", which ...


We Are the One

We are the very first EP by the Avengers. It was released on Dangerhouse records in 1977. It is sometimes known as Dangerhouse EP, referencing the label it was released on. It was recorded in October 1977 at kitchen sink studios. The release had ...


Anthology XV

Anthology XV is a compilation by South African rock act the Awakening released on April 27, 2013. The album includes two new songs as well as remixes, reworkings, and updated versions of selected songs. The official video for new single wine was ...


Decade 1994–2004

Decade 1994-2004 is the 10 year career anniversary double disc greatest hits of rapper AZ. It showed in his landmark songs from all previous albums, as well as a number of b-sides, remixes and unreleased tracks. He also showed some of AZS best gu ...


Ride West

Journey to the West was the seventh and last Studio album by South Korean girl group baby V. O. X. It was released on 16 April 2004, Dr music and EMI. The album has sold 80.000 copies.


The Best of Baccara – Original Hits

The best of Baccara - original Hits is a compilation album by Spanish Duo Baccara issued and mid-price label Paradiso. This compilation includes recordings of original formation of the Duo, Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola, from their RCA-Victor S ...


The Best of Baccara

Best baccarat is a compilation album by Spanish Duo Baccara released by Sony-BMG UKS value sublabial Camden in 2005. This release includes sixteen Baccaras hits and most known songs from the era of the original formation, mainly focusing on their ...


The Hits of Baccara

Hits baccarat is a baccarat collection of the Spanish Duo have released on label RCA-Victor in late 1978. This is the first international Baccara hits collection yielded one new single, the double a-side "the Devil sent you to Lorado" / "somewher ...


The Very Best of Baccara

The best baccarat is a compilation album by Spanish Duo Baccara released by Sony BMG in June 2006. This 14-track compilation was released by Sony BMG earlier BMG-Ariola and while it includes recordings of original formation of the Duo, Mayte Mate ...


Babylon (Backyard Babies song)


From Demos to Demons: 1989-1992

From Demos to demons: 1989-1992 the name of a collection of Swedish rock band Backyard babies. The album was released in 2002. Track 1 on disc 1 the first track they recorded in 1989. Tracks 2-10 on disc 1 of the tyrant demo 1989. Tracks 11 to 16 ...

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