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Nautilus (album)

Nautilus is the fifth official Studio album of Serbian industrial group dreddup. from dreddup stated in 2010 that there will be no more albums and that the band is the album of hibernation. Nautilus came as a surprise, so soon after its predecess ...


Crickets (Dredg video album)


Live from the Henry Fonda Theater

Live from theatre Henry Fonda was a live concert of the band Dredg, released on DVD as a promotional tool for their third album, catch without arms. The DVD was recorded on 24 June 2005 at the Henry Fonda in Los Angeles, California. It consists o ...


Kenny Drew live albums


The Drifters Golden Hits

The drifters Golden hits album collection 1968 American Doo wop / R& B vocal group the drifters. The group later hits charted at #22 on the Billboard "Black album" chart and at #122 on the "pop albums" chart. The album was included in Robert ...


Ugly Buildings, Whores, and Politicians: Greatest Hits 1998–2009

Ugly buildings, whores and politicians: greatest hits 1998-2009 is a compilation album released by new West records of songs from their first seven albums by drive-by truckers discography. It was produced by David Barbe and "leads fans on an abbr ...


Boys on the Docks

Boys on the docks-EP is a 1997 American Celtic punk band to kick Murphy. Boys on the docks was the first EP of the band, it was released almost a year before their first full-length Studio album, Do or die. One song from the EP, "never alone", al ...


Hits (Dru Hill album)

Hits-compilation album by the American R&B group dru hill. It was released on October 17, 2005 by Def soul classics. It features such hits as "Tell me" "in my bed", "how deep is your love", "the 5 steps" and "promise". She also has solo hits Sisq ...


Little Revolutions Two

Little revolutions two is the second compilation album from Duke special. It contains covers, b-sides and rarities. It was released in February 2011 on the drum on the label of the coil.


Oh Pioneer

On "pioneer" is the seventh Studio album by Northern Irish musician Duke special. It was released on 9 July 2012 special the Dukes own record label adventures in gramophone.


Under the Dark Cloth

Under the dark cloth-the sixth Studio album by Northern Irish musician Duke special. It was released 29 Nov 2011. This is the result of the invitation of the Department of photography of the Metropolitan Museum in new York to write a set of songs ...


Ted Dunbar live albums


Milestones: Greatest Hits

Milestones: greatest hits compilation album by American country music artist Holly Dunn. He was released from the company "Warner brothers" records in July 1991. From the album was released two singles: "maybe I mean Yes" and "no one takes the tr ...



Re-Dunn is the fourth solo Studio album by country singer Ronnie Dunn. The album was released on 10 January 2020, via LVR. The album is a 24-song project which includes features that have left an impact on Dunn, with him, calling his project "the ...


Cornell Dupree live albums


2Sides (Side 1)

2Sides is the first of two extended pieces, the shape of the American singer Jason Derulos fifth Studio album 2Sides. The first EP was released 8 Nov 2019, through Beluga heights Records and Warner records. The second part due to follow in 2020. ...


Platinum Hits (Jason Derulo album)

Platinum hits is the debut Studio album by American recording artist Jason Derulo, released on July 29, 2016. The album contains 11 previously released singles from Jason Derulo, future history, tattoos, dirty talk and all 4 along with a new song ...


Test of Submission

"Secret" - 5:11. ("Секрет" - 5:11) "In Consequence" - 7:45. "Test of submission" - 4:54. "The Line Always Snaps" - 6:06. "The madness of three" - 4:34. "Like Chameleons" - 4:03. "Run to the end" - 5:41. "In the spirit of catastrophe" - 7:02.


Second EP

The second RD is the first album released in Baton Rouge, Louisiana indie pop group the Eames Era. The title "the second EP" refers to the demo album the band recorded in early 2003 before signing with the label with student records. The album ti ...


Early Man (EP)


Vintage (East West album)


The Best of The Easybeats Volume 2

Best of the Easybeats Volume 2 is the second compilation album of Australian rock group the Easybeats. The album was first released on October 9, 1969, a group of Australian label albert productions. A compilation album was released to coincide w ...


Permission to Rock. Denied


Humble Pi

Paul Simpson from Allmusic gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, commenting that "Edans fetish for Echo, and a strange sour records, As seen through his mind-bending productions and Sandmans easy to difficult texts, as a rule, biting, and insightful." ...


The Light Between Worlds


True Links

It contains nine tracks produced 9th wonder, illmind and others. Only one track has vocals: L. E. G. A. C. Y. and median appear on "the great adventure". DJ EthX believes that this is the reason why the Truth of one monotonous write, "muddy jazz ...


Until Eternity Ends

Until eternity ends is the first and only EP by the Swedish death metal band the edge of madness, released by black mark production in 1994. There are two versions of this EP, there are blue and yellow cover in a standard carton, the other with r ...


Edguy live albums


Edguy video albums


Chicken (EP)

Hen-rock band L. A. Ednaswaps the first and only EP. It was recorded after the group left East West Records and signed with island records and released a year before his full-length island debut, wacko magneto.


Here Comes


Parades (Efterklang album)

Parades is the second album of the Danish band Efterklang. This marks the first time that the group works with external impact, after eighteen months of recording, the group developed in British producer / engineer Darren Allison to create the fi ...


Springer (EP)

Springer is the debut EP from 2003, the Danish group Efterklang. They self-released it on their Rumraket label in 2003, using the DIY aesthetic, making 500 copies packaged in fake white fur. He was later released on the leaf label in April 2005.


The Best of Eighteen Visions

The best of eighteen visions is a compilation album, metallers eighteen visions. It compiles two songs from their first EP lifeless, five songs from the full length album yesterday is time killed and the three songs from the 7 inch vinyl is not t ...


Elastica 6 Track EP

When released in 1999, a 6-track EP Elasticas was the first new material released by the band since their self-titled debut four years earlier. According to group leader Justine Frischmann EP presents more of a document that the group was in a te ...


The Noisebox EP

EP Noisebox is squares the very first release and EP, limited to 150 copies. At that time, the band was still unsigned with any record label. It contains three elements, the original versions of the songs that will be recorded on the full length ...


Slayers Bay Blues

Slayers Bay Blues, the third album of Japanese band electric eel shock and was released in 1999. In 1999 electric eel shock EES recorded Slayers Bay Blues on multitrack recording, and pressed enough copies to take to the road for their first gigs ...


The Human Body (EP)

"Cold World" – 4:07. "All I Want" – 6:55. "Captain" – 3:33. ("Капитан" – 3:33) "Beating Heart" – 3:07. "Kick in the teeth" – 2:55. "So Much Love" – 1:45. "A Stupid Mistake" – 2:42.


Elephant Micah, Your Dreams Are Feeding Back

"Elephant Micah your dreams are feeding back" is an album by Indiana lo-Fi / indie Joe oconnell, better known as elephant Micah. It was released in June 2003 on BlueSanct records.


Caves (EP)


The Joy We Keep In

The joy that we hold in the first EP of the group of Ellington. It was released under the bands previous record label starving kids Records and is currently only available for purchase via digital download on iTunes.


Tin Type

Type tin six-song debut EP from Torontos alternative country group Elliott brood. It was released in January 2004 on the independent record label Weewerk. The album came packaged in a small brown paper package that the booklet contains a handmade ...


Sophie Ellis-Bextor: iTunes Live in London

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: iTunes live in London is the debut release from English singer and songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor. It was released on 3 August 2009 by fascination records and Polydor records, exclusively in the iTunes store. It features five ...


Brighter Than Sunlight

Brighter than the sunshines third full-length album of the band, Ellison, released for digital download in 2012. Allison worked on brighter than the sunlight for three years, finally releasing it four years after their last album, color of compas ...


We All Have Secrets

We all have secrets is the debut release and first extended play by Australian rock band Elora Danan, released through Boomtown records on 18 August 2007. The last track, "Thank God for their growth in faith and love" is a reworked version of the ...


Timeless Passages

"Master of sensation" – 5:59. "Response" – 11:19. ("Ответ" – 11:19) "Silhouette" – 6:14. ("Силуэт" – 6:14) "Lost? The decision" – 5:01. "Decay Of Logos" – 8:17. "The midnight fight / the victory of mental force" – 8:06.


This Is Your Way Out

This is your way-the first EP album published artist, released on may 1, 2007. This is the only release that original members Chris Retter and Madison Stolzer recorded with emarosa member of the group. Retter formed metalcore groups correct and l ...


Emerson, Lake & Palmer album covers


The Complete Guide to Needlework

Complete guide to needlework is the first release, the band metalcore band, released in 2006 through this city is burning Records and later re-released on 4 September 2007 uprising records. The EP was produced by Antoine Lucier ion dissonance. In ...


Hordanes Land

Hordanes Land is the debut EP by Norwegian metal band enslaved. It was released in may 1993, through Candlelight Records and was released a split album a few weeks later with the same EP emperors. This was a key release in the development of Viki ...

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