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Grand Codroy Estuary

The Grand Codroy estuary is a 925 hectare wetland on the southwestern coast of the island of Newfoundland in Canada, approximately 30 km North of Port AUX Basques. This is "the most productive of Newfoundland a few estuarine wetlands" and that "t ...


Malpeque Bay

Malpeque Bay is the second largest Bay in terms of surface area in Prince Edward Island, after the Bay of Hillsborough. It is also noteworthy, almost separating the province of the isthmus occupied by the city of Summerside and the unincorporated ...


Quill Lakes

The quill lakes is a wetland complex in Saskatchewan, Canada that encompasses the endorheic basin of three lakes wetlands: big Quill lake middle quill and little Quill Lake. On may 27, 1987, he was included in the list of wetlands of internationa ...


Shepody Bay

Shepody Bay is a tidal estuary, the extension of the Bay of Fundy in new Brunswick, Canada, which consists of 77 km2 of open water and 40 km2 of mudflats, with 4 km2 of saline marsh on the West, and eroding sand and gravel beaches with an area of ...


Tabusintac Lagoon and River Estuary

In the Tabusintac Lagoon and river estuary is a wetland in Alnwick parish in Northumberland in the North-East of the province of new Brunswick, Canada. It was classified as a wetland of international importance on June 10, 1993. It is also a glob ...


Ramsar sites in Ontario


Keta Lagoon

Keta Lagoon, also called anlo-keta lagoon, is the largest of the over 90 lagoons that cover the 550 km coastline of Ghana. This lagoon is 126.13 km in length. It is located on the Eastern coast of Ghana and separated from the Gulf of Guinea by a ...


Sakumo Ramsar Site

The Sakumo Ramsar site is also known as the Sakumo Lagoon is a wetland of international importance. It covers an area of 1.400 hectares and is located along the coastal road between Accra and the theme in Accra, Ghana. It is about 3 km West of te ...


Sakumono Lagoon

Sakumono Lagoon Sakumono coastal lagoons in the next topic in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. The site covers 1.340 acres. He was identified as a site of Ramsar wetlands of international importance 14 August 1992.


Songhor Lagoon

Songer lagoon is located at 05°45N 000°30e on the East coast of Ghana, West Africa. The site covers an area 28.740 ha, it is located close to the major cities of Ada and to the West of the Volta river estuary. He was identified as a site of Ramsa ...


Aby Lagoon

On aby complex Lagoon is the second largest Lagoon in ivory coast, after the Ebrie lagoon. In General, the Lagoon has an area of 424 km 2, average depth 3.5 m, and a volume of 1.57 km 3. It drains into the Atlantic through small channels between ...


Kuan Ki Sian of the Thale Noi Non-hunting Area Wetlands


Alor boobook

ALOR igloopol is a species of owl in the Strigidae family. It is native to Pantar and ALOR Islands in the Eastern part of the lesser Sunda Islands.


Flores Sea cuckoo-dove

In the Flores sea cuckoo-dove is a species of bird of the family columbidae. It is found on Sulawesi, Tanakeke and the Islands of Selayar, some Eastern lesser Sandas. It used to be lumped together with the cuckoo-dove, Tanimbar and Timor cuckoo-d ...


Sultans cuckoo-dove

Sultans cuckoo-dove is a dove in the genus Macropygia found in the Northern Moluccas, Sulawesi, New Guinea and Western Papuan Islands. It was one of the three new types are defined when the slender-billed cuckoo-dove was to split up in 2016.


Vogelkop superb bird-of-paradise

In Vogelkop class of birds of Paradise or Crescent-caped lophorina, sometimes to see how curl-caped bird-of-Paradise is a species in the family Paradisaeidae. It is characteristic of birds head Peninsula of New Guinea. First described in 1930 Ern ...


Biak whistler


Ameline swiftlet

This cream Amelin, also known as gray cream, is generally regarded as a subspecies of smooth cream, although some taxonomists distinguish it as a separate species. It is endemic to the Philippines. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical m ...


Agee Creek


Allen Branch (Doe Run Creek)

Allen branch is a stream in Saint Francois, Missouri. It is a tributary to DOE run Creek. Allen branch has the name of the original owner of the website.


Adams Branch

Adams branch is a stream in the County of Cass, Missouri. It is a tributary of the South Grand river. Adams branch was named in honor of William Adams, a citizen of the pioneer.


Adams Fork


Abbott Branch (Courtois Creek)

A branch of the Abbott stream is in Northern iron County, Missouri. It is a tributary Courtois Creek. Stream headwaters occur at 37°4150"N. lat. 90°5902"W and merging with Courtois Creek at 37°4230"N 91°0242"W. the community of good water lies on ...


Allen Branch (Fourche a Renault)

Allen branch is a stream in Washington County, Missouri. It is a tributary of Fourche a Renault. Allen branch John Allen, the original owner of the website.


Allen Branch (Troublesome Creek)

Allen branch is a stream in the County of Lewis, state of Missouri. It is a tributary of troublesome Creek. Allen branch name E. N. Allen, the original owner of the website.


Allen Creek (Elk Fork Salt River)

Allen Creek is a stream in the County of Monroe, Missouri. It is a tributary of the elk fork of the salt. Allen Creek is the name of Charles Allen, the original owner of the website.


Freshwater snails of Africa



The crustacean order Anaspidacea, which includes eleven genera in four families. Species in the family Anaspididae differ from strict stygobionts for species living in lakes, streams and swamps of the basin, and are found only on the island of Ta ...



Anomopoda is a suborder of the order Cladocera. These crustaceans, the water fleas are members of the class Branchiopoda. In Anomopoda, usually have five pairs of thoracic limbs, but sometimes six pairs. The head of the Anomopoda lacks a clear se ...



In the family Asellidae isopod crustaceans, one of the largest families of freshwater isopods, living in epigean and hypogean habitats in North America and Europe. The family includes the following genera:



Atya is a genus of freshwater shrimp of the family Atyidae, ranging through the Antilles and along the Atlantic and Pacific slopes of Central and South America and West Africa. It contains the following species: Atya abelei Felgenhauer & Martin, ...



The order Bathynellacea crustaceans that live in interstitial groundwater. Some species can tolerate low salt concentrations, and at least one African species is termofil living in hot springs and can withstand a temperature up to 55 °C. Bathynel ...



In Cladocerans of small crustaceans, often referred to as water fleas. Over 650 species so far recognized, many still undescribed. They first appeared during the Oligocene, and since then has captured a large freshwater habitats. Some have adapte ...


Cyclops (genus)

Cyclops is one of the most common species of freshwater copepods, includes more than 400 types. Together with other similar size copepods crustaceans, especially cladocerans, they are commonly called water fleas. The name Cyclops comes from the C ...


Cyclops bicuspidatus

Cyclops Bicuspidatus planktonic species of copepods are found worldwide, except Australia, and characteristic of the Great lakes of North America. This deep-water species throughout the year with peak abundance occurs in may or June. Males grow t ...


Daphnia galeata

Daphnia Galeata is a small species of planktonic crustacean. He lives in a freshwater environment on a large area of the Northern hemisphere, mainly in lakes. D. galeata comprises two subspecies: D. G. galeata, found in the Old world, and D. G. m ...


Daphnia pulicaria

Daphnia Pulicaria is a species of freshwater crustaceans, found in the genus Daphnia, which are often called "water fleas", and they are widely used as model organisms for scientific research, like other species of Daphnia, they reproduce via cyc ...


Freshwater crab

Around 1.300 species of freshwater crabs are common in the tropics and subtropics, divided among eight families. They show direct development and maternal care of a small number of offspring, unlike marine crabs, which produce thousands of plankt ...








Alburnoides varentsovi

Varentsovi Alburnoides is a species of fish of the carp family, is known from Turkmenistan. I can be differentiated from its cogenerates differences fin Ray and spine counts, along with other morphological features.


Channa pardalis

Chenin pardalis is a species of dwarf snakehead genus Channa. It was first described in the year 2016 from the Khasi hills, in Meghalaya in North-East India. Prior to its scientific description, he was known as Channa SP. "Blues" or Channa SP. "M ...


Freshwater fish genera


Lake fish


Freshwater mollusc

Freshwater molluscs are those members of the phylum Mollusca which live in freshwater, as a flow, such as rivers, streams, canals, springs and caves streams and stagnant lakes, ponds and ditches. This article is about freshwater mollusks in Gener ...


Araguaian river dolphin

Araguaian river Dolphin or Boto Araguaian is a South American Dolphin population river native Araguaia–Tocantins basin of Brazil.



Auroracetus, from Aurora and the Latin word Cetus-the family Pontoporiidae, river dolphins, and contains one extinct species. View Auroracetus bakerae was published in 2009.



Hirayamai Awadelphis is one of the oceanic species of extinct river Dolphin discovered in the Senhata formation of Japan, starting about 6 million years ago. The genus name is derived from Ava, the ancient name of the Prefecture of Chiba, where t ...


Bolivian river dolphin

Although older publications and some recent publications consider the I. G. boliviensis population as a distinct species from INIA geoffrensis, much of the scientific community, including the IUCN, consider them to be a subspecies of INIA geoffre ...

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