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Stone bridges in Germany


Viaducts in Germany


List of bridges in Ghana


Bridges in Greece by administrative region


Stone bridges in Greece


List of bridges in Guyana

This is a list of bridges in Guyana. Bridge Demerara harbour near Georgetown, Guyana. The bridge across the Takutu river near Lethem, Guyana and Bonfim, Roraima, Brazil. Berbice bridge near new Amsterdam, Guyana. Bridge Denham, suspension, also k ...


Tiszavirag bridge

The bridge was finally delivered – 151 days later than originally scheduled for 21 January 2011. There was a crowd of about 2.000 people gathering in the First world war the monument for the celebration, which began at 3 PM, the bridge was consec ...


Cable-stayed bridges in Hungary


Kanakadurga Flyover

Kanakadurga overpass is a overpass at the intersection of the river Krishna and the barrage of Prakasam in Vijayawada, India. It is the longest flyover in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a length of 2.3 kilometres. It is expected to be open by M ...


Bridges in India by type


Cable-stayed bridges in India


Pasupati Bridge

Pasupati bridge or Pasupati overpass is a bridge that connects the North and East of the city through the valley of Cikapundung. It has a length of 2.8 km and a width of 30-60 m. the Road built in Jalan Pasteur, which is a long street, surrounded ...


Cable-stayed bridges in Indonesia


Through arch bridges in Indonesia


Garfinny Bridge

The bridge, believed to have been built in the 14th or 15th century, and was supposedly crossed Arthur grey, 14th Baron grey de Wilton, the Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1580 with his people on the way to the siege of Smerwick, where he killed hundre ...


Wexford Bridge

Wexford bridge is a road bridge in Wexford County Wexford in Ireland. It crosses the mouth of the river Slaney from Wexford town on the Western shore of Ferrybank on the Eastern shore. It carries the R741 road from Wexford to Dublin and the North ...


Bridges in County Cork


Bridges in County Dublin


Bridges in County Kilkenny


Musmeci Bridge

In" Viadotto Dell Industria ”, also known as "the bridge over the Basento river" or the Musmeci Bridge, in Potenza connects the city to leave the centre on the motorway Sicignano in Potenza with the main access roads in the southern part of the c ...


Cable-stayed bridges in Italy


Five Bridges of Amakusa

Five bridges of Amakusa five road bridges on the southern tip of the island of Japan, Kyushu, linking the mainland and the Islands of Amakusa. Bridges connect the Islands Ōyano-press, Nagaura-press, IKE-press, and Maeshima, and was completed on 2 ...


Great Aso Bridge


Honshū–Shikoku Bridge Project

The project Honshu-Shikoku bridge is a system of bridges connecting the Islands of Honshu and Shikoku across the inland sea of Japan that were previously only connected by ferry. It consists of three basic compounds. All the bridges are now contr ...


Bridges in Japan by prefecture


Cable-stayed bridges in Japan


Stone bridges in Japan


List of bridges in Kenya


Cable-stayed bridges in Latvia


Extradosed bridges in Latvia


Cable-stayed bridges in Luxembourg


List of bridges in Madagascar


Cable-stayed bridges in Mexico


Bridges in Moldova by location


Rijeka Crnojevica bridge

Rijeka crnojevića bridge - also known as Danilos bridge is a bridge in Rijeka Crnojevica, Montenegro. The bridge spans the crnojević River and is one of the most important historical monuments and tourist attractions in the municipality of Cetinj ...


Narayani Bridge

Narayani bridge is a bridge on the East-West of Nepal, located in the Central region of Nepal. The bridge connects Gaindakot municipality in Nawalparasi district in the Western region of Nepal, in the town of Narayanghat on the Central region dev ...


Cable-stayed bridges in the Netherlands


Bridges in New Zealand

New Zealand, due to its low density traffic has a lot of single lane bridge. Some of those still exist about the condition of the road network and criticism from road users. They gradually replaced the two-lane design. The oldest and one of the l ...


Viaducts in New Zealand


Cable-stayed bridges in Norway


Bridges over the Jhelum River


Extradosed bridges in Pakistan


Cable-stayed bridges in Panama


Cable-stayed bridges in Paraguay


Verrugas Bridge

The first bridge is of wrought iron viaduct was designed by Leffert L. Buck and completed in January 1873. In March 1889, after severe flooding, the first bridge collapsed and the second bridge is a cantilever construction - also designed by Leff ...


Bridge of Isabel II

The Isabel II bridge is a historic bridge in the city of Imus in the province of Cavite, Philippines. At two-span stone arch bridge, which was completed in 1857 was the site of the battle of Imus, also known as the Battle of the river Pasig, on S ...


Buntun Bridge

Buntun bridge-this bridge over the river that stretches from tuguegarao city to Solana in Cagayan and spans the Cagayan river, the largest river basins in the Philippines. This is the second longest bridge in the country, after the bridge of San ...


Magapit Suspension Bridge

The Magapit bridge is suspension bridge that opened in 1978 to connect the East and West sides of the Cagayan river in the province of Cagayan. It is located in Magapit, Lal-Lo, Cagayan, Philippines. The bridge was also named by the locals as the ...


Cable-stayed bridges in the Philippines


Extradosed bridges in the Philippines

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