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Bodies of ice of Queen Mary Land


Bodies of ice of Queen Maud Land


Bodies of ice of the Ross Dependency


Bodies of ice of the South Orkney Islands


Bodies of ice of the South Shetland Islands


Bodies of ice of Wilkes Land


Crevasse fields of Queen Maud Land


Crevasse fields of the Ross Dependency


Ice piedmonts of Graham Land


Ice piedmonts of Palmer Land


Edward VIII Ice Shelf

Edward VIII ice shelf ice shelf occupying the head of Edward VIII Bay, in Antarctica. In the Northern part of this feature was called Innviksletta Norwegian cartographers, who mapped from aerial photographs taken by the Lars Christensen expeditio ...


Sulzberger Ice Shelf


Thwaites Ice Shelf

Thwaites ice shelf, the ice shelf of Antarctica in the Amundsen sea. It was named after our Fredrik T. Thwaites, a Glacial geologist and geomorphologist. In the Thwaites ice shelf is one of the largest ice shelves in West Antarctica, although it ...


Wilkins Ice Shelf


Ice rises of Antarctica


Ice shelves of Queen Maud Land


Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf


Ice slopes of Queen Maud Land


Mertz Glacier

Mertz glacier is a heavily crevassed glacier on the coast of East Antarctica. It is the source of a Glacial prominence that historically extended North to the southern ocean, the Mertz glacial tongue. It is named for Swiss Explorer Xavier Mertz. ...


Totten Glacier

Totten glacier is a large glacier, draining a large part of the ice sheet of East Antarctica, through the cat Budd of Wilkes Land in the Australian Antarctic territory. The catchment drains the glacier is estimated at 538.000 km 2, a length of 11 ...


Ice streams of Ellsworth Land


Ice streams of Marie Byrd Land


Ice streams of Queen Elizabeth Land


Borchgrevink Glacier Tongue



Flattunga small ice tongue protruding into the sea between point Tottsuki and Tensoku Rock, in the Western part of the coast of the Prince Olav in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. It was mapped by Norwegian cartographers from air photos taken by the ...


Stancomb-Wills Glacier Tongue


Zelee Glacier Tongue


Icefalls of Oates Land


Icefalls of the Ross Dependency


Snow fields of Oates Land


Snow fields of the Ross Dependency


Bodies of ice of Alberta


Bodies of ice of British Columbia


Bodies of ice of Nunavut


Bodies of ice of Yukon


Ice fields of Alberta


Ice fields of British Columbia


Maniitsoq Ice Cap

There are no settlements in the vicinity of the ice cap. In the South-East of Maniitsoq ice cap is separated from the Western language of Greenland ice sheet Greenland: Sermersuaq through a narrow valley Qingua Kangerlussuatsiaup. Peaks ice cover ...



Breidamerkurjokull outlet glacier of the great glacier vatnajokull in the southern part of Vatnajökull national Park, Iceland. Transformed into the language of Vatnajökull, it ends in a small lagoon known as Jokulsarlon. Over time, it gradually c ...



Okjokull was a glacier in Western Iceland on top of a volcanic mountain OK. OK, located to the North-East of Reykjavik. The glacier was declared dead in 2014 glaciologist Oddur Sigurdsson. In 2018, anthropologists cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer fr ...



Solheimajokull glacier is in the southern part of Iceland, between the volcanoes Katla and Eyjafjallajökull. Part of a larger Myrdalsjokull glacier, Solheimajokull is a well-known and popular tourist destination due to its size and relative ease ...



Tindfjallajokull-stratovolcano in southern Iceland. He igneous rocks basaltic-rhyolitic composition, and 5 km-wide Caldera was formed during the eruption 54.000-year-old Thorsmork the ignimbrite. He is crowned with a glacier of 19 km2. The highes ...


Glaciers of Severnaya Zemlya


Henrietta Island ice cap


Jeannette Island ice cap


Ushakov Island ice cap


Victoria Island ice cap


Glaciers of South Georgia


Bodies of ice of Alaska by borough


Glaciers of Alaska

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