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AMD 580 chipset series

Series chipset AMD 580 series chipset computer designed graphics by AMD, for AMD processors. It was designed for use with Atis multi-GPU technology CrossFire, both PCI Express slots working at x16 lines.


AMD 690 chipset series

Series AMD 690 chipset is an integrated graphics family chipset that was developed and manufactured AMD subsidiary ATI for both AMD and Intel platforms focusing on both desktop and mobile computer markets. The corresponding chipset for the Intel ...


AMD 700 chipset series

Series chipset, AMD 700 is a chipset designed by ATI for AMD family Phenom will be sold under the AMD brand. Several members were launched in late 2007 and the first half of 2008, Others launched in the remainder of 2008.


ATI Flipper


Flipper (graphics chip)



Imageon was a number of media co-processors and mobile chipsets manufactured by ATI in 2000-ies, providing graphics acceleration and other multimedia features for handheld devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants. Later, AMD ...


Xpress 200

The Radeon Express 200 is the computers chipset released by ATI. The chipset supports 64-bit AMD processors and also Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D and Celeron. In addition, it includes support for modules of ddr400 RAM and DDR-2 667 RAM on the Intel ...



Efika is a line of power efficient ARM architecture and power ISA computers manufactured by genesi. In Esperanto efika means "effective, efficient, and effective."


Open Desktop Workstation

The open desktop workstation, also known as ODW-based PowerPC computer architecture, San Antonio-based production genesi. ODW has an interchangeable CPU card, which allows a wide range of microprocessors, the PowerPC architecture from IBM and Fre ...



Is the Pegasos motherboard microATX-powered PowerPC 750CXe or PowerPC 7447 microprocessor, featuring three PCI slots, one AGP slot, two Ethernet ports, USB port, DDR, AC97 sound, and FireWire. Like the PowerPC Macintosh counterparts, it boots via ...


Power Architecture Platform Reference

The Power architecture reference platform is an initiative from Power.org to make a new open computing platform on the basis of processors power ISA. It follows two previous attempts made in 1990-ies, prep and CHRP. The PAPR specification provide ...


AMD 800 chipset series

Series chipset AMD 800 is a chipset developed by AMD, released in 2009. Series chipset is revealed in its presentation slides during the AMD financial analyst Day 2007 held on 13 December 2007. This series of chips also marks the return of AMD to ...


AMD 900 chipset series

A series of identical chipset AMD 900 series chipset, AMD 800, except that it can only be found on the socket AM3 motherboards, while its predecessor only found on socket AM3 motherboards. It was released in 2011. This allows consumers to easily ...


Intel 440BX

When system logic 440вх, is a chipset from Intel supports the Pentium, the Pentium III, and Celeron processors. It is also known as set i440BX and was released in April 1998. The official part number 82443BX.


Intel 5 Series

Intel 5 series is a computing architecture introduced in 2008 that improves the efficiency and balances in the use of communication channels in the motherboard. The architecture consists mainly of a Central processing unit and one chipset. All co ...


Intel 80130

Intel 80130, which is called "operating system, processor," developed, how does the chip support processor 8086 / 8088 and the Intel iRMX86 system. Intel turned to chip as "software in Silicon".


Intel X299

Intel X299, under the code name "basin falls", is a hub controller platform developed and manufactured by Intel, designed for high-performance desktop systems or product line for enthusiasts in the line of Intel products. X299 chipset supports In ...


Intel P35

On the P35 Express is a basic set of computer chips from Intel released in June 2007, although motherboards based on the chipset was available last month. The P35 Express chipset supports Intels LGA 775 socket and Core 2 Duo and Quad, and also su ...


Intel X58

The Intel X58 is an Intel chip designed to connect Intel processors with Intel quick connection interface for peripheral devices. Supported processors implement the Nehalem microarchitecture and therefore have an integrated memory controller, so ...


List of Intel Xeon chipsets

Around the time that the Pentium III processor was introduced, Intels Xeon line moving away from its line of desktop processors, which at the time used the Pentium branding. Gap was implemented using different sockets, since the socket Xeon proce ...


Comparison of Nvidia nForce chipsets

The memory controller integrated into the CPU, the supported memory types depend on the processor used and the slot. HT1.0 = 2000 MT / s HT3.0 = 5200 MT / s


GeForce 8000-series chipsets

GeForce 8000 series of NVIDIA motherboard chipsets aimed at home theater PC and solutions for gaming PCs that use processors from AMD. The chipset is capable of full 1080p Blu-rays and HD DVD playback with most processing being done on the integr ...


Nvidia Ion

NVIDIA ION is a product line of NVIDIA Corporation intended for motherboards on inexpensive portable computers. It uses the graphics processors and chipsets intended for small products.



nForce is a motherboard chipset created by NVIDIA for AMD Athlon and Duron. The chipset shipped in 3 varieties, 220, 415 and 420. 220 and 420 are very similar with each having the integrated GPU, but the 220 only has a single channel of memory av ...


NForce 500

At present 500-series chipset motherboards and the successor to the nForce4 series. It was revealed by NVIDIA on 2006-03-07 and released on 23 may 2006. The series 500 real AMDS supports socket AM2 and support for Intels LGA 775 has also been added.


NForce 600

The nForce 600 chipset was released in the first half of November 2006, coinciding with the GeForce 8 series launch on November 8, 2006. With this 600 supports Intels LGA 775 socket and platform AMDS Quad FX and replaces the 500 series real.


NForce 700

With a real 700-series chipset from NVIDIA first released in December 2007. Series supports Intel Core 2 and AMD Phenom processors and chipsets to replace the present 600 series. Several members were spotted, including the codenamed MCP72 for AMD ...



The nForce2 chipset was released in July 2002 as an upgrade to the original real product offer. The nForce2 chipset was a platform for motherboards supporting AMDS socket CPU with DDR SDRAM. There were variations of the chipset including one with ...



The nForce3 chipset was created by Nvidia as a media and communications processor. In particular, it was designed for use with Athlon 64 processor.



On the nForce4 is a motherboard chipset released by NVIDIA in October, 2004. The chipset supports 64-bit AMD and Intel Pentium 4 LGA 775 processors.


Exmor RS

Exmor is the name of a technology Sony implemented CMOS image sensors. It performs on-chip conversion of analog signal to digital signal and two-step noise reduction in parallel on each column of the CMOS sensor. Exmor R back-illuminated version ...


Exmor R


Exmor RS



The D-terminal or D-tanshi is a type of analog video connector found on Japanese consumer electronics, typically HDTV, DVD, and Blu-ray and D-on VHS and HD DVD devices. It was developed by the EIAJ in its standard, RU-5237, for use in digital sat ...



Kornwerderzand a settlement on the afsluitdijk, a large dam in the Netherlands that one of Friesland in the North of Holland.



Will) is a former municipality and a polder in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. 2012 will be part of the new municipal Hollands Kroon.


List of laser applications

Many scientific, military, medical and commercial laser applications have been developed since the invention of the laser in 1958. Coherence, high monochromaticity and the possibility to achieve very high powers, all properties which allow for th ...


Laser machine control

Laser machine control is an electronic system for automatic operation of ground-scrapers or excavators. A modern system with GPS replace these laser systems in some countries, but it is still used in some countries, such as India.


LIGHT Program

Laser ignition in guns, howitzers and tanks program began in the early 1990-ies in the laboratory of ballistic research, which later became part of the research laboratory of the US army. This program was designed to create a laser ignition syste ...


Light section

Under light is a technology of optical 3-D measurement, making the measurement of the height profile along a projected line of light. It is based on the principle of triangulation.


Precision Airborne Standoff Directed Energy Weapon

The precision airborne standoff directed energy weapon systems weapons described in declassified documents leaked to Wired magazine in 2007. In 2008 Boeing tested a prototype weapon, mounted in a C-130. Some commentators compared the requests of ...


Laser image acquisition


Laser image generation


Laser ranging


Raydiance Inc.

Raydiance Inc. with headquarters in Petaluma, California, was the Creator of the first software-controlled world of an ultrashort laser pulse. The company was founded in 2003 by Jeff Bullington and Peter Delfyett in Orlando, Florida, ablation ind ...


List of laser types

This is the list of laser types, their operational wavelengths and their applications. Thousands of kinds of laser are known, but most of them are used only for specialized research.


Dye laser

Dye laser a laser which uses an organic dye as working medium, usually as a liquid solution. Compared to gases and most solid state laser mediums, a dye can usually be used for a wider range of wavelengths, often involving 50 to 100 nanometers or ...


Gamma-ray laser

Gamma laser, or graser, is a hypothetical device which would generate coherent gamma radiation like a normal laser produces coherent beams of visible light. In his Nobel lecture in 2003 Vitaly Ginzburg has called a gamma ray laser as one of the t ...


Ring laser

Ring lasers are composed of two light beams of the same polarization traveling in opposite directions in a closed circuit. Ring lasers are used most frequently as gyroscopes a ring laser gyroscope in moving vessels like cars, ships, planes and mi ...


Tunable laser

Laser, tunable laser, the wavelength can be changed in a controlled manner. While all laser media to allow small shifts in output wavelength, only a few types of lasers allow continuous tuning over a significant wavelength range. There are many t ...

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