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German Calvinist and Reformed theologians


German Lutheran theologians


Polish Lutheran theologians


Swiss Calvinist and Reformed theologians


Canadian Calvinist and Reformed theologians


Nikolaus von Dinkelsbuhl

He was born on S. 1360, the city of dinkelsbühl. He studied at the University of Vienna, where he is mentioned as bachelor in the faculty of arts in 1385. Magister in 1390, he lectured on philosophy, mathematics, and physics until 1397, and from ...


Thomas Maria Mamachi

At the age of sixteen years he entered a monastery on the island of Chios, and later move on to Marx in Florence and the Minerva in Rome. In 1740 he was appointed Professor of physics at the University of Rome Sapienza, and in 1743 taught philoso ...


Protestant theologians by denomination


Roman Catholic theologians by order


European Space Agency astrophysics mission insignia


European Space Agency earth mission insignia


European Space Agency solar system mission insignia


Comics set in the Sixteen Kingdoms



The Scripture is only extant in the Chinese translation of CH. Zeng BU Jian Jing, 不增不減經 is made by Bodhiruci in 525 6th century. Quotes from the sutras in the Ratnagotravibhāga to demonstrate that it was written before 400 CE. English transl ...



In Bhāvanākrama is a set of three Buddhist texts written in Sanskrit by Indian Buddhist yogi scholar of Kamalasila of Nalanda University. These works are basic texts for mental development and practices of shamatha and vipashyana in the Tibetan B ...


Mohe Zhiguan

In Mohē zhǐguān is a major Buddhist doctrinal treatise based on lectures delivered at the Chinese Tiantai Patriarch Zhiyi in 594. These lectures were collected and edited Zhiyis disciple Guanding seven chapters in ten pamphlets. Volume Mohe Zhigu ...


Da zhidu lun

In Dà zhìdù lùn massive Mahayana Buddhist treatise and the commentary Pañcavimsatisāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā Sutra. The title was reconstructed in Sanskrit as * Mahāprajñāpāramitopadesa, and * Mahāprajñāpāramitāsāstra. His encyclopedic compendium o ...


Sanghata Sutra

This hotel is the Mahayana Sutra of the Buddhist Scriptures, which is widespread in North-Western India and Central Asia.






Five-number summary

Five-number summary is a set of descriptive statistics, which provides information about the dataset. It consists of five most important sample percentiles: The maximum sample size of observation. The sample minimum is the smallest observation. T ...


OReilly writers


Invasion (Sliders episode)


Kottawa Dharmapala Maha Vidyalaya

In February 1970 the school was started with 158 students, no teachers and one building with troops of the Minister of Parliament MD Jayewardhana. The first Director was L. D. Premarathne.


Sri Punyarathana Dhamma School

The Dhamma school Sri Punyarathana to the temple Choola Bodhi is a free education Buddhist center of religion for children under the age of 18 years. It is located in the village of Haburugala in the southern part of Sri Lanka. The aim of the sch ...


Alumni of the Royal College of Defence Studies


Graduates of Britannia Royal Naval College


Graduates of the Joint Services Command and Staff College


Graduates of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich


Alumni of the Royal Academy of Music


Alumni of the Royal College of Music


Alumni of Trinity College of Music


Alumni of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance


London International School of Performing Arts

Based in Berlin and London, the London international school of art was founded in 2003 by Thomas Prattki - the former pedagogical Director of the Jacques Lecoq International School of theatre arts in Paris - together with Amy Russell, who was Cha ...


Spirit Young Performers Company

Spirit young performers company is a performing arts school in London, most notable for the creation of original musical numbers and releasing them online on YouTube millions of viewers on the Internet. New video performance loaded every week. Th ...


Young and Talented School of Stage and Screen

Young and talented school of theatre and cinema-is a London drama school, located in Oxford house in Bethnal green and the Broadway theatre in Barking. G&amp T was founded in 2004 by actress and Director Suzann McLean and works in the Barking and ...


Former theological colleges in Northern Ireland


Edgehill Theological College

Edgehill theological College is the training institution for Ministry in the Methodist Church in Ireland. It was founded in 1926 from the Department of theology at Methodist College in Belfast. Edgehill branch of the College in Queens Belfast Uni ...


Botanical gardens in Alabama


Botanical gardens in Alaska


Botanical gardens in Arizona


Botanical gardens in Arkansas


Botanical gardens in Colorado


Botanical gardens in Connecticut


Botanical gardens in Delaware


Botanical gardens in Florida


Botanical gardens in Georgia (U.S. state)


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Botanical gardens in Indiana

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