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Diocese of Cuma (Asia Minor)


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dacca


Roman Catholic Diocese of Dacca


Roman Catholic Diocese of Dhaka


Diocese of Oca (Asia Minor)

OCA-the former ancient city and bishopric in present Anatolia, restored in Latin titular see. His plot is located in Biga district, çanakkale province.


Gabula (Syria)

For namesake, see Gabula general Gabula was an ancient city and former bishopric in the Roman Syria, and Latin remains a Catholic titular see. Its current location is considered to be in the swamp of al-Jabbul in todays Syria.




Hadrianopolis in Haemimonto


Hadrianopolis in Pisidia


Heliopolis in Phoenicia


Hierapolis ad Pyramum


Hierapolis in Syria


Roman Catholic Diocese of Ili-baluc




Roman Catholic Diocese of Jessore


Roman Catholic Diocese of Karachi


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Khanbaliq


Roman Catholic Diocese of Kota Kinabalu


Syro-Malabar Catholic Eparchy of Kottayam


Roman Catholic Diocese of Kuala Lumpur


Roman Catholic Diocese of Kupang


Roman Catholic Archdiocese Diocese of Lahore


Roman Catholic Diocese of Lahore


Larissa in Syria


Roman Catholic Diocese of Lingayen-Dagupan


Roman Catholic Diocese of Lingayen


Lunda (Asia Minor)

For namesakes, see Lunda - especially Mission sui iuris of Lunda Mlundi in Angola Lund-the former ancient Roman city and bishopric and the present Latin Catholic titular see in Asia Minor.


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malacca


Roman Catholic Diocese of Malacca


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nakhchivan

The Catholic Archdiocese of Nakhichevan diocese Naxivan from Nakhtchevan, or Nachitschewan, Latin name: Naxivansus) was a Catholic diocese in Armenia, located in the city of Nakhchivan, in present-day Azerbaijan. In 1847 it was suppressed. The la ...


Roman Catholic Diocese of Nueva Caceres


Roman Catholic Diocese of Nueva Segovia


Apostolic Prefecture of Palawan


Philippopolis in Arabia


Roman Catholic Diocese of Prome


Ptolemais in Phoenicia of the Romans


Roman Catholic Diocese of Ratburi


Diocese of Rhosus


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Endeh


Roman Catholic Diocese of Beirut


Roman Catholic Diocese of Chittagong


Latin Diocese of Samarcanda


Archdiocese of Sardes


Sarepta of the Romans


Satala in Armenia


Scythopolis (see)

The diocese of skipool-titular see in Israel / Jordan and Metropolitan of the Roman province of second Palestine. She was focused on modern Beth shean.


Sebastea (see)




Sergiopolis antea Resapha



Serigene was important enough in the late Roman province of Syria Euphratensis second to be one of the suffragans of its capital Sergiopoliss Metropolitan Archbishopric. However, its importance decreased over time.

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