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On the site of the ancient city is located in the modern Kiliya, in European Turkey. It was enough to import to become a bishopric, suffragan of the Metropolitan of Perinthus, the Archbishopric in the capital of the Roman province of Europe.


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Conza–Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi–Bisaccia


Diocese of Cuma (Italy)


Roman Catholic Diocese of Dalby


Diocese of Constantia in Scythia

See Constantia for namesakes The diocese of Constance, former bishopric and the present Latin Catholic titular see. The diocese once had his Bishop in this Constanta capital of the Romanian region of Dobrogea on the Black sea, guest house Constan ...


Diocese of Kruszwica

The Kujawy bishops are bishops of the Roman Catholic diocese of Kujawy, the Roman Catholic diocese of Kujawy–Kalisz and the Roman Catholic diocese of Wloclawek.


Diocese of Maastricht

The diocese of Maastricht was the Roman Catholic jurisdiction of the Netherlands and Belgium, which was nominally restored as a Latin titular bishopric.


Archdiocese of Doclea


Roman Catholic Diocese of Drivasto

Drivasto diocese or eparchy Drivost was a Roman Catholic bishopric in town to see Drivasto from about 400 to 1650 and is now a Catholic titular see. It was suppressed in 1650, but restored as a Latin titular see.


Roman Catholic Diocese of Dume


Diocese of Dunshaughlin




Roman Catholic Diocese of Elvas

The Roman Catholic diocese of Elvas was in the Latin diocese in Portugal, located in Elvas, district of Portalegre in the Alentejo region and in the ecclesiastical province of Evora.


Roman Catholic Diocese of Emly


Roman Catholic Diocese of Evora


Roman Catholic Diocese of Ferento

Ferento began as an ancient city, Ferentium, which was important enough to be the bishopric around 400 ad. In 700 ad, in his diocese was suppressed and its territory joined to the diocese of Bomarzo. In 1172, the neighbouring town of Viterbo Stat ...


Roman Catholic Diocese of Ferento


Roman Catholic Diocese of Geneva

Roman Catholic diocese of Geneva in the Latin Catholic dioceses in Switzerland and the Savoie region from 400 to 1801 when it merged with the diocese of chambéry. Later merged diocese lost territory of Switzerland by the Roman Catholic diocese of ...


Germania in Dacia


Diocese of Groningen


Roman Catholic Diocese of Kisamos


Roman Catholic Diocese of Lacedaemon


Latin Diocese of Soldaia


Archdiocese of Laureacum

When it was created, Laureacum was in the Danubian Roman province of noricum Ripensis. Maximilian of Lorch is said to have been Bishop Laureacum. Then the diocese has been abandoned for over two centuries, in the face of pagan invasions. Lorch ne ...


Roman Catholic Diocese of Leitomischl

The Roman Catholic diocese of litomyšl was a medieval Latin Catholic dioceses in Bohemia and the Latin remains a Catholic titular see.


Roman Catholic Diocese of Llandaff


Roman Catholic Diocese of Luxemburg


Diocese of Magnetum


Roman Catholic Diocese of Makarska

Diocese of Makarska was the Catholic diocese from 533 to 590, from 1344 to 1400 and from 1615 to its confluence 1828 in diocese of Split-Makarska, which retains his title. There are no statistics.


Roman Catholic Diocese of Malta


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Matriga


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mechelen


Roman Catholic Diocese of MeiSen




Diocese of Moldovița

In 1418 the Latin diocese of Moldovita / Moldawitza / Suczawa / Moldaviensis Latin adjective was established in the Principality of Moldavia. In 1550 he was depressed, without a direct successor. The staff were recorded: all the Latin rite probab ...


Roman Catholic Diocese of Moldovița


Roman Catholic Diocese of Monaco


Roman Catholic Diocese of Montemarano

Diocese Montemarano was a Roman Catholic diocese located in the city of Montemarano in the province of Avellino in the Campania region of southern Italy. It was built in the year 1059, and was a member of the Church of the province of Benevento. ...


Mortlach, Banffshire


Naissus (see)

The names of several of the early bishops, the vicar of Naissus known: Gaianus mentioned 516, was invited to Constantinople by the Byzantine emperors Anastasius I Dicorus. Cyriacus the first half of the 4th century, sympathized with the heresy of ...


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nazareth-Canne in Barletta


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nazareth-Canne-Monteverde in Barletta


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nazareth–Canne–Monteverde in Barletta






Diocese of Novi


Roman Catholic Diocese of Olomouc


Pertusa (Africa)

The bishopric ad Pertusa was concentrated on the ancient Roman Civitas in Pertvsa, which have been identified with ruins in present-day El Haraïria, the outer suburbs of Tunis. During the Roman Empire Pertusa was in the Roman province of Africa P ...


Petra in Lazica


Archdiocese of Phasis

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