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Equestrian statues in Wisconsin


Woodruff Cabin Site

The website J. D. Woodruff cabin is the location of the first European-American settlement in the big horn basin in Wyoming. John Dwight Woodruff built a cabin on Owl Creek, in the County of Hot springs in 1871. Woodruff befriended chief Washakie ...


Monuments and memorials on the National Register of Historic Places in Wyoming


National Monuments in Wyoming


Music Theatre Louisville

Music theatre Louisville is a non-profit organization in Louisville, Kentucky dedicated to the production, transmission, and developing diverse and affordable entertainment. Until the end of 2008, the company arranged several concerts during the ...


Marvel Comics Video Library

In the Marvel comics video library, released by prism entertainment, was a series of tapes / cassettes that were shown episodes from the animated series based on Marvel comics characters. Was released and included episodes from Spider-Man, Spider ...


Animated television programs based on Marvel Comics


DC Comics animated television series by Filmation


American animated horror films


Disney animated short films


Fleischer Studios short films


Universal Pictures animated short films


What a Cartoon! shorts


The Wind in the Willows (1949 film)


Columbia Pictures animated short films


Disney animated film series


Disney direct-to-video animated films


List of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio films

In the following list, filmographies of all the animated short distributed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie Studio LOEWS is included between 1934 and 1958 and from 1961 to 1967. Between 1937 and 1957, MGM ran into the house cartoon Studio which produced ...


Universal Pictures direct-to-video animated films


Warner Bros. direct-to-video animated films


Warner Bros. Animation animated short films


Blue Sky Studios short films


Format Films short films



Parrotville was a theatrical cartoon series, which was shown in the series of the rainbow parade. The series debuted on September 14, 1934 and made his last episode on June 28, 1935. All three episodes of this series were presented in 200 classic ...


Williams Street and Adult Swim navigational boxes


American adult animation anthology series


Lists of characters in American television adult animation


American adult computer-animated television series


American flash adult animated television series


American stop-motion adult animated television series


List of Back at the Barnyard characters

Eugene "snotty boy" beady is voiced by Steve Oedekerk is a secondary antagonist in Barnyard and the secondary antagonist of the back to the barnyard. He is Nora and Nathan Beadys nephew and cousin mucous boys. Snotty boys uncle and aunt used to b ...


List of Beverly Hills Teens characters

Chester McTech - Prodigy prodigys, Chester missed a few classes to become a 10-year-old freshman student at Beverly hills high school. He has his own science lab at home, complete with a dress designing machine. It may not help many seniors with ...


List of Daniel Tigers Neighborhood characters

Mama Tiger, voiced by Heather Bambrick – Daniels mother. She is a carpenter for a new job in the first episode of the 4th season. In the first episode of season 2, she was pregnant, and in the next episode, she visited Dr. Anna gave birth to Marg ...


List of Duck Dodgers characters

In "the six Wazillion dollar duck" parody of the six million dollars, it was revealed that Bigfoot worked for the protectorate as the head of maintenance, and also the first to receive cyborganic implants. In connection with increased combat abil ...


List of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman characters

Murray is one of the cousins ruffs. He runs backstage technical work, and constantly berated for minor problems related to the show. Unlike other animated animals, Murray portrayed a real Basset hound, and sometimes appears in children. He ceased ...


List of Kaijudo characters


List of Uncle Grandpa characters


List of Making Fiends characters

Mr. Milk is a teacher who has the misfortune of teaching Charlotte and vendettas class. He is incredibly timid and never to teach for fear of the reaction of vendetta on his lessons. He says nervously, rambling and monotone afraid of the fanged r ...


List of Mr. Meaty characters

Mr. wink he Winklemeyer VI Manager with an electric chip on the back of his head, he was once a kind and friendly person, but Carney used the electric chip to turn him cold, bitter, and robotic. His great-great-great-grandfather from many generat ...


List of Ready Jet Go! characters

Mindy Melendez voiced Jaeda Lily Miller 4 1 / 4-year-old girl she was four, but five in the episode "mindy turns five" with brown eyes, dark brown hair in two braids, and a that looks like a Teddy bear face. Until recently, it remained on the Gro ...


List of Speed Racer: The Next Generation characters

Voice Actor: Season Peter Fernandez 1, Greg Abbey Season 2 Speed Racer Sr. is the father of X and speed, making it the third known cast member from the Japanese show 1967 to appear here. He first appeared momentarily in the episode "the note".He ...


List of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! characters

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! American / Japanese anime-influenced television series created by Shiro Nieli.


List of Tutenstein characters

Tut Ankh Amon set EN "the Germans left," - voiced by Jeannie Elias seasons 1-2 season and Donna cherry 3) very impulsive, but a good young mom. His nickname, the Germans left, thats a pun on Frankenstein, often shortened to tut. Once upon a time ...


List of Underdog characters

Underdog is an anthropomorphic dog who is a parody of the superhero Superman and similar heroes with secret identity. The premise was that "humble and sweet" shoeshine boy, cartoon dog, was in fact weak superhero. When villains threatened, shoesh ...


The Rotten Fruit

Rotten fruit is an animated series created by Noah Belson and Eli Roth. A show about rock n roll band, composed of violent, sociopathic pieces of fruit. The slogan was "they drink. They shag. They rock. They are the fruit."Roth, co-Creator of the ...


Storybook World

The fairy world is an animated series that was released on video. The opening showed the castle and zoomed inside the castle, which showed a huge stack of books. One of the books opens, shows the title, and each page turning shows pictures of the ...


The Underseas Explorers

Bill Kincaid as a submarine Navigator. Diamonds as a native island boy. Jacques Duvall as an expert of scuba diving. Bobby Scott as Professor Scotts grandson. Professor Scott as himself. Dr. Claude Meecham as the ships doctor.


University Park Historic District (Buffalo, New York)

University Park historic district is a national historic district located in the neighborhood of University heights from Buffalo in Erie County, new York. It has 489 troops, buildings, areas, troops 1, 4 and troops, buildings adjacent to the Sout ...


Architecture firms based in Jacksonville


John S. Park Historic District

John S. Park historic district, consisting of the Park place addition and VEGA units Verde, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. Historic district name of S. John Park, who came to Las Vegas in 1907. He was listed on the national register of historic ...

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