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Nushagak, Alaska

Nushagak was a trade center and settlement near the present site of Dillingham, Alaska, United States of America, in the Northern part of Nushagak Bay in Northern Bristol Bay. It was located near the confluence of the wood river and Nushagak.


Woody Island (Alaska)

The woody island is located in Chiniak Bay, 2.6 miles East of Kodiak, Alaska. It was originally inhabited by native of alutiiq people who called themselves Tangirnarmiut, "people Tangirnaq." They lived and used woody island for thousands of years ...


York, Alaska

York settlement in the U.S. state of Alaska. The mining camp was located at the mouth of Anikovik river, at Cape York on the Seward Peninsula. It was a distribution point for the area lying to the North. In the spring of 1900, York promised to be ...


Ghost towns in Alaska


Drozdovka, Murmansk Oblast

Drozdivka was a rural settlement in the administrative jurisdiction of the closed administrative-territorial formation Ostrovnoy, Murmansk oblast, Russia, located on the Kola Peninsula beyond the Arctic circle at a height of 1 meter above sea level.



Nautsi was in a rural village in Pechengsky district of Murmansk oblast, Russian SFSR, USSR. It is located on the East Bank of the river Paatsjoki, which forms part of the border between Norway and Russia.







Ekallatum was an ancient city in Upper Mesopotamia. The exact location has not been determined, but it was located somewhere along the left Bank of the Tigris, South of Assur. Ekallatum, whose name means "Palace", became the capital of the dynast ...




Felix Romuliana




Eilean Choraidh

Eileen Choraidh, also known as island is an island in Loch Eriboll in Sutherland on the North coast of Scotland. It is approximately 26 ha in extent and the highest point is located at a height of 26 metres above sea level. During the 19th centur ...


Eilean Trodday

Eileen Trodday is an island in the North Minch near the North coast of the Trotternish Peninsula of Skye in Scotland. Eileen Trodday is about 38 ha 94 acres in extent and the coastline has various caves and stacks. The island was inhabited in the ...




Riccarton Junction


Rispain Camp

Rispain camp is the remains of a fortified farmstead 1 mile West of Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. This is one of the major Iron age archaeological sites in Scotland. Today it consists of two large banks of earth separated by a moat, ...


Fortress of Kambambe

The Kambambe fortress is a historic fortress built by Portuguese colonizers on the Eastern Bank of the river When in Kambambe, province of Cuando Norte province, Angola.


Fortifications in the Caribbean by dependent territory


Fortifications in Puerto Rico


City walls in Peru


Senecio radicans

Senecio radicans-is a succulent plant. A member of the Asteraceae family, the asters, this species is closely associated with the common string of pearls, and is native to South Africa. It has multiple shoots glossy, banana-shaped leaves. Like mo ...


Bandung Berisik

Bandung Berisik is one of the most famous metal festivals in Indonesia. Based Bandung-metal community Ujungberung rebel and homeless crew, Bandung Berisik became the most high music festival profile in the metal scene around the Indonesian archip ...


Rock In Solo

Rock in solo festival shortly Rock in solo or rice is a music festival dedicated to rock, metal and related styles of music held in Surakarta, Indonesia. The history of rock in solo began in 2004. In 2012, the event has become one of the biggest ...


Dong Open Air

July 11-13: Alestorm, steel Panther, forward, groups, Gloryhammer, battle beast, dog eat dog, starting, deserted fear, dust Bolt, Bloodywood, Wulfpack, thirst, hideous deity, storm Seeker, Impureza, Silver Claw, lifting nuts, Deathcode society, S ...


Neurotic Deathfest

Neurotic Deathfest was an annual music festival dedicated to death metal. Formerly known as the Rotterdam Deathfest, it was created by neurotic records and has since moved to Tilburg.


Mayhem Festival


Aftershock Festival

The aftershock festival is an annual concert organized by monster energy held in Sacramento, California, which includes several rock and metal acts. Starting in 2012 the festival expanded from a one-day concert into a two-day festival. In 2019, t ...


Carolina Rebellion

Carolina rebellion was a rock festival, held annually in North Carolina. It was produced by AEG Live and Danny Wimmer presents. The first festival was held in Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina. The second year the festival was relocated ...


Emissions from the Monolith

Emissions from the Monolith was an annual metal festival which consisted mainly of doom metal and sludge metal bands, and was widely considered to be the premiere heavy / doom / sludge metal festival in the United States. The celebration was full ...


Hellfest (American music festival)

This was an American hardcore punk festival. The name for the summer heat at the show, the festival originally started with hardcore bands before crossing into several genres later. It was known for its fan-friendly atmosphere, and for its high s ...


Robot Mosh Fest

Robot Mosh fest was a festival of metal / hardcore music, which originated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2001 and held annually in the Milwaukee area. The festival was originally called the hugs and chugs fest and was booked by art Henke. Art create ...


Saints & Sinners Festival

The feast of saints & sinners two-day hardcore and heavy metal festival held annually in new Jersey. It started in 2006 at the Convention center in Asbury Park on October 28 and October 29. The first day was Emo / screamo / post-hardcore band and ...


Scion Rock Fest

Scion rock festival was an annual festival of heavy music will be held in various cities throughout the United States. The compositions of the festival included bands from several genres of metal like death metal, grindcore, doom metal, metalcore ...


No Sleep Til Festival

No sleep till festival was a music festival that was held in Australia and New Zealand in December 2010. The festival headliners of Megadeth, who played their album rust in peace in General. There were other NOFX and kick Mervis, and Parkway driv ...



The Rock2Wgtn festival was a two-day music festival. This is the second major music festival to be held in New Zealand, the first big day, but Rock2Wgtn is the first rock-festival. It is also the first two-day festival like the big day takes plac ...


History of the Catholic Church in the United States

The Catholic Church in the United States of America began in the colonial era, but most of the Spanish and French influences had disappeared by 1800. In the Catholic Church grew through immigration, especially from Europe in the XIX century the C ...


Catholic Indian Missionary Association

The Catholic Indian missionary Association was a Roman Catholic fundraising organization that supported Catholic schools and missionary work among the American Indians in the United States.


Coffee Run Mission Site

Coffee mission, also known as coffee Church and the Church of SV. Mary-a historic mission Church and national historic district located in Hockessin, new castle, Delaware. It includes two units, the building is now demolished, and makes the websi ...


Holy Family Catholic Church (Philadelphia)

Parish of the Holy Family was founded in 1885 and its boundary extends from Livezey lane from ridge Avenue Valley Avenue to the air line to the Wissahickon Creek, Green lane, the Schuylkill river, in Paoli Avenue, ridge Avenue, to Livezey lane.


Marquette League

From 1904 to 1991 League Marquette served as the Roman Catholic mobilizing organizations in the United States who supported the Catholic mission and schools among native Americans in the United States.


Our Lady Help of Christians

Our lady help of Christians is an old Catholic Church on the corner of East Allegheny Avenue and Gaul street in the section of port Richmond-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and offers German-speaking population in the area. The parish was founded in ...


St. Philomenas Church (Pittsburgh)

Church. Philomena was a Roman Catholic parish originally located in Pittsburghs strip district in the diocese of Pittsburgh. Although this Church was formally established in 1921, the origin of the parish dates from 1839.


St. Josaphat Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia

St. Josaphat Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia is located in the Manayunk section of Northwest Philadelphia at Cotton street, 124. This parish was United with that of St. John the Baptist and St. Mary in 2012. The Church was named in honor of ...


St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church, Philadelphia

St. Josaphat Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, Philadelphia, is in Philadelphia in Ave AI 4521. It serves Ukrainian population in the area.


Fjords of Princess Elizabeth Land


Inlets of Alexander Island


Inlets of Northern Ireland


Sea loughs of the Republic of Ireland


Inlets of Scotland

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