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Bowlus BS-100 Super Albatross

Super Albatross was created from a baby Albatross fuselage and under the tail boom. The wings used an external panel of senior Albatross. As a result, the aircraft was of wooden construction with wings and tail surfaces covered with aircraft fabr ...


Nelson Dragonfly

In Julianne dipaolo / Nelson BB-1 Dragonfly is an American, two seat, strut-braced, high-wing motor glider that was designed by Julianne dipaolo from BA-100 baby Albatross glider in Julianne dipaolo Hawley.


AmeriPlanes Mitchell Wing A-10

Mitchell wing a-10 and T-10 are a family of American cantilever, tricycle landing gear, high wing, pusher configuration, one and two ultralight aircraft designed for Amateur construction, or supplied as a completed aircraft. The aircraft were des ...


Mitchell Nimbus

The Mitchell nimbus is a series of American, single seat, high wing glider that was designed by don Mitchell in the 1950-ies. Mitchell is also known for its ultralight, Mitchell wing A-10 and U-2 design.


Mitchell U-2 Superwing

Although the aircraft was designed to the United States far 103 ultralight vehicles rules came into force, the u-2 Superwing accordance with them in any way that categorys maximum empty weight of 254 kg 115 kg). The aircraft has a standard empty ...


Ross R-2 Ibis

Ross R-2 IBIS was a single seat, mid-wing, gull-winged glider that was designed by Harland Ross in 1938 by order of the Soaring society of America. The only example was destroyed in 1940.


Ross R-6

Ross designed the R-6 as a double glider to create new multiple records with him. The plane was originally designed to use the same 55 ft 16.8 m wingspan as a highly successful Ross-Johnson RJ-5, but with a total weight of 1.226 kg 556 kg in cont ...


Ross RH-3

Ross designed the R-3 as a simplified version of the Ross R-2 hotel with the intention of making the aircraft easier to build for non-builders. The fuselage has remained similar to R2, but the wing was redesigned as a straight wing, in contrast t ...


Ross-Johnson RJ-5

Ross-Johnson RJ-5 is a single seat competition glider that was designed by Harland Ross and constructed partially on Ross and finished by dick Johnson. RJ-5 became one of the most famous gliders ever built when Johnson flew 535 mi in 1951, settin ...


Vega Aircraft Corporation

VEGA aircraft Corporation is a subsidiary of the aircraft company "Lockheed" in Burbank, California is responsible for a large part of its parent company during the Second world war.


Nelson Hummingbird PG-185B

Nelson Hummingbird PG-185B is an American, tandem two seat, mid-wing motor glider that was developed by Nelson aircraft after the termination of the Nelson Dragonfly.


Schreder Airmate HP-8

This shredder Airmate HP-8 is an American, high-wing single seat glider that was designed by Richard Schreder after the loss of the HP-7 in 1957. Airmate was the name of the design Schreders of the company.


Schreder Airmate HP-9

Shredder Airmate HP-9-American high-wing, glider seat, which was designed by Richard Schroeder and are intended to be raised by the designer in the 1960 world gliding Championships. Airmate was the name of the design Schreders of the company.


Schreder Airmate HP-10

Shredder Airmate HP-10 American, high wing, single seat, FAI standard class glider that was designed by Richard Schroeder. Airmate was the name of the design Schreders of the company.


Schreder Airmate HP-11

Shredder Airmate HP-11 is an American mid-wing, V-tailed, single seat glider designed by Richard Schreder. Airmate was the name of the design Schreders of the company.


Schreder HP-12

Shredder HP-12 was an American FAI standard class glider designed by Richard Schrader in the 1965 world gliding Championships. HP-12 is often confused with the completely different aircraft, Schroeder HP-12A.


Schreder HP-12A

Shredder HP-12A-American-made, mid-wing, in the caudate, single glider, which was assembled from various components developed by Richard Schroeder. The plane is often confused with a completely different aircraft, Schroeder HP-12.


Schreder HP-13

HP-13 HP provides high performance, was an important milestone in the development of aircraft between the HP-11 and later HP-14. HP-13 was designed by taking the fuselage of the HP-11 and the wings are similar to HP-12, at the same Wortman FX 61- ...


Schreder HP-16

After the failure of HP-15 for the citizens of the United States 1969 Schroeder started the HP-16 with a new design philosophy. Avoiding extremely high compression ratio that 15 years, he chose a more modest 21.5:1 aspect ratio and more wing area ...


Schreder HP-17

HP-17 was designed to test new sections of the wing, Wortman Forex 72 MS-150A. This profile is high lift, low drag section, Scheder thought it would be a good airframe. HP-17 is all-metal in construction, with the exception of the foam rib wing. ...


Schreder HP-19

HP-19 had another design shredder for FAI 15 meters. NR-19 the drawings were just completed, when the designer lost interest in development and turned their attention to the HP-21 is. The only example of HP-19, was built by Henry Price in the wor ...


Schreder HP-20

Model HP-20 was developed by Schroeder for the FAI 15 meters. HP-20 prototype was just full, when Schroeder lost interest in the project and went to work on the HP-21 is. The only example of HP-20 was built by Schroeder in his workshop in Byran, ...


Schreder HP-21

Shredder HP-21 was an American high wing with variable geometry, in the caudate, one project seat motor glider that was designed by Richard Schroeder. No one completed or flown.


Schreder HP-22

This shredder HP-22 is an American mid-wing, amphibious flying boat, a cruciform tail, the two draft motor seat glider that was designed by Richard Schroeder. I never completed or flew.


Hall Cherokee II

Hall Cherokee II is an American high-wing, single seat glider that was designed by Stan hall and introduced in 1956 as plans for Amateur construction. Due to the low cost and ease of construction, Cherokee II is one of the most produced home-buil ...


Hall Ibex

Capricorn was designed by hall to investigate the reduced wetted area of pod and boom configuration, hands off the spiral stability of the Gullwing, and a low speed to perform a wide Naka-slotted flaps. He also has a tail, 135 kg 61 kg water ball ...


Hall Vector 1

Vector 1 was designed to take advantage of informal rules for us glider during its development, which in 1982 became far 103 ultralight vehicles rules. They determine the hang glider and any glider with an empty weight of 155 lbs 70 kg or less. V ...


Casio FX-501P


Casio FX-502P


Elektronika B3-21

Elektronika B3-21 was the first Soviet programmable calculator. It was released in 1977 and originally sold for 350 rubles. For comparison, was 120 rubles monthly wages engineers. Production was halted in 1982 due to the introduction of more adva ...


Elektronika B3-34

Elektronika B3-34 Soviet programmable calculator. It was released in 1980 and was sold for 85 rubles. B3-34 used reverse Polish notation and 98 bytes of instruction memory, four user stack registers and 14 addressable registers. Each register can ...


Elektronika MK-52

Elektronika MK-52 is RPN-programmable calculator, manufactured in the Soviet Union during the years 1983 to 1992. He belongs to the third generation of Soviet programmable calculators. Its original selling price was 115 rubles. Functionality of t ...


Elektronika MK-61

Elektronika MK-61 is a third generation non-core, RPN programmable calculator which was manufactured in the USSR in the years 1983 to 1994. Its original selling price was $ 85. MK-61 has 105 steps of volatile program memory and 15 memory register ...


HP 30b

Server HP 30B is a programmable financial calculator from HP which was released on 7 January 2010. Server HP 30B is an advanced version of the previous model TT HP 20B. Two-line alphanumeric display, the possibility of data entry using reverse Po ...



HP-34C continuous memory calculator was an advanced scientific programmable calculator, produced between 1979 and 1983


Sharp EL-5120

Sharp El-5120 is a scientific programmable calculator. It has about 1 KB of total memory available to the user, and has 4 basic modes of operation: NBase: can switch between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal bases. Most of the features of r ...


Sharp EL-5400


Sharp EL-5500


Sharp EL-5500II


Sharp EL-5500III


Sharp EL-5510


Sharp EL-5520


Sharp PC-1210


Sharp PC-1251H


Sharp PC-1365K

Sharp PC-1350 is a small pocket computer manufactured by Sharp. The PC-1350 was introduced in 1984 and was used by engineers, and programmers for programming and graphics capabilities. It was replaced in 1987 on the PC-1360, which featured one ad ...


Sharp PC-1360


Sharp PC-1360K


Sharp PC-1365


Sharp PC-1365K


Sharp PC-1402

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