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1940s Romanian fighter aircraft


1940s French fighter aircraft


1940s Hungarian fighter aircraft


1940s Italian fighter aircraft


1940s Japanese fighter aircraft


1940s Soviet fighter aircraft


1940s Swedish fighter aircraft


1940s United States fighter aircraft


1940s Yugoslav fighter aircraft


VL Saaski

VL Saaski II was the first mass-produced aircraft developed in Finland. The aircraft was built at the state aircraft factory and was a double biplane, single-engine trainer built of wood. The aircraft was designed by Kurt Berger and Asser järvine ...


1940s French military reconnaissance aircraft


1940s French military utility aircraft


1940s French military transport aircraft


1940s Hungarian military utility aircraft


1940s Italian military reconnaissance aircraft


1940s Italian military transport aircraft


1940s Italian military utility aircraft


1940s Japanese military reconnaissance aircraft


1940s Japanese military transport aircraft


1940s United States military tanker aircraft


1940s Soviet military transport aircraft


1940s United States military transport aircraft


1940s Polish military utility aircraft


1940s Soviet military utility aircraft


1940s United States military utility aircraft


1940s Romanian military reconnaissance aircraft


1940s Soviet military reconnaissance aircraft


1940s United States military reconnaissance aircraft


1950s Danish military reconnaissance aircraft


1950s Indonesian attack aircraft


1950s Spanish fighter aircraft


1950s Spanish military utility aircraft


1950s Spanish military transport aircraft


1950s Turkish military reconnaissance aircraft


1950s British anti-submarine aircraft


1950s Canadian anti-submarine aircraft


1950s French anti-submarine aircraft


1950s United States anti-submarine aircraft


1950s Argentine military utility aircraft


1950s Argentine fighter aircraft


1950s British attack aircraft


1950s French attack aircraft


1950s Italian attack aircraft


1950s Chinese attack aircraft


1950s Soviet attack aircraft


1950s Swedish attack aircraft


1950s United States attack aircraft


1950s Australian fighter aircraft


1950s British bomber aircraft


1950s Czechoslovakian bomber aircraft

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