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2000s United States military tanker aircraft


Breonadia salicina

Breonadia is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. He described Colin Ernest Ridsdale in 1975. The genus contains only one species, viz. Breonadia salicina, which is found in tropical and southern Africa, Mali and Benin E ...


2000s United States military transport aircraft


2000s United States military utility aircraft


2000s Pakistani military reconnaissance aircraft


2000s United States military reconnaissance aircraft


2010s Chinese attack aircraft


2010s Indian attack aircraft


2010s United States attack aircraft


2010s Chinese fighter aircraft


2010s Chinese military transport aircraft


2010s Chinese military utility aircraft


2010s Japanese fighter aircraft


2010s United States fighter aircraft


2010s Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft


2010s United States military transport aircraft


2010s United States military reconnaissance aircraft


List of fictional airborne aircraft carriers


Aircraft squadrons of the United States Air Force


Aircraft squadrons of the United States Marine Corps


Aircraft squadrons of the United States Navy


Canadian Forces aircraft squadrons


Sri Lanka Air Force aircraft squadrons


British blimps operated by the USN

During the First world war, trained the crews of the U.S. Navy on the British bases, and operated British designed and built blimps on combat patrols. The Navy acquired three British airships. Operations were brought to the United States SSZ and ...


French blimps operated by the USN

Records of the history of French airships in the service of the US Navy are fragmented. A number of airships of various classes were operated in the U.S. Navy during the First world war from the French naval base at Paimboeuf, which was announced ...



ZMC-2 was the only successfully operated metal walls of the airship ever built. Built at the naval air station Grosse Ile township to the aircraft development Corporation of Detroit, the ZMC-2 was operated in the U.S. Navy at Lakehurst, new Jerse ...


Rigid airships of the United States Navy


Attack helicopter

Attack helicopter an armed helicopter with the main role of an attack aircraft, with the possibility of engaging ground targets such as enemy infantry and armored fighting vehicles. Due to their heavy armament they are sometimes called helicopter ...


Uskok-class torpedo boat

Class USKOK or class Chetnik was class motor torpedo boats built for the Royal Navy of Yugoslavia in 1920-ies. There were two boats built by the company thornycroft on the basis of their existing class of the 17-metre long coastal motor boats dev ...


Siege of Antioch (disambiguation)

The siege of Antioch may refer to: The siege of Antioch 253 with the Sassanids. The siege of Antioch by the crusaders in 1098. The siege of Antioch 540 with the Sassanids. The siege of Antioch 1268 the Mamluks. The Siege Of Antioch, The Fatimids ...


Battle of Baghdad

Battle, capture, fall, or siege of Baghdad may refer to: The siege of Baghdad, 1258, the Mongol conquest of Baghdad. The capture of Baghdad 1638, Ottoman–Safavid war. The capture of Baghdad 1624, Ottoman–Safavid war. The siege of Baghdad 1625, Ot ...


Sieges of Baghdad

In the year 812, the Caliph al-mAmun sent his General Tahir Ibn Husayn, to capture Baghdad and overthrow his brother the Caliph al-Amin. The siege was successful, Tahir captured the city and executed the Caliph. The siege of Baghdad 1157, in whic ...


Battle of Ctesiphon

Fight, fall, or siege of Ctesiphon may refer to: The siege of Ctesiphon in 629, between the forces of Shahrbaraz and Ardashir III, successful. The battle of Ctesiphon 1915, between British and Ottoman empires. The battle of Ctesiphon in 363, betw ...


4th (City of Bristol) Battalion of the Gloucestershire Rifles


Hull Artillery Volunteers


106th (Lancashire Hussars) Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery


149th (Lancashire Hussars) Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery


306th (Lancashire Hussars) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery


509th Field Company, Royal Engineers


510th Field Company, Royal Engineers


511th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers


2/1st Lancashire Hussars


3/1st Lancashire Hussars


Battle of Stepney


Venners Rising


Lines of Communication (London)

Lines of communication were English Civil war fortifications by order of Parliament and built around London between 1642 and 1643 to protect the capital from attack by the royalist army of Charles I. In 1642 some basic fortifications were built, ...


London Defence Positions

The London defence positions were 19th century diagram of earthworks on the South-East of England, designed to protect London from foreign ships on the South coast. The positions were carefully surveyed plan of the line of trenches that could be ...


London Regiment (1993-)


2/1st London Brigade

2 / 1st London Brigade of the 2nd formation of the territorial force of the British army. It was formed at the beginning of the First World War and served overseas garrisons in Malta and Egypt. Although he never saw action in the quality of educa ...


1st Administrative Battalion, Middlesex Artillery Volunteers

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