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F+A Architects

F A architects is an architectural firm headquartered in Pasadena, California. The firm was founded in 1973, and his work lay mainly in the field of planning and design of retail stores and shopping centers. A firm structure was developed in Nort ...


Heller Manus Architects

The Heller Manus architects, founded in 1984, is a San Francisco, California architecture firm providing design, master planning and urban design for public and private customers. Jeffrey Heller, faia is the founder and Director of the company an ...


Hodgetts + Fung

Hodgetts Fung, also known as HplusF, is an interdisciplinary design Studio based in CULVER city, California, specializing in architectural design, modern materials, historical restorations and design exhibition, and is led by Directors Craig Hodg ...


Johnson Architecture

Architecture, Johnson architecture firm based in Fresno, California. The firm was founded in 1991, the main architect Christopher A. Johnson. Johnson architecture firm in the Central valley, which specializiruetsya in the field of historic preser ...


Kevin Daly Architects

Kevin Daly architects Kevin Daly architecture firms in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1990 as the Daly Genik. Daly is a Professor of architecture and fellow of the American Institute of architects.


Koning Eizenberg Architecture

Architecture Koning Eizenberg architecture firm located in Santa Monica, California founded in 1981. Working together, participants Hank Koning, Julie Eizenberg, Brian lane, Nathan Bishop think that the developers of the city and not-for-profit c ...


Lee + Mundwiler Architects

Lee Mundwiler architects is an architectural design Studio based in Los Angeles, California and Bern, Switzerland. Consists of founding architects Cara Lee and Stephan Mundwiler, the Studio known for its clean, modern, and sustainable design alon ...


Mark Cavagnero Associates

Mark Cavagnero partners is a San Francisco, California architectural firm with mark Cavagnero, faia, in 1988. The company portfolio consists of various public-service facilities for public, non-profit and institutional clients.


Morphosis Architects

The company was informally founded in 1972, Michael Brickler, Thom Mayne, Livio Santini, and James Stafford. Michael Rotondi joined the practice in 1975 and remained the chief until 1991. Writing in 1989, Boston globe architecture critic Robert C ...


Moule & Polyzoides

Moule & Polyzoides, architects and urbanists is a firm of architecture and urban planning based in Pasadena, California founded in 1990 by partners Elizabeth Moule & Stefanos Polyzoides.


Peter Tolkin Architecture

Peter Tolkin architecture Sarah Lorenzen, formerly Peter Tolkin architecture is an architectural firm based in Los Angeles, California, founded in 1998.


Safdie Rabines Architects

Safdie Rabines architects is an American architecture, interiors and urban design firm based in San Diego, California. The firm works in the public and private sectors for projects of different contexts and scales, including municipal, academic, ...


Fentress Architects

Fentress architects-international design firm known for iconic large-scale public architecture such as airports, museums, University buildings, Convention centers, laboratories and high-rise office towers. Some of the works for which firm is best ...


Fisher & Fisher

Fisher & Fisher was an architectural firm based in Denver, Colorado named for partners William Ellsworth Fisher and Arthur Addison Fisher. The company was founded in 1892 by William Ellsworth Fisher, William Fisher, architect. After ten years pra ...


Allen & Williams


Henry Austin & Son


Briggs & Caldwell


Centerbrook Architects & Planners

Centerbrook architects and planners-American architectural firm founded in 1975 and is based in Centerbrook, Connecticut. Centerbrook is one of the 37 active firms across the country to win the architectural firm award is awarded annually by the ...


Walter P. Crabtree & Son


Duffy & Payne


J. J. Dwyer & J. J. McMahon


Griggs & Hunt


Janson Design Group

The Janson Tsai design group is an American architecture. acoustic and audio design video firm that specializiruetsya on the design of media and entertainment that include television studios, pavilions, film, recording studios, post production su ...


Longstaff & Hurd


G. W. & H. Longstaff


G. W. Longstaff Company


Office of Douglas Orr


Payne & Adams


Payne & Griswold


Payne & Keefe


Payne, Griswold & Keefe


Whiton & McMahon


Ellis & McClure

Ellis and McClure was a construction firm in Jacksonville, Florida, formed by Alfred E. McClure 1836 - CA. 1912) and Robert Ellis. The 15-year partnership they have created many outstanding buildings in Jacksonville, and the County courthouse cla ...


Harvard Jolly

Harvard Jolly is a St. Petersburg, an architectural firm based in Florida, is known for his work on schools, hospitals and public buildings. It was founded as a solo practice in 1938 by William B. Harvard Sr. with the addition of Blanchard E. Jol ...



HuntonBrady is a modern architecture and interior design in Orlando, Florida. It was founded by Robert B. Murphy in 1947 and received over 50 American Institute awards in the field of design. Practice specialties include healthcare, education and ...


Phil Kean Design Group

The firm was founded by Phil keen. He is a member of the American Institute of building design American Institute of architects, the Green building coalition in Florida, Orlando is a large Association of builders and the U.S. green building Counc ...


R.E. Chisholm Architects

R. E. Chisholm Architects, Inc. is a full range of services activities in the field of architecture, interior design and urban design firm located in Miami, Florida. It was founded in 1982, Robert Chisholm, faia. The firm was known as CSR archite ...


Rink Design Partnership

Rink design partnership is an architectural firm in Jacksonville, Florida. Firms best known work may be the University of North Florida student Union building. It was listed as one of the reasonable price of the top 100 works of American Institut ...


Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership

Sieger Suarez architectural partnership is a firm based in Miami specializing in a variety of places luxury high-rise residential design and development. He co-owns and operates Charles M. Sieger Suarez and Jose John. The firm has developed more ...


Bothwell & Nash

Boswell & Nash was an architectural firm in the United States, known for his work in DECATUR. The company has developed the High school of DECATUR and Sharian rugs DECATUR building. The company was founded in Marietta, Georgia.


Bruce & Morgan

Bruce and Morgan architectural firm in Georgia. This was a partnership in 1882 to 1904 of Alexander Bruce and Thomas Henry Morgan 1857-1940. The firm executed many works, which have been preserved and included in the U.S. national register of his ...



FABRAP, or Finch, Alexander, Barnes, Rothschild and Paschal, was an architectural firm based in Atlanta, Georgia in 1958. They specialize in sports stadiums, and developed the headquarters of several large enterprises of Atlanta.


Heery International

CBRE | Heery, formerly known as Heery international, Inc., was founded in 1952 by George T. Heery and his father C. Wilmer of Heery Jr., and offers a full range of architecture, interior design, engineering, construction management, program manag ...


Ivey and Crook

Ivey and crook was an architectural firm active in Atlanta from the 1920s to the 1960-ies. Works include: The house "Olympia" five points. Lenox Park subdivision, Atlanta. Lullwater house and the Candler library at Emory University. Druid Hills M ...


Niles Bolton Associates

Niles Bolton partners-American company, a design firm providing architecture, planning, landscape architecture and design services. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Alexandria, Virginia. The company was founded by G. Nile ...


G. Lloyd Preacher & Company


Rosser International

Rosser international architectural and engineering firm formed from the acquisition of FABRAP Atlanta engineering firm Rosser White Hobbs Davidson McClellan Kelly. The firm ceased operations around June 2019.


Tucker & Howell

Tucker & Howell was the architectural firm Atlanta of the following Tucker and albert Howell. Following Tucker was born in 1896 in Bartow, Florida, and was a pilot during the First world war in 1919, he graduated from the Georgia Institute of Tec ...


Shopbell & Company

The firm was founded as Harris & Shopbell in 1897 and still is the name in 1905. The firm later became Clifford Shopbell and Co. 1910 CA, and then another ka-1916 - 1925 Shopbell, Fowler & thole. Partners designed the building in 1910 and the 192 ...


Architecture firms based in Indianapolis

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