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Taylor & Burns Architects

Taylor and burns architects is a LEED-accredited architectural firm founded in 1993 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm has two principals, Robert J. Taylor and Carol burns, and is intended for education, performing arts, worship and ...


TRO (company)

Trolling is a design firm with healthcare headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm has a diversified service Architecture, engineering and interior design. TRO celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009. In January 2018, TRO was acquired by ...


Ware & Van Brunt



VJAA is an American architectural firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The firm is a winner of the National American Institute of architects 2012 firm Award. VJAA was founded in 1995 and is headed by Vincent James faia Jennifer Yoos hotel and Na ...


Pritchard & Nickles

Pritchard & was perfectly architectural firm based in tunica, Mississippi. The firm has developed Panola County, court of Mississippi in Batesville, Mississippi and Sardis, Mississippi. The firm also designed churches, schools, commercial buildin ...



BNIM architecture and design firm founded in 1970 in Kansas city, Missouri. In December 2010, American Institute of architects announced that BNIM was awarded the American Institute of architects architectural Bureau award for promoting the desig ...


Eames & Young

Eames and young, the American architectural firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, operating on a national level, and is responsible for several buildings on the national register of historic places.


Helfensteller, Hirsch & Watson

Helfensteller, Hirsch & Watson in the early twentieth century American architectural firm from St. Louis, Missouri. He succeeded Hirsch and Helfensteller which was founded in 1903. The partners of the firm included Ernest Helfensteller, William a ...



HNTB Corporation is an American design of the infrastructure of the company, which was founded in 1914. The firm has many offices throughout the United States and designed numerous sports facilities, airports, bridges, tunnels, roads, rail and tr ...


Hoit, Price and Barnes

Hoyt, price, and Barnes was a prominent Kansas city architectural firm in the early 20th century. He designed several skyscrapers and mansions, including three of the ten current tallest buildings in Kansas city, Kansas city, steering and light b ...


Jamieson and Spearl

Jamieson and Spearl was an architectural firm in Saint Louis, Missouri, who designed the majority of the buildings constructed at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Missouri in Columbia between 1912 and 1950.


Kivett and Myers

Jeremiah tokich & Meyers in Kansas city, construction company, Missouri, which is a pioneer in the design of modern professional sports stadiums. Clarence Jeremiah tokich was born Clarence Kivowitz graduated from the University of Kansas in 1928 ...


MANICA Architecture

Manica architecture, Kansas city, mo-architectural Bureau. The firm is owned by namesake David Manica, was founded in 2007. It specializes in designing sports and entertainment facilities. Manica was previously worked in one of the worlds largest ...


Wight and Wight

Wight and Wight, known also as Wight & Wight, was a construction firm in Kansas city, Missouri consisting of the brothers Thomas white and William white, who designed several famous buildings in Missouri and Kansas. The brothers were born in Hali ...


Brinkman & Lenon


J. G. Link & Company


J. G. Link & Son Company


J. G. Link, Inc.


Vreeland & Kemna


B. & F. W. Vreeland


Berlinghof and Davis Design Firm

George A. Berlinghof and Ellery L. Davis, Nebraska based architects were inspired by the neoclassical style and architecture of the Chicago skyscrapers. After working in Beatrice, Nebraska, Berlinghof moved to Lincoln and started his influential ...


DeLongchamps & OBrien


DeLongchamps, OBrien & Wells


Marnell Corrao Associates

Marnell Corrao Associates is a privately held company specializing in the field of architecture and General Contracting services, which is based in Enterprise, Nevada. The company was founded in 1974 and is the oldest and largest hotel in the cou ...


Harris Sharp & Associates


Steelman Partners

Partners Stillman-American international architectural firm specializing in entertainment architecture, interior design, lighting design, graphic design, 3D design, and master planning. The firm has developed a casinos and integrated resorts worl ...


Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects

The firm was founded in 1960 by George G. Tate & associates. Bill Snyder joined the company in 1979 and Windom Kimsey in 1991, Kimsey is currently the firms President and CEO. In 1998 the firm, then known as Tate & Snyder architects was honored w ...


Tesch & Delonchant


Bodwell & Sargent


William M. Butterfield Company


Cole & Lawrence


Dow & Randlett


Dow & Wheeler


Dow, Wheeler & Bodwell


Lawrence & Bates


Randlett & Griffin


Randlett & Howe


John H. & Wilson C. Ely

John H. & Wilson C. Ely was a father and son architectural firm based in Newark, new Jersey responsible for some of the most famous buildings built in the city in the early 20th century, many in the classical Revival style.


Barney and Chapman

Barney and Chapman was an American architectural firm based in new York, active from about 1892 to 1908. The partnership has developed significant city buildings, churches, private estates, and refuge complex for the state of new York.


Fuller & Pitcher


Fuller & Pitcher Company


Fuller & Robinson Company


Fuller & Wheeler


Kirkpatrick & Cannon


T. Thomas and Son

T. Thomas and son of an American architectural firm Thomas and his son Griffith Thomas. The firm is known for designing Italian style Palazzo hay house in 1850-ies and the First Baptist Church in new Bern, North Carolina in 1848, at the beginning ...


Wheeler & Runge

Wheeler & Runge was an American architectural partnership based in Charlotte, North Carolina. A series of partnerships formed by Oliver Duke Wheeler also included Wheeler, Runge & Dickey. and Wheeler & stern. The participants included Wheeler, Ne ...


Ritterbush Associates


Ritterbush Brothers


J. W. Ross & Son


Shannon & Scherer

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