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Industrial buildings and structures in Wyoming


Alameda Works Shipyard

The construction of the Alameda shipyard in Alameda, California, USA, was one of the largest and most modern shipyards in the country. The only building remaining from the yard is the Union iron works powerhouse, which is listed on the national r ...


Brown Shoe Company Factory

Brown Shoe company factory is a historic factory located in St-212 S. State Litchfield, Illinois. The plant was opened in 1917 for the production of footwear for the St. Louis brown Shoe company. Prominent St. Louis architect albert B. groves des ...


Commonwealth Shoe and Leather Co.

Commonwealth Shoe and leather company is a historic factory complex at 7 marble street in Whitman, Massachusetts. The Commonwealth Shoe company was created in 1885 by the merger of Charles H. Jones & co. Bay shoes & Co. skin, the Company produced ...


Lincon Can Manufacturing building


Hunters Point Drydocks


Navy Yards of the United States Navy


Mount Savage Locomotive Works

Mount Savage locomotive works was a railroad workshop established at mount Savage, Maryland, USA. The Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad locomotive shops were established in Mt. Savage in 1866, under the direction of James Millholland. The orig ...


Industrial buildings and structures on the National Register of Historic Places in Maryland


Industrial buildings and structures on the National Register of Historic Places in Baltimore


Fischer Motor Company

Motor company Fischer is an American manufacturer of sports motorcycles. Was their MRX 650 is a sport bike built around a 90-degree V-twin engine and a one-piece, double spar, aluminum perimeter frame. Alan Cathcart motorcyclist magazine test in ...


Debora LMP2

Deborah LMP2 class is one of a series of Le Mans prototypes built Deborah: Deborah LMP297, between 1997 and 1998. Deborah LMP299, between 2000 and 2002. Deborah LMP294 used in 1994. Deborah LMP2000 used in 2000. Deborah LMP200 used between 2001 a ...


Dome F105

Dome was founded in 1975 by brothers Minoru and Shoichi Hayashi, who built his first racing car ten years ago. In 1980 the company built its first formula Three car racing team Hayashi won the all-Japan formula Three championship in 1981, using t ...


Car manufacturers of Algeria


Car manufacturers of Belgium


Car manufacturers of Denmark


Car manufacturers of Finland


Car manufacturers of Germany


Car manufacturers of Ghana


Car manufacturers of Hungary


Car manufacturers of the Netherlands


Car manufacturers of North Korea


Tractor manufacturers of North Korea


Car manufacturers of Portugal


Car manufacturers of Serbia


Car manufacturers of Slovenia


Car manufacturers of Sweden


Bus manufacturers of Taiwan


Car manufacturers of Taiwan


American Expedition Vehicles

American expedition vehicles was founded in 1997 in Montana, USA, is a manufacturer of off-road and aerial automotive parts and accessories, and ready SUV packages, primarily based on Jeep Wranglers, but with a 2015 RAM pickups. Michael Chetcuti ...


Motor vehicle manufacturers of the United States by state


Anger Engineering Company

A. E. C. the company was founded in April 1912 by a man named Walter A. anger. He was described as "the most famous car tradesman". It is either T-head or L-head engines with four or six cylinders. Most cars were built to order. But in 1915, the ...


Caloric (automobile)

Motorcycle caloric company was founded in 1898 by Charles Dickinson, F. L. Douglas and Henry B. Babson on Madison street in Chicago 107, ills. Their approval of the program of construction of gas, electric and steam engines was not fulfilled. It ...


Lyons Motor Car

Car Lyons-American automobile developer / manufacturer is focused on creating the "American Hyper-performance sports car company" to compete with European luxury sports car company. The vehicle Lyons was established in 2014 and is based in new Yo ...


Ronn Motor Group

Ronn motor group was founded in 2007 when founder Ronn Maxwell came up with the idea for the first car, of Ronn Scorpion. Maxwell was inspired by a business trip to China, when he saw the growing demand for vehicles and knew of carbon-burning car ...


Spaulding Manufacturing Company

Production company, Spalding is a complex of historic buildings located in Grinnell, Iowa, USA. A native of Vermont W. Spaulding settled in Grinnell in 1876 to open a blacksmith and wagon repair shop. Not long after, he began manufacturing wagons ...




Bus manufacturers of Uruguay


Car manufacturers of Uruguay


Bus manufacturers of Vietnam


Car manufacturers of Vietnam


China Flxible Auto Corporation


Bisu Auto


List of GAC vehicles

This is a list of current and former cars and sub-brands manufactured by the Chinese automaker automobile Corporation in Guangzhou, together with its joint ventures.



Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., LTD. founded in 1972, is a subsidiary of the Corporation Volvo construction equipment, located in Linyi city, Shandong province. Shandong Lingong construction machinery Co is one of the most important ...



Karosa is a bus manufacturer in Vysoke Myto, a town in the Czech Republic. It was the largest bus manufacturer in Czechoslovakia. In 2007 its name was changed to Iveco Czech Republic, and now the company produces buses under the Irisbus name. Wit ...


Boulos Enterprises

Boulos enterprises is Nigerias largest assembler and distributor of motorcycles. Founded by brothers Anthony and Gabriel Boulos. The firm has a history of motorbike and tricycle Assembly in Nigeria.


Solaris Bus & Coach


SHL (motorcycle)

SHL is a brand of Polish motorcycles, produced from 1938 until 1970 by Huta Ludwikow, later KZWM Polmo-SHL in Kielce.


Cleveland Motorcycle Manufacturing Company

The Cleveland motorcycle Manufacturing company, sometimes called Cleveland motorcycle, was a motorcycle manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio from 1902 to 1905, and from 1915 to 1929.

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