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You Know Nothing About Love

You know nothing about love-debut release from Swedish recording artist Rebstar, released on November 30, 2015. It contains six songs, including previously released single reputation.


Best of the Sugar Hill Years (Reckless Kelly album)

Best of the sugar hill years is a compilation of red dirt artist reckless Kelly. It features songs from three albums from sugar hill records, under the table and above the Sun, wicked twisted road, and reckless Kelly was here.


EP (Red Flag EP)

"Time Timeshare Mix" 6:35. "Deeper shade of blue extended" 5:24. "Illumination" - 3:38. ("Освещение" - 3:38) "Highlighting Something Mix" 6:00. "I Remember A Mix Of Amnesia" 4:48. "I Remember Extended" 5:06. "Time" 4:02. ("Время" 4:02) "Advanced ...


New World Rage Music


Salvaging Whats Left

To save what remained is the debut EP by Australian deathcore act the red shore. The track, "image of death", was played in vocalist Damien Morris funeral after he and the Manager merchandiser Andy Milner were killed in 2007 with the support of a ...


Red Cross (EP)

29 August 1979, the day after Ron Reyes joined them on drums, replacing Johh Stielow, the McDonald brothers high school punk rock band, the tourists, changed its name to "Red Cross". A few days later, they went to the recording Studio for the fir ...


Against the Grain (Redgum album)

Against the grain-a compilation album by Australian folk-rock group Redgum. As of 2012, it is one of only three Redgum albums available on CD, the rest were caught red-handed, and even better album, by Redgum.


Walking Shadows

The arrangements were written by Dan Coleman Patrick Jane Voorhees Zimmerli and brad Mehldau. Mehldau was also a producer. Most of the tracks include lines, but some, including "stop the train" and "let it be", small-group performances. The album ...


Inbred With Rednex

Inbred with Rednex, sometimes incorrectly read as "bred with Rednex", this is the first EP by the Swedish dance group Rednex. The album was recorded and released in Germany in 1995 through BMG interactive.


A Best of Us for the Rest of Us

The best of us. for the rest is a greatest hits compilation from ska-punk band reel big fish. Due to the bands former label, Jive records, owns the master recordings of all their old material, almost all of the songs on the album are re-recorded ...


The Best of Della Reese (1962 album)

The best of Della Reese is a best of album released by Jubilee records in 1962. The album includes tracks from her jubilee years recorded in the period between 1954 and 1959.


Attention Seeker (EP)

Finder attention is the debut extended play record by the American punk rock band the Regrettes. It was released on 12 January 2018 at the Warner brothers EP was produced by Mike Elizondo.


Welcome Home (Rehab album)

Welcome home is the fifth Studio album rehab. With the exception of the rap song "#1" and "Rideout chick", the album consists mostly of acoustic rock and "country-fried pop". Of rehabilitation center is the first album not to obtain Advisory stic ...


Greatest Hits (The Rembrandts album)

Greatest hits-a compilation album of American pop rock Duo Rembrandts. Unlike their previous compilation album, choice, election, all the songs in their original form and do not overwrite. The first two songs were done great building a group in w ...


Remio Best

Remio Best-this is the first album by Japanese band remioromen, as well as their first Oorong records. It was released on 9 March 2009 and debuted #1 on Japanese chart Oricon album weekly chart, selling 280.599 copies in its first week, becoming ...


The Ballads (REO Speedwagon album)

Ballads-album compilation 1999 REO group. It features some of the groups previously recorded hit ballads, as well as two additional songs, only for you and til the rivers run dry.


The Best of Restless Heart

Best Restless heart is a compilation album by American country music group restless heart. It was released by RCA Nashville in 1991. "You can depend on me" and "painfully familiar" were released as singles. The album reached #25 on the top albums ...


Greatest Hits (Restless Heart album)

Greatest hits compilation album by American country music group restless heart. It was released by RCA in Nashville in 1998. "There is no end to this road" and "for lack of a better word," two tracks of the new album were released as singles, and ...


The Best of REZ: Music to Raise the Dead

This album only covers the time that the group was in the world, so excerpts from awaiting your reply and rainbows end never heard. In addition, since the bands Resurrection was not involved in this release, the group expressed disappointment in ...


REZ: Compact Favorites

Rez: compact favorites was the 11th release, and second Studio album by American Christian rock band Resurrection, currently known as "rez", released in 1988.


Nitocrella stochi

Nitocrella is a genus of copepods. Although most of the other genera of the family Ameiridae marine species Nitocrella almost exclusively found in the subsurface fresh or salt water. More than 80 species included in the genus, including two that ...


Revolutionary Ensemble live albums


Kiddo (EP)

Baby is the debut release from canadian singer / songwriter Jessie Reyez. It was released on April 21, 2017, by family and Republic records. The EP was supported by two singles, "numbers" and "shutter Island." The third single, "the gatekeeper", ...


Here Come the Wolves

Here come the wolves album by Rheostatics, released in 2019 on six shooter records. It was their first album of new material with 2067 in 2004, it was the first Studio album to show the contribution from founder Dave Clark from 1994 introducing h ...


Songs of Resistance: 1942–2018


Easy Listening for Iron Youth

Easy listening for iron youth: the best room is the compilation album 1991 Boyd rice without recording. This "best of" collection 1975-1991. It was released by mute records in the UK on CD and ultra-society LP without tracks 14-16.


Richard Galliano live albums


Little Richards Greatest Hits

The most dynamic entertainer of the generation: his greatest hits album little Richard songs re-recorded in 1964 and first released in the us, Vee-Jay Records in January 1965. It features updated versions of Twelve of his most famous songs, origi ...


Greatest Hits (Richie Rich album)

Greatest hits-album compilation of previously released material from American rapper rich. The project contains songs from the debut album 415 and Richie Rich debut solo album. The song "record" first appeared on the EP geeks revenge, released in ...


The Definitive Collection (Lionel Richie album)

Final greatest hits album of American pop singer Lionel Richie. The album was originally released in the US as a one-disc compilation in February 2003. Limited edition us version included a bonus disc with rare bonus tracks. Two-disc edition was ...


Ricky Ford live albums


Live Reading Festival 1992

Video reading festival 1992 recording of the Main stage attractions set at the festival in reading 1992 Saturday 29 August. It was released as the third disc of the box of 2001, together with OX4 the best of ride and firing blanks: unreleased rid ...


OX4 The Best of Ride

OX4_ the best trip is a compilation album by the British drive on the group, released in 2001 by ignition records in the United Kingdom. The album was also released as the first disc in the three disc box set ride, which also included shooting Bl ...


Ride (EP)

Go-mini-album English rock bands go. Their first official release, the EP was released in 1990 on the record label creation. The EP was combined with the subsequent play to form the smile mini-album for the US market in July 1990. Two years later ...


Songs That Made This Country Great

Songs that made this country great is a compilation album by American New wave artist Stan Ridgway, with songs ranging from his time with the wall of voodoo for their third album Partyball. It was released February 25, 1992 through I. R. S. records.


Greatest Hits (Riot album)

Greatest hits 78-90 only riots a compilation album, released exclusively by Sony music Japan in 1993. The collection was also released in a limited edition Starbox. It contains material from the era of Rhett Forrester, focusing on the guy Speranz ...


Transistor Revolt


Signal to Noise (The Rise album)

Signal / noise is the first full-length album on the rise. Released in stores April 2, 2002, the album combined electronic beats with post-hardcore music as refused from their 1998 album, prophetically named, the shape of punk to come. It was re- ...


Rivermaya: Greatest Hits 2006

Rivermaya: greatest hits 2006-a collection in the Filipino music group Rivermaya under Viva records in 2006. The album turned gold seven days after it was released and now platinum. "Best" song for the 23rd Southeast Asia games in the Philippines.


The Vault, Vol. 1

Storage - Volume. 1 album of 2003 by American R&B singer and songwriter Eric Roberson. This is the second release of the album Eric Roberson after her first album, esoteric and esoteric movements. Storage.1 later, any songs that were recorded by ...


The Inhuman Condition

Inhuman conditions is the first solo Studio album by canadian musician Sam Roberts, released in 2002. Tracks, participate in a reworked version of his demo of "brother" together with producer and percussionist Jordon Zadorozny. The EP peaked at # ...


Herb Robertson live albums


Spitfire (EP)

Spitfire is the debut release by American electronic music producer porter Robinson, released 13 September 2011 as the first release from skrillexs record label OWSLA. The EP is available in CD and digital download. It reached #1 on the iTunes da ...


Phyllodiaptomus wellekensae

Phyllodiaptomus is a genus of crustacean in the family Diaptomidae. It includes the following types: Christineae Phyllodiaptomus Dumont, Reddy & Sanoamuang, 1996. Phyllodiaptomus latest installment number Grochmalicki, 1915. Phyllodiaptomus blanc ...


Greetings From. EP

Greetings From. this is the debut EP from a rocket to the moon, an American rock band. It was released via fueled by Ramen 14 October 2008. The album peaked at #21 on the top spot of the charts.


Red Rodney live albums


Watch This (album)


Having to Let Go

To let go is the first Studio album by American indie rock band rookie of the year, released in 2004 one eleven records 13 track LP. In 2005 one eleven records reissued the album of ten tracks LP.


Greatest Hits (Rose Royce album)

The album reached number one in the British album chart. Two songs were released as singles, "pop your Finges" and "youre a winner." "Pop your fingers" reached No. 60 on the Billboard R&amp B singles chart, while "youre winner" was not included i ...


Happiness: The Best of Michael Rose

Never Give Up. (Никогда Не Сдавайся) Rude - Dodge city mix. Big Ting. (Большой Тинг) Temper. (Закал) Guess whos coming to dinner - original version. Be Yourself. (Быть Самим Собой) As the Internet to do that - live. The lion in the jungle - Maxi ...

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