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IBM 1360

IBM 1360 photo-digital storage system, or PDSS, was an online archival storage system for large data centers. It was the first storage device from the start to hold a terabit of data. In 1360 the data stored on the card size pieces of hard films, ...


IBM 1405


IBM 2302


IBM 2305


IBM 2310


IBM 2311


IBM 2314


IBM 2319


IBM 2321 Data Cell

IBM 2321 data Cell announced in April 1964-is a direct access storage device for IBM system / 360. It accommodates up to 400 megabytes of data, access time 95 MS to 600 MS, depending on gas installation and organization of data in each data cell. ...


IBM 3310


IBM 3330


IBM 3340


IBM 3350


IBM 3370


IBM 3375


IBM 3380


IBM 3390


IBM 5444


IBM 7300


IBM 9330 Family


IBM 9340


IBM 9345


IBM Enterprise Storage Server

Originally, in 1998 IBM released the IBM 2105 versatile storage server VSS. She didnt answer the commercial success and the successor came in 1999 in the form of ESA based on the same architecture landscape. Landscape architecture was the archite ...


Fixed-block architecture

Fixed block architecture is the IBM term for the hard disk drive in which each addressable block on the disk has the same size, using 4 digits byte block and a new set of command codes. AWF as a term was created and used by IBM for its 3310 and 3 ...


IBM Storwize family

IBM systems perform internal virtualization RAID computer storage systems for storage of raw materials up to 32PB. Internal based on the same software as volume controller IBM San.




Jaz drive

Jaz drive is a removable storage system hard drive sold by Iomega company in 1995 and 2002. After the success with the Iomega zip drive that stores information on removable magnetic cartridges with 100MB nominal performance, the company developed ...



In PocketZip-medium-capacity floppy disk storage system that was made by Iomega in 1999 that uses a proprietary, small, very thin, 40 MB disks. His attitude towards the original zip drive and a floppy disk medium and a relatively higher capacity ...


REV (disk)

REV is a removable storage system hard drive with recording capability. The small removable disks store 35, 70, or 120 gigabytes and hard drive technology. Like a standard hard drive, the REV system uses a flying head to read and write data on a ...


SyQuest EZ 135 Drive

In ez-135 drive 3.5" removable plate of the hard disk. She was introduced SyQuest technology in 1995. It had a maximum capacity of 135 MB per disk. A successor drive, known as the SyQuest EZFlyer was released in 1996. It was backwards compatible ...


SyQuest SparQ drive

In the references sparq drive is a removable disk Hard drive made by SyQuest technology. It was introduced in 1997. The drive was available as a special version or external version. Internal version used by the IDE and the external version uses t ...


IPod click wheel

On the iPod click wheel is the navigation component of several iPod models. He uses a combination of touch technology and traditional buttons, including technology capacitive sensors, which determines the capacity of the fingers of the user. The ...


IPod accessories


AirPort Extreme

Airport extreme gateway, combining the functions of a router, switch, wireless access point and NAS as well as a variety of other functions, and one of apples former products airport. The last model of the 6th generation, supports 802.11 ac netwo ...


Apple Daisy Wheel Printer

Apple Daisy printer is manufactured and sold by Apple computer Corporation. in the 1980-ies. It uses the ASCII character set and fed via continuous form paper. Printer included several different 130-character "Daisy" print wheels in English, Fren ...


Apple earbuds

Apple. it was produced and sold in-ear headphones with 2001, are available for self-purchase and included with the iPhone and iPod products. Apples current product line consists of the headset, wired headphones come with a 3.5 mm headphone Jack o ...


MFi Program

Apple.the framework of the MFi, referring to the made for iPhone / iPod / iPad ", is a licensing program for developers of hardware and peripherals, software, that work with apples iPod, iPad and iPhone. The name is a shortened version of a longe ...


Xserve RAID

The Xserve RAID is a storage device that was offered by Apple. The Xserve RAID held up to 14 hot-swappable ultra-ATA hard drives, and had a capacity of 10.5 TB when filled with 750 GB modules. Of devices in RAID levels supported RAID 0, 1 0, 1, 3 ...


Asus v70

The ASUS V70 is a cell phone with Asustek, which was released in late 2005. Also the V70 is the first sliding phone company ASUSTeK released. This sliding phone where the number keys are hidden under the phones screen when closed.


DEC Firefly

Firefly was a shared memory asymmetric multiprocessor workstation, developed at the Research center systems, a research organization within digital equipment Corporation. The first version of reason, contained up to seven MicroVAX 78032 microproc ...


DECpc AXP 150

In the DECpc AXP 150, code-named Jensen, is workstations of initial level, is designed and manufactured by digital equipment Corporation. Introduced on 25 may 1993, the DECpc AXP 150 was the first alpha-system to support Windows NT operating syst ...


DECwriter LA30


HP calculators

HP calculators are various calculators manufactured by HP for many years. Their desktop models included HP series 9800, while their model of the controller began with the HP-35. Their attention was focused on high quality scientific, technical an ...




HP 10bII+

HP-10B is a student business calculator introduced in 1987. The model of this calculator proved to compete with the higher end RPN HP-12C. Were produced two versions of the 10B, the first version was released with the orange lettering around the ...


HP 10bII


HP 10bII+




HP 10s+



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