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North Western State Railway

North-Western state railway was formed in January 1886 in the merger of the Scinde, Delhi and new Delhi railway, the Indus valley state railway, Punjab Northern Railways, Eastern part of the sind–Sagar railway and the southern section of sind–Pis ...


Parlakimedi Light Railway

Paralakhemedi narrow-gauge railway was created Raja Paralakhemundi Gajpati, Raja former Paralakhemedi. Raja Paralakhemedi decided to connect his capital with Naupada, which was only 40 km from the hotel. With the then British government giving sa ...


Porbandar State Railway

In Porbandar state railway belonged to the state of Porbandar which was then ruled by Vikramatji Khimojiraj. Later Railways were developed Bhavsinhji Madhavsinhji and Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji under their rule. Initially he worked with Bhavnagar–Go ...


Satpura Railway

After the Great famine of 1876-78 in Central India, Bengal Nagpur railway began plans to open a cheap railway, which would unite within the region that allows access to agricultural and mineral resources of the region, continue to ensure resident ...


Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railway

In Scinde, the Punjab, Delhi railroad was formed in 1870 from the inclusion of the Scinde railway, Indus steam flotilla, Railway Punjab and Delhi railway companies. It is regulated by the Law on the merger of the Scinde railway companies in 1869.


Belfast and County Down Railway

Belfast and County down railway was the Irish gauge) railway in Ireland linking Belfast County Down. It was built in the 19th century and absorbed into the Ulster transport in 1948. All, but the line between Belfast and Bangor was closed in 1950- ...


Downpatrick, Killough and Ardglass Railway

In Downpatrick, Killough and Ardglass railway was an Irish gauge) railway in Ireland linking Downpatrick with Ardglass. It was built from 1890 to 1892, and absorbed into the Ulster transport in 1948. It was closed on 16 January 1950.


Waterford and Kilkenny Railway

Waterford and Kilkenny railway was registered on 21 Jul 1845. The goal was to create a series of Railways, which would connect Waterford, cork, Dublin and Galway. The creation of such links was considered a good investment for the stock market, b ...


Waterford and Limerick Railway


Rolling stock of Società Veneta

Notes Locotender in Italian means a tank locomotive in English. In 1915, the locomotives were renumbered into the following groups: 1-139, for narrow gauge locomotives. 200-299, four-coupled locomotives, e.g. 0-4-0. 140-199, for standard gauge lo ...


Former railway companies of Italy


Kashima Railway


Ferrocarril Nacional de Tehuantepec


Tijuana and Tecate Railway


Ferrocarriles Unidos del Sureste

State Railways Unidos del Sureste was a company that manages the railway in the Southeast of Mexico. In the 1930-ies, the Mexican government decided to build the railroad in yucatán, connecting the national system with the isolated state Railways ...


Punjab Northern State Railway

The route that became the Punjab Northern railway was first surveyed in 1857. The years of political and military debate as described in the section "Lahore & Peshawar Railway". Punjab Northern state railway was founded in 1870-71 for the constru ...


Sind–Pishin State Railway

The sind–Pishin state railway was broad gauge that ran between Rohri, Sindh and Chaman, Balochistan. In 1886 in the southern part of the sind–Pishin state railway was connected with Kandahar state railway and several other Railways form the North ...


Sind–Sagar Railway

Sind–Sagar railway was originally built as a railway line with gauge meters from Lala Musa to Malakwal. In 1886 sind–Sagar railway with other Railways to form the North-Western state railway and the railway line was converted to broad gauge. Chak ...


Stockholm–Roslagens Jarnvagar

Stockholm–Roslagens Jarnvagar was a private railway company in Sweden, 1885-1951, operates an extensive network of narrow gauge Railways in Roslagen North of Stockholm. The company switched to the Swedish Railways in 1951, which formally merged i ...


Bern–Lotschberg–Simplon railway

Bern–Lotschberg–Simplon railway is known from 1997 to 2006, the BLS Lotschbergbahn, was a Swiss railway company. In 2006 the company merged with Regionalverkehr of Mittelland AG to form a new company under the name BST AG. Bern–Lotschberg–Simplon ...


Chemin de fer Chatel-St-Denis-Bulle-Montbovon

The Chemin de fer châtel-St-Denis-Bulle-Montbovon planned meter narrow gauge railroad between the cities in its title. The line was built and opened in four stages: from châtel-Saint-Denis to Vuadens, then Bulle, the La Tour-de-Trême and Montbovo ...


Gruyere–Fribourg–Morat railway

In the gruyère–Fribourg–Morat railway was created in the merger in 1942 of two standard sensors and one 1.000 mm Gauge Railways operates mainly in the Swiss Canton of Fribourg. It was officially called the Compagnie DES roads de fer friburzhua. T ...


Rheineck–Walzenhausen mountain railway

In Rheineck–WALZENHAUSEN mountain railway is 1.9 km cog railway in Switzerland. It is one station Rheineck, in the municipality of Rheineck and the Canton of St. Gallen in the village resort town of WALZENHAUSEN, Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. ...


St. Gallen–Trogen railway

St. Gallen-trogen of the railway, or Trogenerbahn, long railway line 9.8 km in Switzerland. It connects the city of St. Gallen,in the Canton of St. Gallen, with Speicher and nitrogen, in the Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Passenger service on ...


Swiss East–West Railway

The Swiss East–West railway was a former Swiss rail company, which planned to build a line to compete with the network of the Swiss Central railway in Central Switzerland, on which construction began in 1857. Jakob Stampfli, Federal politician, f ...


Swiss National Railway

The Swiss national railway is a railway company in Switzerland. The Swiss national railway was created in 1875 with the merger of the two companies, the Winterthur–Zofingen railway and the Zofingen–Singen–Kreuzlingen railway. The democratic party ...


Swiss Northern Railway

The Swiss Northern railway, informally known as the Spanish code Brotli-Bahn, opened the first railway line in Switzerland in 1847, the Zurich–Baden railway. This was followed by the extension of the French railway in Basel in 1844. The original ...


Becontree Estate Railway

In Becontree railway property was a temporary railway system was built in the area between chadwell Heath and the river Thames, to facilitate the construction of what became known as Becontree property. The railroad used standard gauge steam loco ...


Big four British railway companies


British joint railway companies


Defunct train operating companies


Early British railway companies


Malton and Driffield Junction Railway


Pre-grouping British railway companies


American Orient Express

American Orient Express, formerly the American European Express, operated a single luxury passenger train of the Charter service between 1989 and 2008 and operated on routes across North America. The company was founded in Seattle, Washington.


Crosbyton-Southplains Railroad

In the Crosbyton-South plains railroad, also known as the South plains and railroad Santa Fe railroad which operated from Crosbyton, Texas to Lubbock, Texas, in the period from 1910 to 1948.


Defunct railroad companies of the United States by state


Boston Elevated Railway


Former Class I railroads in the United States


Preserved steam locomotives of Belgium


Preserved steam locomotives of China


Preserved steam locomotives of Croatia


Preserved steam locomotives of Germany


Preserved steam locomotives of Japan


Preserved steam locomotives of Poland


Preserved steam locomotives of Slovenia


Preserved steam locomotives of Switzerland




List of locomotives saved from Woodham Brothers scrapyard

Below is a list of the Locomotive types Saved at Woodham brothers scrapyard, Barry island, Wales. They showed the class showing how many of each class were saved. GWR classes 11 GWR class 4575 2-6-2T - without 5553 was the last steam engine to le ...


Barry Steam Locomotive Action Group

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