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T-44 medium tank was first designed and produced in the end of the Second world war, the Soviet Union. He was the successor of the T-34, offers improved ride and off-road capability and much more armor. Designed to be equipped 85 mm gun, by the t ...


Beech Factory Airport

Beech factory airport is a public use airport located five miles East of the Central business district of Wichita city in Sedgwick County, Kansas, United States of America. It is private property, "Beechcraft".



The US army is to change the state rapid response capability liberty plane in the extended medium altitude reconnaissance and surveillance system Multi-intelligence platform at USD31.8 million contract was announced on March 31. The contract was ...


Air-to-air missiles of the Cold War


Air-to-surface missiles of the Cold War


Anti-ship missiles of the Cold War


Anti-tank missiles of the Cold War


Attack aircraft

Attack aircraft, attack aircraft, attack aircraft or bomber, tactical military aircraft that has a main role in the implementation of air strikes with greater precision than bombers and prepared to face strong low-level air defense pressing the a ...



The interdictor type of attack aircraft that operates far behind enemy lines, with the clear intention of intercepting military targets of the enemy, especially those involved in logistics. The ban prevents or delays enemy forces and supplies to ...


Multirole combat aircraft

Combat aircraft, multirole combat aircraft designed to perform different roles in combat. Multirole fighter is a multirole combat aircraft which is, at the same time, also a fighter, in other words, the plane of which the various functions includ ...


Strike fighter

In current military terminology, the fighter strike multirole combat aircraft, designed to work mainly as attack aircraft, and provides certain performance characteristics of a fighter for air combat. As a category, It differs from fighter-bomber ...


Fighter aircraft


Air superiority fighter

Fighter air superiority is used to enter and capture of enemy airspace as a means of establishing complete dominance over the enemy aircraft. Fighter superiority in the air is designed first and foremost to effectively communicate with enemy figh ...


Bomber destroyer

Historically, several aircraft were designated bomber destroyers prior and during the Second world war. They were the type of interceptor aircraft designed to destroy enemy bombers. The bomber destroyers were typically larger and heavier than the ...


Day fighter

A day fighter equipped only to fight during the day. More specifically, it relates to a multi-purpose aircraft that does not include equipment for fighting at night, although it is sometimes used to refer to some interceptors as well. The term is ...


Emergency fighter

Emergency fighter is an aircraft designed or adapted for use as a fighter during an emergency period in war. While useful as a broad concept or definition, it is not easy to make the category of emergency fighter clear, as many aircraft designs a ...


Escort fighter

The escort fighter was a concept of world war II fighter aircraft designed to escort bombers to and from their targets. An escort fighter needed range long enough to reach the goal, to wander through it during the RAID to defend the bombers, and ...


Heavy fighter

Heavy fighter is a fighter designed to carry heavier weapons or operate at longer ranges than light fighters. To achieve acceptable performance, most heavy fighters are twin-engined, multi-seat and many of the crews. In Germany they were known as ...


Jet fighter


Light fighter

A light fighter or lightweight fighter is a fighter to the lower end of the Practical range, weight, cost and complexity, which will be directed fighters. Light or light fighter saves a carefully selected competitive advantages, in order to ensur ...


Night fighter

Night fighter is a plane, fighter, fit for use at night or other times of poor visibility. Began night fighter to be used in World War I and included types that were specifically modified for night work. During the Second world war, night fighter ...


Penetration fighter

The term penetration fighter was used to describe long-range aircraft-jet fighter designed to penetrate enemy air defenses and attack defensive interceptors. The concept is similar to the escort fighter, but differs primarily in that the aircraft ...


Jet fighters



Helicopter military aircraft armed with heavy guns primarily intended for attacks on ground targets. In modern usage, the term "helicopter" refers to a fixed wing plane, having sides of mounting heavy weapons, ie shoot towards to attack ground or ...


Fireforce webbing

Fireforce webbing was webbing used Fireforce Rhodesian army during the Bush war. Battle jacket and chest rig were known elements. It was made by Fereday and sons of Salisbury.


M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment

M-1956 load-carrying equipment, also known as the individual load-bearing equipment, replaced the M-1945 combat pack in the early 1960-ies. M-1956 LCE came at a period when the United States army was in the process of adopting a new service rifle ...


Pouch Attachment Ladder System

System pouch attachment ladder or pals grid of webbing invented and patented by US Army NATICK soldier research, development and engineering center used to attach smaller equipment on the load-bearing platforms, such as vests and backpacks. It wa ...


Armoured train

Armoured train is a railway train protected with armour. Armored trains usually include railroad cars armed with artillery, machine guns and automatic guns, some of them also had the incisions are used to fire small arms, as pistols and rifles fr ...


Armoured trains of Poland


WD ex-LMS Fowler Class 3F

The Department of ex-war LMS Fowler class 3F consisted of 8 LMS Fowler class 3F 0-6-0t steam locomotives requisitioned in 1940 by the London Midland and Scottish railway.


LMS Stanier Class 8F


WD Austerity 2-10-0


Heavy tanks by country


Light tanks by country


Main battle tanks by country


Medium tanks by country


Tanks of France by type


Tanks of Germany by type


Tanks of Israel by type


Tanks of Italy by type


Tanks of Russia by type


Tanks of the Soviet Union by type


Tanks of the United Kingdom by type


Tanks of the United States by type


Model 1981 "Shinheung"

Model 1981 "Shinheung" is a North Korean amphibious light tank. Its common Western designation PT-85. It is built for the needs of their army, around 500 examples operated. Model 1981 "Shinheung is based on the lengthened VTT-323 APC chassis, and ...







T-40 amphibious tank was an amphibious light tank used by the Soviet Union during the Second world war. He was armed with one 12.7 mm DShK. It was one of the few tanks that could cross the river without a bridge. It was primarily intended to equi ...


Tanks of North Korea

The history and development of tanks in North Korea covers the period from the date of their adoption after the Second world war with the founding of the Korean peoples army in the cold war and the present. During this period, North Korea has swi ...


Type 3 Ka-Chi

A special type 3 to start the KA-Chi was an amphibious medium tank developed by the Imperial Japanese Navy during world war II. Type 3 ka-Chi was based on an extensively modified Imperial Japanese Army Type 1 Chi-he medium tank, and was more and ...

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