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And If I Was to Die in the Morning. Would I Still Be Sleeping with You

And If I Had To Die In The Morning. Im still going to sleep with you is the first EP from the canadian emo / alternative rock band your favorite enemies. For the production of the album, the band founded their own record label, hopeful tragedy re ...


Hotel Holidays in the Sun

The hotel "holiday in the Sun" is the second live DVD released by Yui. It was released on March 9, 2011 and contains footage from the final performance in her "holidays in the Sun tour". First press edition DVD comes with special design case and ...


Thank You My Teens

Thank You, my girls were the first concert DVD release from Japanese singer Yui, which celebrated its twentieth birthday and thanking her teenage days with footage of his recent all-Japan concert tour and behind the scenes footage and videos. DVD ...


All the Greatest Hits (Zapp & Roger album)

All the hits is the first official compilation album by the American funk band Zapp, released October 26, 1993 on the Reprise label. The album contains songs Zepp acted as a group from their first four albums as well as songs from solo albums Rog ...


Greatest Hits? – Volume 1

The Best Hits? – Volume 1 is the first compilation album by the American rock band we offer, released on March 11, 2015 exclusively in Japan. The album was followed by the single "devil on my shoulder" released 26 Mar 2015.


EP 1 (Zero 7 EP)

RD 1-the first mini-album released by British downtempo Duo zero 7. The release was limited to 1000 copies. While the side tracks are featured on the album simple things, the track "out of town" differs from the version that appears on the aforem ...


In My Mind 1997–2007 the Best of Bertine Zetlitz

In my mind 1997-2007 the best of Bertine Zetlitzбыл is a greatest hits compilation for the Norwegian singer Bertine Zetlitzбыл and was released 3 Dec 2007. It comprises one CD of singles and two new songs and a second album of remixes.


Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon

All tracks written by Warren Zevon unless otherwise indicated. "Boom Mancini" – 4:48. "Roland the headless Thompson gunner" David Lindell, Zevon the – 3:44. "Splendid Isolation" – 4:28. "A Certain Woman" Allen Toussaint – 3:06. "Excitable Boy" Ma ...


A Quiet Normal Life: The Best of Warren Zevon

A quiet normal life: the best of Warren Zevon-a compilation album by American musician Warren Zevon released in 1986. Zevons second album, Warren Zevon included three songs "hasten down the wind", "Carmelita" and "poor pitiful me", which gained p ...


Lose Control (EP)

Lose control is the debut release on the Chinese singer was lying. It was released on 28 October 2016 in South Korea and China, SM Entertainment and distributed by KT music. The EP has six tracks, including two singles: "what you need?" and "lose ...


The Best of Rob Zombie


Past, Present & Future (Rob Zombie album)

Past, present and future-the retrospective collection 2003 the music of Rob Zombie. It includes excerpts from his work with white zombie and his solo career, as well as two previously unreleased songs. He won a metal edge readers Choice for album ...


Elegy (John Zorn album)

Elegy-album of John Zorn, which was dedicated to Jean Genet, featuring four "file" compositions titled After colors and style of chamber music.


Ganryu Island (album)

The island Henry is a joint album with John Zorn and Michihiro Sato. The album was first released on vinyl records Yukon in 1984 and later re-released on Tzadik records on CD with five additional tracks in 1998. The album is titled After Ganryuji ...


Bar Kokhba albums


Book of Angels albums


Cobra (Zorn) albums


Moonchild albums


The Dreamers albums


Popular Soviet Songs and Youth Music

Popular Soviet songs and youth music is the sixth album by British avant-garde music group:creativity Zoviet*France, who, when it was recorded, said creativity Zoviet-France. Recorded in 1984 and 1985, it was first released in 1985, the groups la ...


Im Still Livin

Im still livin is the tenth solo Studio album by American rapper z-Ro from Houston, Texas. It was released on 7 November 2006, rap-a-lot records. Production was primarily handled by Mike Dean, along with Richard "Enigma" Hervey, Bigg perfectionis ...


Black Necrotic Obfuscation

Black necrotic obfuscation is the debut EP by the Norwegian electronic / noise / avant-garde metal artist Zweizz. It was released in a limited edition of 512 copies, 256 of them red transparent vinyl, while the remaining 256 transparent blue viny ...


Book covers by John Berkey


Book covers by Leo and Diane Dillon


Book covers by Ed Emshwiller


Book covers by Frank Kelly Freas


Book covers by Chip Kidd


Book covers by Don Maitz


Book covers by Richard M. Powers


Book covers by Don Ivan Punchatz


Book covers by Edmund Shea


Comics covers by Neal Adams


Hieronymus Bosch drawings

This is an incomplete list of drawings by Hieronymus Bosch, many of which have survived to the present day. A number represent alternate incarnations or preparatory sketches for his paintings. Boschs works, usually organized in three periods of h ...


Elizabeth Almshouses, Worthing

Elizabeth almshouses collection of four almshouses on Elizabeth road, Worthing, built in 1860 by architect William Burgess. The almshouses were paid for father Williams, Alfred Burgess, in memory of Alfred wife. The building is a monument of arch ...


Swiss Bridge at Cardiff Castle

The Swiss bridge, Cardiff castle was built by architect William Burgess for John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquis of Bute in 1873. Sample Kapellbrucke in the Swiss city of Lucerne, which provided communication from the castle, beaten in private garde ...


William Burges church buildings


Ballets by Jean Coralli


Ballets by Merce Cunningham


Ballets by Agnes de Mille


Suite en Blanc

"Suite in White", later renamed Noir, e Blanc, is a ballet choreographed by Serge Lifar to music from Lalos Edouard Namouna Suite. The first performance at the Paris Opera ballet, June 19, 1943 in Zurich. Original costumes were white, hence the n ...


Les Presages

Forest heralds the ballet, with choreography by Leonid myasina on music Tschaikovskys from Symphony No. 5, Pp. sets and costumes by andré Masson. The Prime Minister was executed on April 13, 1933 in the Opera Monte Carlo Russian ballet of Monte C ...


Ballets by Joseph Mazilier


Designs with Strings

Design with strings and structures for strings, a ballet staged by John Taras music from the second movement of the trio Tschaikovskys minor. It was first performed on 6 February 1948 in Edinburgh ballet company.


Music of Grim Fandango

The music for the video game Homefront was written and produced by Peter McConnell and published by LucasArts in 1998. The soundtrack is a mix of South American folk music, jazz, swing and big band sounds for the games plot filled with adventure ...


Stop-motion animated films by century



CEEMAC is a programming language developed in 1980-ies for the family to Apple computers. He was the author Brooke Boering and published Vagabondo enterprises CEEMAC was designed to be a visual language of composition, in which the programmer dev ...


Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Cocomelon - nursery rhymes, simply known as Cocomelon and formerly known as ABCkidTV and ThatsMEonTV-American channel on YouTube. This leads us company, Studio treasure, which specializiruetsya 3D video animations of traditional nursery rhymes an ...




Bored Shorts TV

Bored shorts TV is a YouTube channel created by brothers Brett, David, John and Randy Roberts and Richard Sharrah and launched on YouTube on March 3, 2011. Bored shorts TV published video series, Kid history, kid snippets, AutoCorrect awareness, ...



Grandayy is a Maltese youtuber and music producer, known for the production of memes, covers of songs using a noteblock in the video game Minecraft and other materials Comedy. He currently has over 2.5 million subscribers on his main channel "Gra ...

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