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M12 (venture capital)

M12, formerly Microsoft ventures, corporate venture capital subsidiary of Microsoft. Founded in March 2016, his goal is to be an active, strategic partner in growing startups typically investing between Series A and D. the Fund is managed by Nagr ...


Microsoft Dinosaurs

Microsoft has invested in access to the entire library of letters and photographs of the publishing house Dorling Kindersley. They used it to create the content for home software from Microsoft, including Microsoft dinosaurs.


Microsoft Graph

Microsoft graphics platform for the Microsofts product which connects multiple services and devices. Originally released in 2015, Microsoft chart is based on Office 365 API and allows developers to integrate their services with Microsoft products ...


Microsoft Partner Network

In the Microsoft partner network or the PS-is Microsoft.partner of the network. It was formerly known as affiliate program Microsoft or MOHP. It is designed to make available resources for a wide range of technology companies so they could build ...



PhotoDNA is a technology developed by Microsoft to improve Hany Farid Professor at Dartmouth College, which computes hash values of images, video and audio files to identify similar images. Folidng is mainly used in the definition of child pornog ...


WSN Insight

TABLE Insight is a content enabled vertical application built on Microsoft products and SharePoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 technology stack. The application allows companies to leverage the wealth of its intellectual property. TABLE understanding allo ...


Microsoft culture


Microsoft divisions


Microsoft initiatives


Windows Live




Optimal Flexible Architecture


Oracle Arena


Oracle Education Foundation

Foundation the Oracle education is a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle and staffed by Oracle. Its mission is to help young people to develop technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and grit to become famous designers solutions for t ...


Xerox machine


Xerox Phaser

Xerox Phaser is the brand name for a line of color and monochrome printers produced and sold by Xerox. Some Phaser printers use Xerox solid ink. Laser printer originally manufactured and marketed by Tektronix in wilsonville, Oregon.


Kitchen Stuff Plus

In 1987, now President mark Halpern began cooking utensils, plus a stand at a flea market Pickering to pay for College. With the great success of the stand, in 1993, he opened a pop-up store at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto, becoming the first full- ...


Eizia mexicana

Eizia is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. The genus contains only one species, viz. Eizia Mexicana, which is located in Chiapas and Guatemala.


Creative Destruction Lab



Aislelabs Inc. in Toronto there is a wi-fi marketing and Analytics company. Aislelabs provides location Analytics, predictive forecasting, personalized marketing and digital advertising features in partnership with corporate wireless Internet acc ...


Nordstrom Canada


Amer International Group

Amer international group Ltd 有限公司) is a high - tech industrial enterprises, mainly engaged in non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. The company was founded by Chinese tycoon Wang Wenyin. At the moment the company has four domestic he ...


Lens Technology

Lens technology Chinese technology company with headquarters in Hunan province, which is engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of products lens. It produces and sells touch panel cover glass, touch modules and touch panel cov ...


Zhongzhi Capital

The website zhongzhi Capital was founded in 2011 with registered capital of 1 billion yuan, is the companys asset management, which is headquartered in Beijing. It was in the Association of asset management China.



Dianrong is an online lending market company with headquarters in Shanghai, China. Named" lending club of China,” the company was founded in 2012, per capita Htite, co-founder and former CTO of lending club, who joined efforts with Kevin Guo, a P ...


Didi Dache


Squirrel AI

Squirrel AI is a Chinese online education company. China offers incentives for efforts of AI to improve student learning, teacher training and school management. According to one estimate conducted by the different companies invested more than $ ...


H. J. Bing & Son


Sparekassen for Kjobenhavn og Omegn

Sparekassen for Kjobenhavn RSA and the Association, literally Sberbank in Copenhagen and its surroundings, was a local savings Bank in Copenhagen, Denmark. Its headquarters was in 1870, located on the corner Hemmingsens Niels Gade and Lovstræde. ...


Em. Z. Svitzers Bjergningsenterprise


Sparekassen Bikuben

Sparekassen Bikuben was a Danish savings Bank founded on March 3, 1857 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was merged with GiroBank called the BH Bank in 1995 and later was acquired by Danske Bank. His former headquarters in Silkegade 6-8 were listed on t ...


C. F. Riedel & Lindegaard

During the occupation of Denmark, in the early morning of February 3, 1945, S. F. Riedel & machinery plant Lindegaards was the object of sabotage by the members of the Danish Resistance movement. The aim of the operation was to stop the delivery ...


Marstrand, Helweg & Co.


Atlas A/S

The company was founded in 1888 and started operations on 1 January 1889. as a continuation Tuxen & Hammerich. Tuxen & Hammerich specializiruetsya for the production of steam engines, but in 1891 he began the production of industrial refrigerator ...


Codan A/S

KV A / is a Danish insurance company, which was founded in 1916. The company is Scandinavias third largest insurance company and operates also the company trygg-Hansa in Sweden, and the group operates in the Baltic countries and Norway. In Denmar ...



Firm "evolis" is a French company that develops, manufactures and sells printers and software for personalized and decentralized printing of plastic cards. Their headquarters and production are located near Angers, France.



Eranove is a French company, active participation in the management of public services and in the production of electricity and drinking water in Africa. The company was formerly known as Finagestion. Group Eranove present in Cote dIvoire for sev ...



JobTeaser is a French company that provides recruitment solutions company for the recruitment of young talents and a free career center software in higher education institutions in Europe. It was founded by Adrian Ledoux and Nicolas Lombard in 20 ...


B2X GmbH

B2X GmbH is a client outsourcing services to manufacturers of smartphones and other electronic devices, insurance companies, mobile operators and retailers. The services are based on technology platform technology SMARTCARE. Although its headquar ...


Village Financial Services

Village financial services Ltd, with headquarters in Kolkata was registered on 28 June 1994 as a private limited company for ten years before it got its current name. The name of the village financial services private companies VFSPL was register ...


AVA Productions

Ava Productions is an Indian film production company based in Chennai. The company was founded in 2007 by A. V. Anoop, who is currently the managing Director of ava group. The company mainly produces Malayalam films.


Niv Art Movies

NIV art movies production film company in new Delhi, state India founded in 2008. Shaji Nastyusha, Delhi-based Malayali is the owner of the company. He has released 6 Malayalam movie 5 of 6 films produced by the company is aimed at Sanal Kumar Sa ...


Blu (Italian company)

The company was founded on 19 April 1999, thanks to a partnership between società track using Sitec, 32%, BT 20%, Benetton through the financial holding company salon, 9%, Mediaset 9%, Distacom of 9% BNL 7%, Italgas 7%, Caltagirone 7% Palatinus. ...


Active Cues


Auka (company)

Auka is Norwegian, VC-backed financial technology company. Its technology platform is compliant PSD2 enables banks to provide white label mobile payments for private and commercial clients. In Oslo, at present the company employs 26 people, under ...


Abel & Baker

Abel & Baker was formed in 1999 with the merger of three digital agencies Speedway digital army, there is communication and nation. The Agency has offices in Stockholm, malmö, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London and Paris. The Agency was closed in 2002 ...


Chernihivskyi Avtobusnyi Zavod

PJSC "Chernihiv automobile plant" is a manufacturer of private buses is located in Chernihiv.


Silas Peirce & Co


Institution for Savings

Institution for savings in Newburyport and its vicinity Bank based in Newburyport, Massachusetts. It has 15 branches, which are located in Essex County, Massachusetts. It is a mutual organization. As of December 31.2019, it had $ 3.7 billion in d ...


Tallman & Bucklin

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