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Tanya (Mortal Kombat)




Tremor (Mortal Kombat)




Cheryl Mason


Cybil Bennett


Cynthia Velasquez


Dahlia Gillespie


Dark alessa


Dark Alessa


Douglas Cartland (Silent Hill)


Dr. Michael Kaufmann


Eileen Galvin


Eileen Gavin


Eric Bossick


George Sewell (Silent Hill)


Alessa Gillespie


Harry Mason (Silent Hill character)


Harry Mason (Silent Hill)


Henry Townshend (Silent Hill)


Mary Shepherd-Sunderland


Michael Kaufmann (Silent Hill)


Alex Shepherd (Silent Hill)


Silent Hill Nurse


Travis Grady


Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill)


Adun (StarCraft)


Alan Schezar


Alexei Stukov


Angus Mengsk


Arcturus Mengsk


Atticus Carpenter




Doran Routhe


Edmund Duke (StarCraft)




Ethan Stewart


Fenix (StarCraft)


Gerard DuGalle


Jack Frost (StarCraft)


Jake Ramsey


Khas (StarCraft)


Matt Horner


Michael Liberty


Mojo (StarCraft)


Nova (StarCraft)




Rosemary Dahl


Samir Duran



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