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20th-century women opera singers


20th-century American opera singers


20th-century Austrian opera singers


20th-century British opera singers


20th-century French opera singers


20th-century German opera singers


20th-century Italian opera singers


20th-century Swedish opera singers


21st-century women opera singers


21st-century American opera singers


21st-century Austrian opera singers


21st-century British opera singers


21st-century French opera singers


21st-century German opera singers


21st-century Italian opera singers


21st-century Swedish opera singers


Irene von Chavanne

Chavanne, born in Graz as the daughter of a retired Imperial and Royal major Joseph Ludwig Adler von Chavanne 6 Dec 1806 in Olomouc on 25 October 1887 to Graz from the second marriage in Graz on 5 Jul 1862 Juliana of edlen von Criseyde 20 Jan 183 ...


Anna Van Ghell

Van Ghell was a pupil of his father, who was a conductor. She made her debut at the theatre de La Bastille-tone, in the travesti role of Prince Raphael in La Princess de Trebizonde, December 7, 1869, then appeared in Les Bavardes. She left Grand ...


Etienne Troy

Etienne Troy, a native of Toulouse, 21 July 1844, died in Paris on 3 June 1909-a French baritone Opera singer, who took many small roles in Paris for more than 40 years and was subsequently Director at the Opera-Comique.



Listed here are four of the actors were the children and grandchildren of Marie hervé and Joseph béjart died in 1643, the owner of a small government post. Had 10 children in a family that was very poor and lived in the Marais, then the Theatrica ...


Heinrich Vohs

From 1787 Vogs belonged to a touring troupe of Christian Wilhelm Clos, who played in the Rhineland, and from 1789 to 1790 February at the theater in Bonn where young Ludwig van Beethoven played in the orchestra. He then joined Peter Rheinbergs to ...


Stage actresses from Northern Ireland


Male stage actors from Northern Ireland


Shakespeare Link


Annenberg Community Beach House

Annenberg beach house on the beach in Santa Monica is a public beach open to all. The beach house is on the location of the now demolished 110-room mansion that was built for Marion Davies William Randolph Hearst. The mansions of the original poo ...


Western Colorado Center for the Arts

Western Colorado center for the arts, also known as the art center, located in the North-1803 seventh street in Grand junction, Colorado. Founded in 1953, the art center has four galleries, a gift shop, two enclosed courtyards, as well as a numbe ...


Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

Art and culture Center / Hollywood is the place of art in Hollywood, Florida on 1650 Harrison street in Broward County. The center presents contemporary visual and performing arts shows and includes an adjacent art school and Hollywood Central pe ...


Art Center Sarasota

Art center Sarasota is a center for the arts community in Sarasota, Florida. The Center includes four rotating exhibition galleries and sculpture garden. He is a member funded and offers adult and youth classes, seminars and programs. The center ...


Longboat Key Center for the Arts

Longboat Key center for the arts center for the arts Ringling College of art and design in Longboat Key, Manatee County, Florida. Center included in the durante gallery for changing exhibitions. Opened in 1952, it was closed in may 2017. Ringling ...


Mount Dora Center for the Arts

Center mount Dora arts is located at 138 East Fifth Avenue mount Dora, Florida. It contains changing exhibits by local and regional artists, conducts various education programs in the arts, and a festival mount Dora arts.


Panama City Center for the Arts

The Panamanian center for the arts, formerly the visual arts center of Northwest Florida, is art center in Panama city, Florida. Its development was part of a downtown revitalization effort. No connection to VAC. The center hosts art exhibitions, ...


Tarpon Springs Cultural Center

Cultural center Tarpon springs includes center on the Gulf coast folklore, and is located in Tarpon springs, FL to South-101 Pinelas Park Avenue in the Old Tarpon springs city hall.


Evanston Art Center

Art center Evanston is a center for the arts in Evanston, Illinois, where classes, lectures, exhibitions and public relations. He is one of the oldest and largest art centers in Illinois.


Lillstreet Art Center

The art center is Lillstreet art Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This is one of the oldest and most successful cooperatives in Chicago and its facilities include classrooms for education of the arts, gallery, programme artist residency, Studio ...


Garfield Park Arts Center


Merillat Centre for the Arts


Muscatine Art Center


Lawrence Arts Center

Arts center of Lawrence is located in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. It is a regional Center for visual and performing arts, contemporary exhibitions, film and lectures. These programs strengthen a fully developed curriculum in ballet and contemporary da ...


Capitol Arts Center

The Capitol center for the arts is the art of the theatre, two art galleries located on fountain Square, on the main street 416 E. in downtown Bowling green, Kentucky.


BlackRock Center for the Arts

Blackrock center for the arts, officially the Germantown Centre of culture and arts, cultural, Center for visual and performing arts in Germantown, Maryland. The center is named after the nearby historic black mill.


Greenbelt Arts Center

The Greenbelt arts center is a theater located in the heart of Roosevelt in the green district of Greenbelt, Maryland. It is usually configured in three quarter thrust, and seats about 90 people. The theatre regularly features plays and musicals, ...


Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

At Maryland hall for the creative arts is a multidisciplinary arts center in Annapolis, Maryland that offers art opportunities for people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. It was founded in 1979 to promote art appreciation and education ...


Old Greenbelt Theatre

Old Greenbelt theatre is located in the historic one-screen movie theater, built between 1937 and 1938 in the heart of Roosevelt in the green district of Greenbelt, Maryland. The first film shown in the theater were Little Miss Broadway starring ...


Narrows Center for the Arts

Narrows center for the arts is a nonprofit art and musical performance a place in fall river, Massachusetts, USA. It was founded in 1995 for the promotion and implementation of visual and performing arts. It consists of two visual art galleries, ...


Franklin Arts Center


Perkins Center for the Arts

Perkins center for the arts regional arts center serving southern new Jersey and the surrounding area since 1977. Perkins works with a 1910 historic Tudor home and carriage building in Moorestown, new Jersey, as well as a former printing press in ...


Katharine T. Carter & Associates

Katherine T. Carter & Associates is an Advisory artist and their career development, with headquarters in Kinderhook, state of new York. Founded in 1985, the firm provides professional assessment, strategic planning, promotional materials, and ex ...


Niagara Arts & Cultural Center


The Watermill Center

Mill centre "Laboratory" performance founded by Robert Wilson in 1992 on the former site of research lab "Western Union". Mill center is located in bridgehampton, new York, and was officially opened to the public in 2006. Its Programming consists ...


Oakland Center for the Arts

The Oakland center for the arts is an interdisciplinary arts center based in Youngstown, Ohio, founded in 1986. The centre was first supported by Youngstown businessman Richard Rosenthal and based Youngstown native Alexandra Vansuch, with the sup ...

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