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Towers in Merseyside


Towers in Norfolk


Towers in North Yorkshire


Towers in Northamptonshire


Towers in Northumberland


Towers in Oxford


Towers in Somerset


Towers in South Yorkshire


Towers in Staffordshire


Towers in Suffolk


Towers in Surrey


Towers in Tyne and Wear


Towers in the West Midlands (county)


Towers in West Yorkshire


Towers in Worcestershire


Balt Moor Wall

Balt moor wall is the earthworks and listed scheduled ancient monument in lyng, Somerset, England, situated on the Somerset levels to the North-West of the river tone. The site contains the remains of the medieval section of the dam, which now fo ...


Newcastle town wall

Newcastle city wall, a medieval defensive wall and a scheduled ancient monument in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. It was built in the 13th and 14th centuries and helped protect the town from attack and occupation during times of conflict. It was a ...


Roman walls in England


Hauxton Mill

The Hauxton mill is a classic English watermill on the old a10 road between Cambridge and Royston, England. The mill was the last working industrial enterprises of its type in the region. Commercial activity ceased at the plant in 1972, when the ...


Stotfold Watermill


Wellesbourne Watermill

Wellesbourne mill is a beautiful historic mill near Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, England on the book website. Situated on the river don, the factory is a listed grade II and described as "very full example of mill and the mill".


Watermills in Berkshire


Watermills in Cheshire


Watermills in Cumbria


Watermills in Derbyshire


Watermills in Devon


Watermills in East Sussex


Watermills in Hampshire


Watermills in Hertfordshire


Watermills in Kent


Watermills in Leicestershire


Watermills in Lincolnshire


Watermills in London


Watermills in Norfolk


Watermills in North Yorkshire


Watermills in Somerset


Watermills in Staffordshire


Watermills in Suffolk


Watermills in Surrey


Windmills in Bedfordshire


Windmills in Buckinghamshire


Windmills in Cambridgeshire


Windmills in Cheshire


Windmills in Dorset


Windmills in East Sussex


Windmills in Essex


Windmills in Hampshire


Windmills in Hertfordshire


Windmills in Kent


Windmills in Lancashire

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