ⓘ Cold Is The Grave is the 11th novel by Anglo-Canadian detective fiction writer Peter Robinson in the Inspector Banks series, published in 2000. It won the 2001 ..

Cold is the Grave

ⓘ Cold is the Grave

Cold Is The Grave is the 11th novel by Anglo-Canadian detective fiction writer Peter Robinson in the Inspector Banks series, published in 2000. It won the 2001 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel, and the Danish Palle Rosenkrantz Award.


1. Plot

In recent years, the career of Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks has been stalled-and, in fact, very nearly destroyed-by the petty animosities of his politically ambitious senior officer Chief Constable Riddle. But when nude pictures of Riddles runaway teenage daughter show up on a pornographic website, he turns to Banks for help. The trail leads Banks first to Londons Soho, an area of strip clubs and sex shops, then to the upmarket Little Venice, where Emily Riddle is living with a dangerous gangster with ties to world of rock music. At first she refuses to come home, but later Emily turns up at Bankss hotel, bruised and frightened and asking for his help. Soon she is back with her family in Yorkshire, and Bankss work appears to be done.

Other concerns occupy Bankss time; a major reorganization and expansion of Eastvale Regional Headquarters has brought Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot back into his life, and she soon finds demons of her own to face. As they begin an investigation into the slaying of Charlie Courage, a low-level petty crook, a murder occurs at an Eastvale nightclub, filling the tabloids with headlines that scream of scandal, sex and high-level corruption. It is a cold and savage homicide that shakes Banks to his core, and it soon leads to shocking revelations that suggest it is somehow linked to the Charlie Courage affair. The grim discoveries of the unfolding investigation lead Banks in a direction he does not wish to go: the past and private world of his most powerful enemy, Chief Constable Riddle.


2. Adaptations

In 2011, an episode of the ITV series DCI Banks, that was based on the events in Cold is the Grave, was broadcast. The series has Stephen Tompkinson as its lead actor in the Banks role.

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