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Alarm monitoring center

An alarm monitoring center or central monitoring station is a company that provides services to monitor burglar, fire and residential alarm systems. The Central Monitoring Station may also provide watchman and supervisory services. "It functions as a support system for critical event management devices, such as: security alarm panels, gas and temperature gauges, PERS devices, crash detection devices, integrated video systems, and even mobile applications." Central monitoring stations use special telephone and mobile lines, radio channels, computers, software and trained staff to monitor th ...



Autocrypt is a cryptographic protocol for e-mail clients aiming to simplify key exchange and enabling encryption. Version 1.0 of the Autocrypt specification was released in December 2017 and makes no attempt to protect against MITM attacks. It is implemented on top of OpenPGP replacing its complex key management by fully automated unsecured exchange of cryptographic keys between peers. Autocrypt is also a product name used by Penta Security for securing auto communications.


Casino security

Casino security refers to the measures that are taken at casinos to protect the establishments money, property and patrons. The security protects the casino and its customers from violent crime, theft, and other inappropriate behavior. Given the relatively large amounts of currency that are handled within a casino, the temptation exists for both patrons and staff to commit crimes. Many casinos take security measures to prevent theft and other crime. The most basic level of security today consists of cameras located throughout the property operated by highly trained individuals who attempt ...


Check verification service

A check verification service provides businesses or individuals with either the ability to check the validity of the actual check or draft being presented, or the ability to verify the history of the account holder, or both. There are a number of different methods that can be used to provide the service, these include checking different databases with negative or account history, checking that routing and account numbers are valid using algorithms, or contacting the bank that issued the check to get confirmation about the account status.


Community of interest (computer security)

Community of interest is a means by which network assets and or network users are segregated by some technological means for some established purpose. COIs are a strategy that fall under the realm of computer security which itself is a subset of security engineering. Typically, COIs are set up to protect a network infrastructure from a group or groups of users who are performing some esoteric functions. COIs are also designed to protect their user community from the rest of the enclave user population. Not only does this refer to the simplicity of the network, but it also includes a group ...


Concealment device

Concealment devices or diversion safes are used to hide things for the purpose of secrecy or security. They are made from an ordinary household object such as a book, a soda can, a candle, a can, or something as small as a coin. The idea is that such an inconspicuous object would not be expected to contain anything of worth. Examples in espionage include dead drop spikes for transferring items to other people, and hollowed-out coins or hollowed out teeth for concealing something - such as microfilm or a suicide pill. Examples in smuggling include suitcases with false bottoms for hiding con ...


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  • A security agency is a governmental organization which conducts intelligence activities for the internal security of a nation. They are the domestic cousins
  • Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, commonly referred to as the Homeland Security Advisor and formerly holding the title of Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Nations Security Council UNSC is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations UN charged with ensuring international peace and security recommending
  • Network security consists of the policies and practices adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer
  • In the United States, Social Security is the commonly used term for the federal Old - Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance OASDI program and is administered
  • Physical security describes security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources and to protect personnel
  • Security and Maintenance formerly known as Action Center, and Security Center in earlier versions is a component of the Windows NT family of operating
  • National security directives are presidential directives issued for the National Security Council NSC Starting with Harry Truman, every president since
  • In the United States, a Social Security number SSN is a nine - digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary working residents
  • Security engineering is a specialized field of engineering that focuses on the security aspects in the design of systems that need to be able to deal

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