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Energetic material

Energetic materials are a class of material with high amount of stored chemical energy that can be released. Typical classes of energetic materials are e.g. explosives, pyrotechnic compositions, propellants e.g. smokeless gunpowders and rocket fuels, and fuels e.g. diesel fuel and gasoline.


ⓘ Energetic materials

  • The Laboratory for Laser Energetics LLE is a scientific research facility which is part of the University of Rochester s south campus, located in Brighton
  • grinding the materials to increase binding capacity. There are several types of energetically modified cements, depending on the raw materials used all
  • and Jorg Stierstorfer 2014 Energetic Tetrazole N - oxides Energetic Tetrazole N - oxides. Green Energetic Materials pp. 133 178. doi: 10.1002 9781118676448
  • advanced materials such as diamond, silicon, organic thin films and single molecules, metal oxide and metal organic interfaces, and energetic molecular
  • energy, and repetition rate were studied for ignition of energetic materials These materials include black powder, nitrocellulose, and M44 propellant
  • of a vehicle, projectile, or other object. Common propellants are energetic materials and consist of a fuel like gasoline, jet fuel, rocket fuel, and an
  • conventional explosives. Nanoenergetic materials can store more energy than conventional energetic materials and can be used in innovative ways to tailor
  • Environmentally Friendly Energetic Materials for Initiation Devices PDF Central European Journal of Energetic Materials 9 4 293 327. Gillan, Edward
  • solutions for solid rockets, turbojet powered missiles and production of energetic materials EDePro was founded in 1985 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Boddu, Veera M. 2018 1, 3, 3 - Trinitroazetidine TNAZ Emerging Energetic Materials Synthesis, Physicochemical, and Detonation Properties. pp. 293 307

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