ⓘ Nicks Trip is a 1993 crime novel from author George Pelecanos. It is set in Washington D.C. and focuses on bartender Nick Stefanos as he investigates the disapp ..

Nicks Trip

ⓘ Nicks Trip

Nicks Trip is a 1993 crime novel from author George Pelecanos. It is set in Washington D.C. and focuses on bartender Nick Stefanos as he investigates the disappearance of an old friends wife and the murder of another friend. It is the second of several Pelecanos novels to feature the character and the second book of a trilogy with Stefanos as the main character. The preceding book in this series is A Firing Offense and the series concludes with Down by the River Where the Dead Men Go.


1. Plot introduction

Nick Stefanos is a bartender at a neighborhood place called "The Spot". His high-school friend Billy Goodrich asks him to search for his missing wife.

Explanation of the novels title

The title refers to Nick Stefanos journeys in the novel both in his past with Goodrich and in the present on his investigation.


2. Characters

Nick Stefanos is now working as a bartender after being fired from his position with electrical goods chain "Nutty Nathans". He remains friends with his old sales colleague Johnny McGinnes. Billy Goodrich is an old high school friend of Stefanos and the two took an extended road trip together after high school but have since lost touch.


3. Literary significance and reception

The series as a whole has been described as tightly plotted with "intricacies to rival Hammett or Chandler". The novel is told from a first person perspective like many private investigator stories.

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