ⓘ Fairly OddBaby is a 2008 television film and season premiere of The Fairly OddParents ’ sixth season, which first aired on February 18, 2008. The episode was th ..

Fairly OddBaby

ⓘ Fairly OddBaby

Fairly OddBaby is a 2008 television film and season premiere of The Fairly OddParents ’ sixth season, which first aired on February 18, 2008. The episode was the first to air after a one-year hiatus. The episode received 8.81 million viewers in its initial airing.

The special follows on the series main character 10-year-old Timmy Turner with Cosmo and Wanda, who are Timmys fairy godparents and grant his wishes. The special introduces a newborn fairy baby named Poof, who is the child of Cosmo and Wanda and becomes Timmys fairy godbrother. Poof comes into existence when Cosmo and Wanda decide to have a child of their own, and Timmy wishes it so. However, because the fairy babys magic is developing and uncontrollable, villains called the anti-fairies polar opposite of fairies and pixies business fairies seek to steal the fairy baby so they can take over the fairies home, Fairy World.


1. Plot

Timmy is unable to do anything when Cosmo and Wanda are distracted by babies they encounter around Dimmsdale, and it becomes clear that they want their own baby. The problem, however, is that since Cosmo was the last baby born and proved to be quite dangerous, the Supreme Fairy Council forbids fairies from having children. Also, as Wanda points out to her godson, fairies are immortal meaning they live forever, so theres no actually no real need for them to have kids in the long run "Thats why we have godkids instead: TO FILL THE VOID!" Cosmo says. Despite this, Timmy gets fed up with them crying and ignoring him because they want a baby so badly - he also figures that it might actually be pretty cool having a godsibling and figures that he can just wish up a baby for his godparents. Wanda tells Timmy "You cant just wish us up a baby," but then questions if thats really true.

Wanda poofs up Da Rules to check if there are any rules against godchildren wishing for their godparents to have biological kids of their own, and after reading through it, Timmy sees that there isnt anything in the book forbidding godkids from doing so, so he believes that wishing up a fairy baby is okay. But just as he was about to make the wish, theyre suddenly poofed to Fairy World by Jorgen who yells out for them to stop. Jorgen notes he had sensed the disturbance in the Fairy Force because someone was just about to wish for the "B-word"; he is scarcely surprised that it was Timmy, who points out that theres nothing in Da Rules that says he cant wish for the "B-word." Jorgen tries to prove him wrong by looking through Da Rules again, but discovers that Timmys right. Jorgen also realizes that while he wrote out the rule forbidding people from wishing for "the B-word" on a sticky note, he never officially put it in Da Rules.

He lets Timmy make the wish, but tries to warn him of the consequences, though Timmy doesnt care. He then makes the wish. Just as there is a big poof, nothing seemingly happens. Jorgen corrects that his wish will come true, but warns that this is only the beginning. He then shouts at Timmy for interrupting him in the middle of sentence and tells him to go. Jorgen also breaks the fourth wall, telling Timmy and his fairies to go as the camera zooms in on him dramatically. It soon gets too close to his face, so he tells it to back off.

Subsequently, for the next three months, Timmy eagerly waits for his soon-to-be god brother or sister. Much to Timmys shock, when fairies have children, its the male fairy who ends up having the baby and has to deal with wild mood swings, weird cravings and continuous vomiting. As it draws near for the baby to be born, many fairies host the baby shower in Timmys bathroom. The fairies reasoning is that the bathroom is the most private room in the house; Jorgen further asserts that he doesnt want news of the new fairy baby to get out yet, for in its earliest stages, fairy baby magic is powerful and unstable. He explains with a slideshow that if the baby is raised by a good fairy, its magic spreads goodness; when raised by an Anti-Fairy or Pixie, the babys magic can be used for evil, as well as destroying the Earth. He then ends his explanation by stating that the party should go on.

Unfortunately, Timmy, as the host, is subjected to a variety of dangerous games. He gets so tired of Cosmo with his cravings, vomiting, and mood swings that he wishes that Cosmo would just get lost. An insulted Cosmo complies and poofs away also taking his unborn baby with him. Jorgen admonishes Timmy for such a reckless outburst, for if the Anti-Fairies or Pixies get the baby, itd be so bad that he would have to make up a new word: Doomungous.

Timmy apologizes, saying that he really does want a fairy god brother or sister, but he was sick of Cosmos vomiting. Jorgen then dispatches all of the fairies to search for Cosmo, as he turns the bathroom into a military-coordination room. Despite everyones determined efforts, searching all over the Earth turns up nothing, but Wanda says that there are other worlds they can check. Wanda suggests Anti-Fairy and Pixie World, and Timmy claims that the Anti-Fairies kidnapped Cosmo and that they need to go get him.

In Anti-Fairy World, Anti-Cosmo asks his anti-fairies for a plan for universal domination Quoting "Theres no wrong answer". One anti-fairy suggests using a pink elephant to storm on others, causing Anti-Cosmo to send him down a trapdoor. He encourages the others to think of a plan, stating, "A plan for universal domination isnt just going to come bursting through that door." At that moment, Timmy, Wanda and Jorgen, burst through the door, armed with bazookas, demanding to know where Cosmo is. Unfortunately, they inadvertently alert the Anti-Fairies that the Fairy Baby can accomplish their goals. Wanda, Timmy and Jorgen then go to Pixie World, where the Pixies have come up with the same plan as the Anti-Fairies, only to alert them, too.

While Jorgen goes to the washroom for eating so many hot burritos, Timmy and Wanda realize that Cosmo actually got lost, and find him in a meadow. After apologizing to Cosmo, Cosmos belly pushes them away, and Cosmo goes into labor. They take him to the Fairy World hospital, and they find out that nobody knows how to deliver a baby, for it hasnt happened for thousands of years. Due to this, Timmy wishes the baby out, and when Cosmo opens the blanket when the baby appears, it reveals a very cute baby, saying its first word, poof. When they try checking with what gender the baby is, Dr. Rip Studwell tries taking the baby outside where the light is better, only for Jorgen to suddenly appear, revealing the doctor to be Anti-Cosmo in disguise. Jorgen then tries leaving, only for Anti-Cosmo to reveal that the Pixies are riding another Jorgen suit. Mama Cosma then snatches her grandchild from them and attempts to go outside, only for the real Jorgen to arrive, attempting to expose her as an impostor, only to find that its really her. Wanda then takes back her child, trying to passionately defend that only she and Cosmo can truly care for it, only to find her child gone. Timmy, obviously hiding the baby under his shirt, tries saying that they should all go outside, only for the baby to say, "Poof poof," giving its position away. Everyone hears this, and Jorgen, Anti-Cosmo, the Pixies and Mama Cosma gang up on him, demanding the baby for their own purposes.

Timmy attempts an escape with an ejection bed, only to get himself and his fairies slammed into the wall instead of through the door. As everyone else comes charging, the baby starts laughing, causing its parents and Timmy to disappear for a moment, while their chargers ram into the wall, before going outside, where they find that the light is better; the babys laughs causes good things to happen. Timmy tries wishing up a rocket van for their escape, though Wanda insists on a stroller. Jorgen, Anti-Fairies and Pixies give chase in jets everyone asks why are they in jets when they can fly; Jorgen says that he thought it would be fun; he also ejects Mama Cosma for her constant nagging. Timmy and co. take cover in a deep forest, only for Cosmo to freak out at their scary environment, which in turn, causes the baby to cry. This causes the woods to disappear and a big sign to show their location, which everyone else finds due to their convenient sensors; also, the babys burp causes lightning. Timmy then insists that his fairies send him to back Earth with the baby, whom he names Little T, for Little Timmy, while they take decoy dolls to lead the others off the trail.

When Timmy arrives back on Earth, he finds his parents in jog wear to stave off aging; they all think Little T is a doll and smell the new baby smell. Timmy then takes the baby on a stroll in the park, while talking about all the things they will do. However, the babys laughs and cries causes both joy and chaos for everyone around them before it is pacified by its bottle. Worse, it then hiccups, causing natural disasters. Jorgen turns up and repairs the damage before demanding the baby, pointing out all of the damage it has caused. Timmy initially refuses before being struck by lightning, only for "Jorgen" to be reveal to be Anti-Cosmo and HP in another robot suit. They explain that they have decided to work together to use the babys magic for evil and poof away. Then, the real Jorgen, having captured Cosmo and Wanda, appears to gloat about his foolish trick, only to learn about the baby being in the hands of evil.

With Wandas maternal instincts, they track their quarry to Anti-Fairy world. Timmy then comes up with a plan. The next scene shows Timmy dressed as a knight, Cosmo a Mexican food delivery boy, Wanda an archer and Jorgen in a pink bunny suit, all captured in a giant butterfly net. Anti-Cosmo and HP, holding their foes wands, gloat about their victory. Once they are left alone, Wanda blames Timmy for wishing up the baby in the first place, before breaking down crying, wanting her child back. As Cosmo comforts her, Jorgen further scolds Timmy for such a terrible plan, breaking a womans heart, essentially dooming the universe, and worse putting him Jorgen in a bunny suit. However, Timmy insists that his plan isnt finished yet and uses his sword to set themselves free.

They then find Anti Cosmo and HP, who are in the process of draining the babys magic and using it to destroy both the Earth and Fairy World. Timmy has Wanda fire a milk bottle with her bow into the babys mouth, causing its burps to shock Anti-Cosmo and HP. He then uses Cosmo to fire his earwax jelly at the other Anti-Fairies and Pixies. Then, Jorgen is ordered to dance, at which the baby laughs, causing the sky above their heads to rain bunnies. Subsequently, Timmy slams a mace on Jorgens foot, causing him to yell out in pain, which, in turn, made the baby cry, forming the other bunnies into a ferocious, evil rabbit, which destroys the giant wand. The last part of the plan was for the baby to eat a burrito, which everyone fears could be disastrous if it breaks wind.

As what they predicted happens, reality is warped, but unlike their fearful explanations, everything is soon restored to normal. Jorgen compliments Timmy for saving the universe from the Anti-Fairies and Pixies, who have all been turned into raisins. He then takes the baby, whom he names Napoleon, into his custody, stating that they can see him every other century, as well as a magic rattle to enable it to control its magic. Fortunately, in truth, Cosmo and Wanda replaced the real baby with the fake baby. Afterwards, when they take the baby home, they discover that their baby is a boy, because hes holding a water squirter According to Timmy, boys love water squirters. Timmy then names him Baby Poof, because its the only word he says. Poof then goes flying around, transforming everything in sight, before the house sprouts legs and starts running, with Timmys parents chasing after it. Mrs. Turner notes the house has the new baby smell as the episode ends.


2. Cast

  • Jason Marsden as Chester McBadbat
  • Daran Norris as Cosmo, Mr. Turner, Jorgen, Papa Cosma, and Anti-Cosmo
  • Tara Strong as Timmy Turner and Poof
  • Jim Ward as Chet Ubetcha
  • Susanne Blakeslee as Wanda and Mrs. Turner
  • Mary Hart as Fairy Hart
  • Tom Kenny as Cupid
  • Ben Stein as HP and The Pixies
  • Butch Hartman as Dr. Rip Studwell
  • Faith Abrahams as Francis
  • Jane Carr as Mama Cosma
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker and Various Characters

3. Reception

In its initial airing, the episode had 8.81 million viewers according to Nielsen ratings, making it the highest-rated cable show for the week of February 18–24, 2008. The re-airing of the movie the following day had 4.82 million viewers.

  • called Fairly OddBaby which introduced a new character, a baby fairy named Poof, to the main cast of characters. A huge hit, Fairly OddBaby aired on
  • OddParents returned for a sixth season to contain 20 episodes, which aired from February 18 to December 12, 2008. The season had one movie, Fairly OddBaby
  • This is a list of home video releases of the series The Fairly Odd Parents. An episode of the seventh season, Wishology is not listed in season sets.
  • A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner or simply known as A Fairly Odd Movie is a 2011 live action television film based on the animated series
  • son, introduced into the series in the 2008 special Fairly OddBaby He was the first fairy baby born in over ten thousand years, with his own father
  • The ninth season of The Fairly Odd Parents premiered on March 23, 2013 with the episode Fairly Odd Pet which aired after the 2013 Nickelodeon Kids Choice
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  • The Fairly Odd Parents is an American animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons. Created by Butch Hartman, the series is based on

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