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A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a deity. Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of divine will concerning the prophets social world and events to come.


2011 end times prediction

American Christian radio host Harold Camping stated that the Rapture and Judgment Day would take place on May 21, 2011, and that the end of the world would take place five months later on October 21, 2011. Camping, who was then president of the Family Radio Christian network, claimed the Bible as his source and said May 21 would be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment "beyond the shadow of a doubt". Camping suggested that it would occur at 6 p.m. local time, with the Rapture sweeping the globe time zone by time zone, while some of his supporters claimed that around 200 million p ...


AIMA prophecy

The AIMA prophecy was a prophecy current during the reign of the Byzantine emperor, Manuel I Komnenos and at the same time an example of a medieval contrived acronym. It claimed to foretell that the initial letters of the names of the emperors of the Komnenos dynasty would spell aima αἶμα, the Greek word for "blood". The emperors of the dynasty had been, in order, Alexios I Komnenos r. 1081–1118 alpha, Ioannes II Komnenos r. 1118–1143 iota, and Manuel I mu whose succession was unexpected since he was the fourth son of Ioannes. Because of his belief that his successors name would have to st ...



According to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Armageddon is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times, variously interpreted as either a literal or a symbolic location. The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end of the world scenario. In Islamic theology, the Armageddon is also mentioned in Hadith as the Greatest Armageddon or Al-Malhama Al-Kubra. The "mount" of Megiddo in northern Israel is not actually a mountain, but a tell a mound or hill created by many generations of people living and rebuil ...


Baha'i prophecies

Throughout the Bahai writings, future events have been prophesied. The most specific prophecies are related to the rise and fall of leaders and organizations. Most of these prophesies can be found in Bahaullahs tablets to the kings and rulers of the world and in the Kitab-i-Aqdas. Particularly potent to early Bahais was Bahaullahs prediction in 1868–69 of the fall of Sultan Abdulaziz, who was deposed in 1876. Other prophecies, including statements from Abdul-Baha, are general in nature, relating to the nature of future society, and the rise of the Bahai Faith to prominence.


Bhavishya Purana

The Bhavishya Purana is one of the eighteen major works in the Purana genre of Hinduism, written in Sanskrit. The title Bhavishya means "future" and implies it is a work that contains prophecies regarding the future, however, the "prophecy" parts of the extant manuscripts are a modern era addition and hence not an integral part of the Bhavishya Purana. Those sections of the surviving manuscripts that are dated to be older, are partly borrowed from other Indian texts such as Brihat Samhita and Shamba Purana. The veracity and authenticity of much of the Bhavishya Purana has been questioned b ...


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  • A prophecy is a message that is claimed by a prophet to have been communicated to them by a deity. Such messages typically involve inspiration, interpretation
  • The Voice of Prophecy founded in 1929 by H.M.S. Richards, Sr., is a Seventh - day Adventist religious radio ministry headquartered in Loveland, Colorado
  • Self - fulfilling prophecy refers to the socio - psychological phenomenon of someone predicting or expecting something, and this prediction or expectation
  • Bible prophecy or biblical prophecy comprises the passages of the Bible that reflect communications from God to humans through prophets. Jews and Christians
  • The Prophecy of Berchan is a relatively long historical poem written in the Middle Irish language. The text is preserved in the Royal Irish Academy as
  • Europe a Prophecy is a 1794 prophetic book by the British poet and illustrator William Blake. It is engraved on 18 plates, and survives in just nine known
  • The Prophecy is a 1995 horror film. The Prophecy may also refer to: The Prophecy reggae band a seggae music band from Mauritius The Prophecy band
  • Prophecy Productions is a German record label located in Zeltingen - Rachtig, founded by Martin Koller in 1996. It proclaims being a label for eerie emotional
  • ancient prophets recorded in the Bible. During his life, Smith made several prophecies many documented in the Doctrine and Covenants, a book of scripture in

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