ⓘ Examination for Architects in Canada. The Examination for Architects in Canada, or ExAC, is a professional licensure examination for architects in most of Canad ..


ⓘ Examination for Architects in Canada

The Examination for Architects in Canada, or ExAC, is a professional licensure examination for architects in most of Canada. It has been adopted by all of the Canadian Licensing Authorities. It is an alternative to the Architect Registration Examination maintained by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

The governing body for the ExAC is the Pan-Canadian ExAC Committee.

The first examination was held on November 17 & 18, 2008.


1. Sections

The contents of each of the ExAC sections are as follows:

ExAC Section 1

  • Programming
  • Design Development
  • Site and Environmental Analysis
  • Cost Management
  • Coordinating Engineering Systems
  • Schematic Design

ExAc Section 2

  • National Building Code 2010 Edition

ExAC Section 3

  • Final Project

ExAC Section 4

  • Bidding and Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Phase - Office
  • Construction Phase - Site
  • Project Management
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