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Cable fault location

Cable fault location is the process of locating periodic faults, such as insulation faults in cables. In this process, mobile shock discharge generators are among the devices used.


Energy applications of nanotechnology

Over the past few decades, the fields of science and engineering have been seeking to develop new and improved types of energy technologies that have the capability of improving life all over the world. In order to make the next leap forward from the current generation of technology, scientists and engineers have been developing energy applications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology, a new field in science, is any technology that contains components smaller than 100 nanometers. For scale, a single virus particle is about 100 nanometers in width. An important subfield of nanotechnology relat ...


Fuel cell bus

A fuel cell bus is a bus that uses a hydrogen fuel cell as its power source for electrically driven wheels, sometimes augmented in a hybrid fashion with batteries or a supercapacitor. Several companies have conducted hydrogen fuel cell research and practical fuel cell bus trials. These include: Van Hool, and Ballard have had commercial fleets in passenger service in Aberdeen Scotland Irisbus, based on UTC Power fuel cell technology Daimler AG, with thirty-six experimental units powered by Ballard Power Systems fuel cells completing a three-year trial, in eleven cities, in 2007. Thor Indust ...


Hydrogen clathrate

A hydrogen clathrate is a clathrate containing hydrogen in a water lattice. This substance is interesting due to its possible use to store hydrogen in a hydrogen economy. A recent review that accounts the state-of-the-art and future prospects and challenges of hydrogen storage as clathrate hydrates is reported by Veluswamy et al. Another unusual characteristic is that multiple hydrogen molecules can occur at each cage site in the ice, one of only a very few guest molecule that forms clathrates with this property. The maximum ratio of hydrogen to water is 6 H 2 to 17 H 2 O. It can be formed ...


Micro power source

Micro power sources and nano power sources are units of RFID, MEMS, microsystems and nanosystems for energy-power generation, harvesting from ambient, storage and conversion.


Tricuspidal Turbine Technology

"Tricuspidal Turbine Technology and offshore power plants for general focusing and simultaneously conversion of three sources of Ocean Kinetic Energy" is an ocean energy rig converting motions of waves, tide and ocean current into electricity independent of alternating combinations of those renewable resources. It is developed by Foundation Renewable, a Norwegian research institution located in Bergen, Norway. Ocean energy complexity on the high seas can be described as a combination of three sources of ocean kinetic energy, continuously changing direction and strength. Ocean current and t ...


ⓘ Energy technology

  • The Minister of Energy Science and Technology is a former cabinet position in the province of Manitoba, Canada. The position was created in 2002. The
  • The Minister of Science, Technology Energy and Mines was a cabinet minister in the province of Manitoba, Canada. The position was created in September
  • The Energy Technology Engineering Center ETEC was a government - owned, contractor - operated complex of industrial facilities located within the 2, 850 - acre
  • Clean technology is any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the
  • after the 1973 energy crisis, EERE s mission is to help support the development of clean, renewable and efficiency energy technologies to America and
  • Energy Technology is a monthly peer - reviewed scientific journal covering applied energy research. It was established in 2013 and is published by Wiley - VCH
  • The National Energy Technology Laboratory NETL is a U.S. national laboratory under the Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy NETL focuses on
  • development, demonstration, and commercialization facility for energy and environment technologies development. The center is a nonprofit division of the University
  • The Agency for Non - Conventional Energy and Rural Technology ANERT is a government agency in the Kerala, India. Its mission is gathering and disseminating
  • Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of ever - evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics
  • Energy returned on energy invested EROEI is the ratio of energy delivered by an energy technology to the energy invested to set up the technology

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