ⓘ Sattlers was a regional department store chain headquartered at 998 Broadway, Buffalo, New York, two miles from the downtown core. They pioneered bargain baseme ..


ⓘ Sattlers

Sattlers was a regional department store chain headquartered at 998 Broadway, Buffalo, New York, two miles from the downtown core. They pioneered "bargain basement" retailing in the Buffalo area. Sattlers was founded in 1889 by 17-year-old John G. Sattler when he opened a one-room shoe store in his mothers home at 992 Broadway. That store would eventually become Sattlers main store which, by 1950, covered 6 acres and included the 365.000-square-foot flagship store. In the late-1920s the store introduced a number of innovative marketing and promotional schemes to attract customers such as weekly automobile giveaways and high wire walkers. They also resold the contents of bankrupt stores purchased in railcar lots called the "Bargain Train". Starting in 1947, they sponsored an annual Santa Claus parade.

Sattlers other Buffalo-area locations included stores in the Thruway Plaza later Thruway Mall in Cheektowaga, New York 1957, Boulevard Mall in Amherst, New York 1962, Seneca Mall in West Seneca, New York 1969, and Main Place Mall in downtown Buffalo 1973. In 1962-63, a store operated in Rochester, New York. In 1969, the company opened stores in Chautauqua, New York, and in Olean, New York.

In September 1965, Sattlers opened an innovative home furnishings and food merchandising concept store in an old industrial plant that covered 12 acres 49.000 m 2 at Elmwood and Hertel avenues in Buffalo. The $5 million, 500.000-square-foot 46.000 m 2 store operated as Sattlers Wonderful World of Food, Inc., and Home Furnishings City U.S.A. The store closed in 1979.

Starting in 1963, Sattlers also operated eight drug stores, including four free-standing units. These stores closed in 1979.

The Sattlers chain, then owned by United Department Stores, closed in 1982. The flagship store was razed in 1989, and replaced with a Kmart, which subsequently closed.

  • Hubert Sattler 9 September 1844 15 November 1928 was an Austrian - German ophthalmologist born in Salzburg. His father, also named Hubert Sattler 1817 1904
  • Ehrengrab Johann Michael und Hubert Sattler City of Salzburg, retrieved 5 March 2015 in German Sattlers Kosmorama - Eine Weltreise von Bild zu
  • Peggy Sattler born c. 1962 is a politician in Ontario, Canada. She has been a New Democratic Member of Provincial Parliament of the Legislative Assembly
  • John William Sattler born 28 July 1942 also known by the nicknames of Satts and Gentleman John is an Australian former rugby league footballer
  • Scott Sattler born 13 December 1971 is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played during the 1990s and 2000s, later becoming
  • Sattler may refer to: People Barbara Sattler - Kovacevic, Austrian retired slalom canoeist Barbara Sattler philosopher British philosopher Daryl Sattler
  • Sattler Airfield is an abandoned airfield in the Northern Territory of Australia that was constructed 32 km 20 mi to the south of Darwin during World
  • Norbert Sattler born October 4, 1951 in Kotschach - Mauthen is a former Austrian slalom canoeist who competed from the late 1960s to the mid - 1980s. He
  • Warren Sattler born September 7, 1934 is an American artist and cartoonist, who contributed work to many popular publications from the early 1960s through
  • Lieutenant General John F. Sattler United States Marine Corps, was the Director of Strategic Plans and Policy, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was also
  • intellectual and, by this stage, also a family friend and frequent visitor at the Sattlers home. The teaching chair at Munich effectively replaced the teaching chair

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