ⓘ Cold War anti-submarine weapons of the United States ..


Mark 41 torpedo

The Mark 35 torpedo was the first of the United States Navy deep-diving anti-submarine torpedoes designed for surface launch. This electrically propelled 21-inch torpedo was 162 inches long, weighed 1770 lb, and carried a 270 lb Torpex high explosive warhead. This torpedo used one of the earliest active guidance systems and was introduced in 1949, but was classified as obsolete in the 1960s. The Mark 35 torpedo was originally specified as the intended payload for the Grebe missile, before being replaced by the Mark 41 due to weight concerns.


Mark 43 torpedo

The 10" Mark 43 torpedo was the first and smallest of the United States Navy light-weight anti-submarine torpedoes. This electrically propelled 10-inch torpedo was 92 inches long and weighed 265 pounds. Described as "a submersible guided missile", the torpedo was designed for air or surface launch. The Mod 0 configuration was designed for launch from helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft, and the Mod 1 configuration was for helicopters only. Both were electrically driven and deep-diving, but had relatively short range. They were classified as obsolete in the 1960s. The Royal Navy purchased fi ...

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