ⓘ Legendary Couple, also known as Story of a Robber, is a 1995 Hong Kong action film directed by Peter Ngor and starring Simon Yam and Chingmy Yau. ..

Legendary Couple

ⓘ Legendary Couple

Legendary Couple, also known as Story of a Robber, is a 1995 Hong Kong action film directed by Peter Ngor and starring Simon Yam and Chingmy Yau.


1. Plot

Ko Tin-lap Simon Yam is an honest and dutiful accountant. One day, his superior, Lui Chan-sam Wan Yeung-ming gives him a duty to escort a large sum of HK$5 million to the bank. Unexpected to Ko, he encounters robbers on his way and the entire sum of money was robbed. Lui and the police believe the case was planned by Ko in order to take the money for himself. Because of this, Ko not only loses his job, but his entire savings which he worked hard for was also claimed by Lui.

Angry at his boss, Ko kidnaps Luis daughter, Chi-lan Chingmy Yau, and demands a ransom of HK$10 million. On the way to the ransom exchange, an accident happens and by chance, Ko saves Chi-lan, who was in distress. Afterwards, Chi-lan learns about the truth of Kos misfortune and sympathizes him. Later, a series of unexpected events leads Chi-lan to discover her fathers greed and cold-bloodedness. Disappointed at her father, Chi-lan and Ko become a pair of vigilantes and battle against evil forces.


2. Cast and roles

  • Simon Yam as Ko Tin-lap
  • Leung Kwok-wai
  • William Leung as Parking warden
  • Hon Ping as Policeman
  • Chan Chi-fai as Gangster injured by saw
  • Tony Chow as Man robbed by Tin-lap on yacht
  • So Wai-nam as Yau-chois bodyguard
  • Wan Yeung-ming as Lui Chan-sam, father of Lui Chi-lan
  • Raven Choi as Man who robs Yau-choi
  • Kingdom Yuen as Tin-laps wife
  • Wong Lai-mui as Wong Lai-mui
  • Woo Wing-tat
  • Kong Foo-keung as Policeman
  • Kwan Yung
  • Cheuk Man as Policeman
  • Ng Yip-kwong as Lui Yau-choi
  • Kai Cheung-lung as Wais dining associate
  • Frankie Ng as Wing
  • Terrence Fok as Protesting tenant
  • Stuart Ong as Lam Tak-sing
  • Yiu Man-kei as Yau-chois bodyguard
  • Tong Wai-hung
  • Jack Wong as Wings fellow
  • Chingmy Yau as Lui Chi-lan
  • Mak Wai-cheung
  • Simon Cheung as Policeman
  • Tam Suk-mui as Wai-ling
  • Tanigaki Kenji as Wings fellow
  • Nam Yin as Wai
  • Gregory Charles Rivers as Officer John
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