ⓘ Do not Shoot at White Swans is a 1980 Soviet drama film in two parts by the director Rodion Nakhapetov, based on the novel of the same name by Boris Vasilyev. ..

Do Not Shoot at White Swans

ⓘ Do Not Shoot at White Swans

Do not Shoot at White Swans is a 1980 Soviet drama film in two parts by the director Rodion Nakhapetov, based on the novel of the same name by Boris Vasilyev.


1. Plot

Egor Polushkin Stanislav Lyubshin lives in a village. The villagers, including his wife, nickname him as the "Harbinger of Woes" - for all for what he undertakes, any work or business ends in disaster.

Egor is quite different from the villagers, he is practical and sensible. Polushkin is endowed with the talent of a true artist, with his own outlook on life. After a long search, Polushkin finally finds his calling - he gets a job as a gamekeeper. White swans become Yegors only friends, of which he takes care of with utmost tenderness. But one day his luck ends: to the forest come poachers who without hesitation kill the tame swans.


2. Cast

  • Anatoli Vedenkin
  • Vladimir Zamansky
  • Nina Ruslanova
  • Nastasya Gladkova
  • Viktor Anisimov
  • Grigori Shpigel
  • Stanislav Lyubshin
  • Ivars Kalnins
  • Vera Glagoleva
  • Konstantin Grigoryev
  • Yevgeni Nikitchenko
  • Lyubov Sokolova
  • Ivan Agafonov
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