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ⓘ People by ethnicity

  • and ethnicity Those outside of the reach of imperial control and dominant patterns of Chinese culture were thought of as separate groups of people regardless
  • spelled Buya called Larim and Langorim by the Didinga people are an ethnic group numbering 20, 000 to 25, 000 people living in Budi County, part of the Greater
  • themselves identify with Viet ethnicity their language is a member of the Viet Muong branch of the Vietic sub - family Sui people Người Thủy - officially
  • Chinese people are the various individuals or ethnic groups associated with China, usually through ancestry, ethnicity nationality, citizenship, or other
  • Yugoslavia. The term was adopted in 1971, as an official designation of ethnicity for Yugoslav Slavic Muslims, thus grouping together a number of distinct
  • people Pnar Jaintia Mahle people Munda peoples Bonda people Ho people Juang people Kharia people Korku people Munda people Santali people Sora people
  • November 2018 The Karen people s pursuit for survival in Northern Thailand E - Pao. Retrieved 12 November 2018. Ethnicity without Meaning, Data without
  • various ethnic groups, in a research poll that was conducted in 2009, 72 of the population labelled their identity as Afghan first, before ethnicity While
  • perpetrators of muderous ethnic cleansing, but those regimes that are in process of democratization. Ethnic hostility appears where ethnicity overshadows social
  • ethnicity into several groups: White, Black, Asian, Mixed, Chinese and Other. These categories formed the basis for all National Statistics ethnicity

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