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  • Ontario, Canada contains a significant number of named residential neighbourhoods including Bayview, Broadview Gardens, Brookfield, Buckley, Carpin Beach
  • additional objectives. Neighbourhood Support is a community - owned programme that is promoted as making homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer
  • extensive publicity efforts by the police. The primary concern was over the closure of NPPs within their neighbourhoods and the reduced operation hours
  • relations with central and eastern Europe as those countries began applying to join. The Neighbourhood Policy element was created in 2004 as part of the
  • Wards Standard Neighbourhoods PDF City of Edmonton. Retrieved February 13, 2013. Edmonton Developing and Planned Neighbourhoods 2011 PDF City
  • school in the neighbourhood CSCM students attending schools situated in other neighbourhoods in Toronto. Several municipal parks managed by the Toronto
  • for five separate neighbourhoods Today, the Ellerslie area includes the following: Ellerslie, which includes the Wernerville country residential subdivision
  • residential developments in the Saujana Resort. Gated Communities These neighbourhoods with homes on private land, are located around the fringes of the golf
  • Planning Act 1925 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1932 were initial moves toward modern urban planning legislation. By the outbreak of Second World War
  • This is a list of neighbourhoods in the urban core of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. This list includes only those neighbourhoods that fall within the pre - 2001

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