ⓘ Shooting Love, 200X. Shooting Love. 200X is a compilation of Shooting Love. 2007, Trizeal Remix, and Minus Zero. Shooting Love. 200X was released in North Ameri ..

Shooting Love, 200X

ⓘ Shooting Love, 200X

Shooting Love. 200X is a compilation of Shooting Love. 2007, Trizeal Remix, and Minus Zero. Shooting Love. 200X was released in North America and Europe via Xbox Games on Demand on April 21, 2015.


1. Features

Additions made to Shooting Love, 2007 include:

  • Online leaderboards with regular and weekly ranking categories for each game
  • Advanced screen adjustments, audio adjustments.
  • Score attack mode for each stage, replay saves and playback, reconfigurable difficulty 5 levels expanded and controller on Exzeal
  • Replay saves and playback on Trizeal Remix
  • 4-player versus mode in Shmups Skill Test, hidden challenge mode for 11 stages.

2.1. Games Exzeal

Exzeal follows the similar formula to Trizeal in which players progress through the stages and destroy the bosses respectively. However, the weapon power-up system from Trizeal was removed, replaced by the special fixed-weapon system, with a standard attack and a charged attack that can destroy single large enemies once. The player can choose from one of the four weapon sets during the start, with one mimicking the attack pattern of XII Stag.

The game was later rereleased as a standalone game on Steam in 2016.


2.2. Games Minus Zero

Minus Zero is an endless shooter with abstract characters. Similar to the other games featured in this compilation, it includes replay saves and playback, and online leaderboards.


3. Release

A limited edition of Shooting Love, 200X included a superplay called Insanity Nice DVD2!. with expert replays for the Shooting Love. 2007 edition of Exzeal by UNIT-1 by TSP, UNIT-2 by Zen Nippon Aloe wo aiteru kai, UNIT-3 by CYR-Setaro~, UNIT-4 by UMChinakko, and the arcade edition of Shmups Skill Test by LYH, Kuusoukagakurensharyokusokutei game Sya Watch by S*Sama; Exzeal OUT TAKE, Shooting Love. Koushien highlight footage.

An extra DVD called Shachou Love. 200X was a pre-order bonus which included footage of Toshiaki Fujino and Triangle Service staff during a Shooting Love. Koushien event.


4. Reception

Bordersdown awarded the Xbox 360 version of Shooting Love, 200X a score of 4/10. Video Chums gave the compilation a 7/10 praising it for its "decent collection of games and modes", particularly that "Trizeal Remix and Exzeal feature great classic shoot em up gameplay", but criticized the "overall bland presentation".

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