ⓘ Earthly Love. Earthy Love is a 1974 romantic drama directed by Yevgeny Matveyev and starring Matveyev, Olga Ostroumova, Yury Yakovlev. Screen adaptation of Pyot ..

Earthly Love

ⓘ Earthly Love

Earthy Love is a 1974 romantic drama directed by Yevgeny Matveyev and starring Matveyev, Olga Ostroumova, Yury Yakovlev. Screen adaptation of Pyotr Proskurins novel Earthy Love. This film has got 50.9 million spectators in 1975. Yevgeny Matveyev was honored with State Prize of the RSFSR for Eathy Love and Destiny.


1. Plot

A story about love, the late chairman of the collective farm Zakhar Derugin Yevgeny Matveev marries the young woman Maria Polivanova Olga Ostroumova at the height of the harvest. There is a parallel developing romance between Catherine and her sister Derugin secretary of the District Party Committee Bryukhanov. The film shows the life of the Soviet countryside in the 1930s.


2. Cast

  • Aleksandr Lukyanov as collective farmer
  • Lyubov Sokolova as District Committee member
  • Roman Filippov as Baturin
  • Yuri Leonidov as Tikhomirov
  • Vladimir Pitsek as called on the Office of the District Committee
  • Ivan Matveyev as a short collective farmer
  • Yury Yakovlev as Tikhon
  • Viktor Markin
  • Stanislav Chekan as Koshev
  • Vladimir Nosik as Yurka
  • Nikolai Smorchkov as Vasily
  • Viktor Shulgin as District Committee member
  • Ivan Bondar as Proshka
  • Zinaida Kiriyenko as Efrosinya
  • Yevgeny Matveyev as Zakhar Deriugin
  • Kirill Uspensky
  • Vladimir Samoilov as Rodion Anisimov
  • Aleksandr Vigdorov as Mitry Polivanov
  • Grigory Mikhaylov as construction worker
  • Nikolai Yudin as grandfather Makar
  • Valentina Pikalova as member of the Bureau of the District Committee
  • Viktor Uralsky as man at reception
  • Vadim Spiridonov as Fyodor Makashin
  • Yura Kovalyov
  • Zoya Vasilkova as Emelyanova
  • Nikolai Vikulin as Vanya Deriugin
  • Yevgeny Nikitin as German soldier uncredited
  • Irina Skobtseva as Elizaveta Polivanova
  • Valentina Ushakova as Nyurka Bobok
  • Valentina Klyagina as Nadya
  • Aleksandr Potapov as Nikita Bobok
  • Viktor Khokhryakov as Chubarov
  • Lidiya Olshevskaya as Zakhars mother
  • Olga Ostroumova as Manya
  • Yuri Martynov as District Committee member
  • Vladimir Protasenko as NKVD officer uncredited
  • Valentin Bryleyev as Kudelin
  • Valeriya Zaklunna as Katerina
  • Vladimir Plotnikov as Kiryan Polivanov
  • Misha Orlov
  • Muza Krepkogorskaya as Varya Chernaya
  • Aleksandr Lebedev as Semyon
  • Valentina Vladimirova as Nina Ivanovna, secretary of Bryukhanov
  • Alexander Degtyar as supplier
  • Valentin Chernyak as Kulikov
  • Zoya Isayeva as collective farmer
  • Dmitri Orlovsky as District Committee member
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