ⓘ MayaVi is a scientific data visualizer written in Python, which uses VTK and provides a GUI via Tkinter. MayaVi was developed by Prabhu Ramachandran, is free an ..


ⓘ MayaVi

MayaVi is a scientific data visualizer written in Python, which uses VTK and provides a GUI via Tkinter. MayaVi was developed by Prabhu Ramachandran, is free and distributed under the BSD License. It is cross-platform and runs on any platform where both Python and VTK are available. MayaVi is pronounced as a single name, "Ma-ya-vee", meaning "magical" in Sanskrit. The code of MayaVi has nothing in common with that of Autodesk Maya or the Vi text editor.

The latest version of MayaVi, called Mayavi2, is a component of the Enthought suite of scientific Python programs. It differs from the original MayaVi by its strong focus on making not only an interactive program, but also a reusable component for 3D plotting in Python. Although it exposes a slightly different interface and API than the original MayaVi, it now has more features.


1. Major features

  • custom modules and data filters can be added
  • support for any VTK dataset using the VTK data format
  • visualizes computational grids and scalar, vector, and tensor data
  • multiple datasets can be used simultaneously
  • provides a pipeline browser, with which objects in the VTK pipeline can be browsed and edited
  • an easy-to-use GUI
  • supports volume visualization of data via texture and ray cast mappers
  • imports simple VRML and 3D Studio scenes
  • can be imported as a Python module from other Python programs or can be scripted from the Python interpreter
  • exporting to PostScript files, PPM/BMP/TIFF/JPEG/PNG images, Open Inventor, Geomview OOGL, VRML files, Wavefront.obj files, or RenderMan RIB file
  • support for PLOT3D data
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