ⓘ The Panic Zone. Dean Koontz calls The Panic Zone a headlong rush toward Armageddon. Cheryl Tardif, a fellow suspense author, calls the book gripping and mesmeri ..

The Panic Zone

ⓘ The Panic Zone

Dean Koontz calls The Panic Zone "a headlong rush toward Armageddon."

Cheryl Tardif, a fellow suspense author, calls the book "gripping and mesmerizing from the very first chapter. With a storytelling talent comparative to Michael Crichton and Robert Ludlum, Mofina expertly weaves the plot with intricate, terrifying and believable details."

Larry W. Chavis of Crimespace says the book "takes the standard world-in-danger device of the genre to a higher level, at times leaving the reader breathless at its implications."

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