ⓘ Lviv National Art Gallery. Borys Voznytsky Lviv National Art Gallery, a leading art museum in Ukraine, has over 60.000 artworks in its collection, including wor ..

Lviv National Art Gallery

ⓘ Lviv National Art Gallery

Borys Voznytsky Lviv National Art Gallery, a leading art museum in Ukraine, has over 60.000 artworks in its collection, including works of Polish, Italian, French, German, Dutch and Flemish, Spanish, Austrian and other European artists. The gallery is "successor" to a Polish institution, Lwowska Galeria Sztuki, founded in 1907 as the citys municipal museum. The Provenance of its current stock comes from a multiplicity of largely Polish sources, including the early purchase by the then city magistrature of the private collection of Jan Jakowicz. The collection was subsequently expanded through donations of parts of the Wladyslaw Lozinski and Boleslaw Orzechowicz collections. In 1940, after the city of Lviv/Lwow had been occupied by the Soviet Union, the Soviet government ordered the seizure of private property. As a result, works from the Lubomirski Museum, integrated with the Ossolineum since 1823, the Borowski Library and several other private collections, are currently in the possession of the gallery. All these works were, until the 1939 Invasion of Poland and subsequent state appropriation, the property of the Polish state, private Polish collectors, and of the Polish Roman Catholic church and, arguably, remain such.

In early 2005 the Lubomirski collection of 14th - 18th century European art was transferred to its new premises - the renovated Palace of Count Potocki, a former governor of Austrian Galicia. A masterpiece by the 17th-century French artist, Georges de La Tour, is on permanent display.


1. Timeline

  • 1940 - Soviet occupying authorities seize the gallery. The Soviet authorities decide to close several other institutions, including the Ossolineum, Baworowski Library, the Historical Museum, the Lubomirski Museum and private collections of the Dzieduszycki, Goluchowski and Sapieha families. The gallery is placed under the administion of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts. Several Polish works are destroyed, the rest of the collections has not been restituted to Poland, and so remain in Lviv.
  • 1939 - fearing the oncoming war, the local Polish aristocracy deposits their collections with the gallery,
  • 1919 – Boleslaw Orzechowicz donates his collection to the city. It includes paintings by Matejko, Juliusz Kossak, and Artur Grottger. At the time, the gallery is divided into three departments: Polish art, Western European art, and the Raclawice Panorama
  • 1938 – Leon Pininski and Konstanty Brunicki donate their collections to the gallery,
  • 1897 - the city magistrature decides to open an art gallery
  • 1907 – the collection of Jan Jakwicz is purchased. It includes 400 paintings by Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyke, Velasquez, Ribeiry, Watteau and others,
  • On 14 February 1907 – the gallery opens. Its first curator is the Polish painter Marceli Harasimowicz, who served until 1931.
  • 1902 – the first paintings are purchased including by: Jan Styka, Jan Matejko, Wilhelm Leopolski, Feliks Wygrzywalski, Jacek Malczewski and Edward Okun
  • 1914 – the gallery moves to a palace purchased from historian and writer Wladyslaw Lozinski

2. Divisions

  • Boim Chapel, 1 Katedralna Square
  • Mykhailo Dzyndra Museum of Modern Sculpture, 16 Muzeyna street, Briukhovychi
  • Olesko Castle, in Olesko
  • Johann Georg Pinsel Museum, 2 Mytna street
  • Museum of Zhydachiv Land, in Zhydachiv.
  • Zolochiv Castle Memorial Museum, in Zolochiv
  • Markiyan Shashkevych Memorial Museum in Pidlyssia, Zolochiv Raion.
  • Potocki Palace, 15 Kopernyka street
  • Church of St. John the Baptist, 1 Pidhirna street
  • Rusalka Dnistrova Museum, 40 Kopernyka street
  • Pyatychanska Tower, in Pyatychany, Zhydachiv Raion
  • Museum of Ancient Ukrainian Books, 15a Kopernyka street, near Potocki Palace
  • Pidhirtsi Castle, in Pidhirtsi
  • Lozinski Palace, the main building, on 3 Stefanyka street
  • Memorial Museum-workshop of Teodozia Bryzh, 5 Martovycha street
  • Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky Museum, in Ruda, Zhydachiv Raion.

3. Dutch and Flemish Art Collection

There are over 150 paintings of the Flemish and Dutch schools in the gallery’s collections. Among the jewels of the collection are two still lives by Jan van Kessel and Still life with flowers by Abraham Brueghel, grandson of Jan Brueghel I. Also on display are paintings by others of the Brueghel School, for example, a painting by Joseph van Bredael in the style of his famed predecessor at the beginning of the 18th century. Pieter Neefs I an associate of Frans Franken, known for small figure compositions and church interiors. There are two portraits by Gerrit van Honthorst, Man with viola da gamba and Woman with a guitar 1631.

The Lviv Art Gallery collection also has Saint Jerome by Lucas Gassel 1539, Portrait of a woman by Pieter Pietersz 1557, a group of paintings by Jakob de Backer, Venice, Bellona and Mary Magdalene and, two landscapes by Abraham Cowarts. There are also paintings from the Dutch Golden Age painting, for instance, The Storm by Pieter van der Croos and a still life by Jan Jansz van de Velde, A glass of wine and fruits 1639. The Lviv Art Gallery also possesses two battle scenes by the Flemish Pauwels Casteels an artist who is a rarity in museums.

  • Soviet Union, main parts of Poland s art collections were transferred from the cities incorporated into the USSR like Lviv Collections not returned included
  • Kiev: Museum of Western and Oriental Art Lviv Lviv National Art Gallery Odessa: Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art United Kingdom Barnard Castle: Bowes
  • Lviv Oblast Ukrainian: Львівська область, translit. L vivs ka oblast also referred to as L vivshchyna, Ukrainian: Львівщина is an oblast province
  • Non - commercial NT - Art Gallery was opened by Anatoliy Dymchuk in Odesa on December 20, 2007, based on the collection which includes more than 3, 000 paintings
  • and Lviv National Art Gallery 2000 ISBN 83 - 88121 - 01 - 4 More paintings by Sichulski Pinakoteka Гуцульська сецесія Казимира Сіхульського Hutsul Art Nouveau
  • themes of his art Alexander Voytovych was educated at L viv Decorative and Applied Art College named after Iv. Trush and the Lviv National Academy of Arts
  • at the national museums of Poland, Russia, and Ukraine notably, at the Sukiennice Museum, the National Museum, Poznan, Lviv National Art Gallery Tretyakov
  • The Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth in Lviv Ukraine is located between the city s main rail station and the Old Town. It was originally built as the
  • 1898. His work can be found in the National Museum of Poland, its regional branches and in the Lviv National Art Gallery Leopold Leoffler was born on October
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery 1991, pg. 252 ISBN 0 - 88915 - 163 - 6. The Lviv National Museum Of Ukrainian Art Lviv Best Portal using material from Lviv Study. Handbook

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