ⓘ Dont Play the Fool. is a Russian comedy film by Valeri Chikov. It shows unlight relations between The USSR and The USA after Cold War with a tragicomic side. ..

Dont Play the Fool.

ⓘ Dont Play the Fool.

Dont Play the Fool. is a Russian comedy film by Valeri Chikov. It shows unlight relations between The USSR and The USA after Cold War with a tragicomic side.


1. Plot

Americans have decided to make sure that in the villages of Arkhangelsk diamond deposit is indeed found, and was sent there a submarine under the command of veteran Black, who accompanied the convoys of the Allies during the 2nd World War. As a diversion to the bank was planted with an alcohol barrel 200 liters, caught the local blacksmith Filimon Yevdokimov. On this occasion, staged festivities, which all the American submariners will gradually have been connected against their desire. The black veteran found his grandson, who was born in Filimons family.

During the holiday takes place on fire. In a panic, drunk people running away from the barn, where until then sang songs and drank alcohol, but Filimon, risking their lives, enters the burning barn and barrel rolls out of it. Barrel is empty. Barn burns down and falls on the background of the Russian Orthodox Church under the lyrical music. Filimon was sentenced to two years in prison for disturbing public order, at home he had confiscated all the weapons.

At the end of the film a Japanese submarine arrives at the same village, and Filimon again catches a barrel of pure alcohol.


2. Cast

  • Valeri Zolotukhin as Vanya Taratakin
  • Alexander Pyatkov as Kutusov
  • Scott Kinninhaim
  • Lev Durov as Grandfather
  • Yuri Oleinikov
  • Sergei Agapitov as Pashka Goos
  • Tatyana Kravchenko as Zina
  • Kevin McGeer
  • Grigory Siyatvinda as Vasya
  • Austin Ti Smot
  • Andrei Nikolaev
  • Valeri Chikov
  • Alexander Wigdorov
  • Olga Ostroumova as Polina
  • Mikhail Yevdokimov as Filimon
  • Semyon Altov as member of Expedition
  • Vladimir Kashpur as General
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