ⓘ Lowes Market is a regional supermarket chain, primarily in West Texas and South Texas and throughout New Mexico. The company also operates stores in Colorado, A ..


ⓘ Lowes Market

Lowes Market is a regional supermarket chain, primarily in West Texas and South Texas and throughout New Mexico. The company also operates stores in Colorado, Arizona and Kansas. The companys home office is in Littlefield, Texas.


1. History

Lowes Market traces its history to E.M. "Bud" Lowe who sold candy and sundries from the back of a truck in Littlefield, Texas in the 1940s. In 1964, Bud Lowe opened the first Lowes Market, a small grocery store, in Olton, Texas. The company began the process of gradual expansion into small and medium-sized towns in Texas and New Mexico. Some of the stores are similar to large convenience stores, between 2.000 sq.ft. to 4.000 sq.ft., however, stocked with fresh meat and produce. Many of the stores are standard supermarket size, 15.000 sq.ft. to 40.000 sq.ft.


2. Growth and expansion

Many Lowes Market stores were acquired from other companies such as Furrs Grocery defunct, many of which were formerly Safeway stores, Big 8 Foods many of which were formerly Safeway stores acquired from Furrs Grocery by Big 8 Foods, and Super S. Currently, there are 146 Lowes Market stores open in the chain in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

After the bankruptcy of Furrs Supermarkets in 2001, Lowes Market acquired a number of the Furrs properties and converted them into Lowes Market stores. In April, 2011, Lowes Market acquired 53 stores owned by Super S Foods, a San Antonio-based chain. In April, 2014, Lowes Market acquired 7 stores from Nocona-based Market Place.

In some areas, Lowes Market stores use the names Lowes, Shop N Save, Food Jet, Super S, Big 8, Super Save, and Avanza. A significant number of the stores in New Mexico, Texas and Colorado are aimed at the Hispanic grocery market share, particularly the stores using the Avanza, Fiesta, Fiero and Mercado nameplates. However, Hispanic grocery products are commonly stocked in all Lowes Market stores, since the stores serve a substantial Latino/Hispanic population in all geographic areas of the companys presence.

There is one store in Arizona, in Window Rock. In Colorado, there are stores in Greeley and in the Denver area. In New Mexico, stores are found throughout the state. In Texas, stores are in west Texas, north Texas, the Panhandle, central Texas, and south Texas.

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