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Energy carrier

An energy carrier is a substance or sometimes a phenomenon that contains energy that can be later converted to other forms such as mechanical work or heat or to operate chemical or physical processes. Such carriers include springs, electrical batteries, capacitors, pressurized air, dammed water, hydrogen, petroleum, coal, wood, and natural gas. An energy carrier does not produce energy; it simply contains energy imbued by another system.


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  • Running energetics is the study of the energy cost of running. It is clear in the vast majority of species that as running speed increases the energetic cost
  • Energetic neutral atom ENA imaging, often described as seeing with atoms is a technology used to create global images of otherwise invisible phenomena
  • Energetically modified cements EMC are a class of cementitious materials made from pozzolans e.g. fly ash, volcanic ash, pozzolana silica sand, blast
  • The Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope EGRET was one of four instruments outfitted on NASA s Compton Gamma Ray Observatory satellite. Since lower
  • The Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center EMRTC is a research division of New Mexico Tech, which performs testing of high explosives, bombs
  • dedicated to the energetics national competency. The Division s unique synergy and balanced capabilities address all aspects of energetics including basic
  • JEDI Jupiter Energetic - particle Detector Instrument is an instrument on the Juno spacecraft orbiting planet Jupiter. JEDI coordinates with the several
  • Energetic Disassembly is the debut album by progressive metal band Watchtower, released in 1985 see 1985 in music It contains a re - recording of the
  • The TIMED Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics is an orbiter mission dedicated to study the dynamics of the Mesosphere and Lower

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