ⓘ The Island of Thirty Coffins. A 1979 television series adaptation of Maurice Leblancs novel was directed by Marcel Cravenne. It stars Claude Jade as Veronique d ..


ⓘ The Island of Thirty Coffins

A 1979 television series adaptation of Maurice Leblancs novel was directed by Marcel Cravenne. It stars Claude Jade as Veronique dHergemont, a female protagonist, who is on the run and on searching for her father and her son, involved in horrible adventures on a terrific island. The story proceeds in 1917. Veronique d Hergemont Claude Jade is a 35-year-old nurse at the military hospital of Besançon. She suddenly learns of the assassination of her husband, the mysterious Count Vorski Jean-Paul Zehnacker, whom she has not seen for fourteen years. Her research will also lead her on the track of her father and her son whom she believed dead in a shipwreck years earlier.


1. Cast

  • Jean-Paul Zehnacker as Alexis Vorski
  • Georges Marchal as Antoine dHergemont
  • Pascal Sellier as François dHergemont
  • Claude Jade as Veronique dHergemont
  • Yves Beneyton as Philippe Maroux
  • Claude Jade s father in the TV - series The Island of Thirty Coffins and appeared as Richelieu, and Philippe IV, and in adaptations of Balzac, Hugo, George
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